Thursday, March 29, 2007

There' is a limit of my tolerence!!

Pop quiz today for aural....i think i got some mistakes in the triads part.

Mr.Lee commented on the piano duet of me and Tiff. He said its kinda dissapointing cuz there's some wrong notes and some part not together. Damn i thought we improved....haiiii. Felt kinda sad of what he said.

Had a great lunch though with tiff, raechen and joe though. The 3 of us treat joe since her b'day is coming soon. Chat bout lots of stuff there - music, guys, beach, studies....bla bla bla. Enjoyed the lunch very much cuz the food tasted good and the chatting part was fun!! God bless joe, i hope her check-up on tomorrow will be ok.

Juan's guitar recital tonight was awesome!!!! His guitar sounded so perfectly good. I love the guitar quartet especially when they're playing the Cuban Landscape With Rain. Imagine the guitar imitating the sound of raindrops. Totally impresed by them. I wish i can play like them also.

-Been pissed off by someone-

Though i'm not a clean freak but i don't like dirtinest as well. A person should have known when it's time to clean the house of whatever ( especially after blowing ur hair with the hair-dryer ) imagine the sight of HAIR everywhere on the floor. Yuck!!!!!!! Don't u f**king feel that its dirty. You can pretend as if there's nothing and I'm the one suffering cleaning up EVERTIME!!!!!!!

I don't understand y can someone feel so tired everyday. Slept more hours than me and still said u're tired. Hello, u're sleeping in ur comfy bed at the noon while i'm there working my ass off,ok??!!!

I thought i'm that kind of last minute person and u're WORST than me. Never appreciate the opportunity when we said "come lets do our assignment together" and ended up feeling so stress and complaining.

YOU ARE SPOILT TILL ROTTEN!!!! Gherrrrrrr........

I'm can't stand it anymore. Feel like bursting out flame from my nostril.

ps: i hope i'll get the top that i want tomorrow..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Work no more O_O

My Gawt.....the weather tonite's really hot and stuffy till i feel like tearing off my clothes but i can't cuz my house-mate will think that i'm siao po or wat.

I attended the 2 seminars today and got the 5 hours waiver. happy no need to work liao!!! Luckily the 2 seminars' not really boring and time passes really fast partly because cy and davina's sitting beside me. The first seminar was about cervical cancer awareness and the next one about healthy skin. Can't stand the person giving the talk kept on selling her product as if her product is that effective ( eventhough i've never heard of the product name). LAME!!

See i so wu liao and i draw something on this brochure. The gurl looks good with moustache eh! Creative art!!

Started on my finaly project assignment. Wao....confusing la. Me and Su Ann's were like not sure not sure bout the themes and motives of the film and we juz cin chai guess. I watched the film so many times until i'm starting to hate the movie. Especially the part where Scottie said :" I look up, i look down, i look up, i look down." Wahh....beh tahan la. I still need to watch this film again cuz i haven't finish the assignment.

I guess i need to take another bath with cold water. If not i'll be sweating throughout when i sleep. Ciao!!

ps: forgot to thanks tiff for the video recording. Muacksss

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My 2nd Recital

Woohoo.....i'm done with ma recital!!
Yayyy.....phewwwww...been feeling so nervous bout it and now i can goyang kaki already:)
Not a perfect performance with some wrong notes in the loud part cuz my hands' shivering uncontrovable. the performance of all the performer today was quite good. No major problems especially with memory part.

Went to have my favourite Banana Pie and vanilla ice-cream from McD for lunch.

Another tired day. Woke up at 7am then came home at 2pm. 7pm went to school again till 10.30pm!!!! I've kinda set my mind that i'm not gonna join orchestra next sem. Frustrated cuz i knew i can't play well and i'm lazy to practise.

I haven't even started my essay of 1500 words. Aural final on next monday. Cham....i'm facing problems in listening to the inverted chords and the melody dictation. Haiiii....

Skiping 2 classes tomorrow to attend the crappy seminar.

Here goes my 2nd recital in my uni. I played - Brahms Capriccio in F#minor Op.76, No.1

ps: discovered that i look like sopo when i'm abou to walk off the stage. haha

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weird weird

Should i or should i not skip class to attent the seminar to enjoy the waiver of 5 hours off my scholarship duty hours ?? Arrrghhh......afraid of skipping class but i really don't feel like working lerr :(

I've watched CHERMIN. It's so weird la cuz i guess me and Tiff were the only chinese watching this malay movie and the cinema was so empty!!! Poorthing i wonder whether can they earn money from this movie. Well the movie's kinda boring. Know what i think it actually copied the film- the exorcist!!!! Especially the music!!!!!! The screeching sound of the violin by George Crumb. Haiiyaaa.....and the exorcism scene it kinda look like the one in the exorcist. We were actually laughing through some part of the scenes.

Oh yaya....while we were walking around Mid Valley we saw a few cute guys (all guai lou). I love the tallest guy!! So cute and handsome. Got electric shot from one of the guy. Hahaaa......we met them 3 times in 1++ hours lerrr..... Tiff was complaining that my body got electric shot cuz when she touched me she felt as if she got the electric shot even Voonyin also said so. Oh noo......i guess i get those electric cas from the guy. Haha

Another weird thing is while i was walking up to block c with my very heavy violin, there's this negro guy who walked pass, tap my shoulder,smile and waived at me. Ehhhh.....i didn't know him also. Never see him before i guess. Then tiff and voonyin laughed at me.

What a tiring day. Rushed back from MidValley then headed straight for orchestra practise till 10pm.

Tomorrow's my recital and for God's sake i'm the first person to perform. Nervous nervousssssss.........
God bless me plz pray hard that i can play well for this recital.
After so much of hardwork i really don't wish that it will be ruin in juz a recital performance,rite?

Nite everyone. Pray for me yaaa

Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's clean now :)

I tidy up my room today.
My part of the room looks good now. Decent and not as messy as before.
The weather was so HOT as my hometown. Thought that it will be worst here.
Suprisingly its not. My condo was sooooo windy. Love the breeze and chillin wind that brushed through my skin. Arhhh......i feel good..dadadadada..

Few more weeks ahead will be finals. Hate it. I'm so unprepare. Don't know where to start from.
Yet i still got 1 huge final project for music and film to be finished. Die....

Feel so calm and comfy now. Doin some revision while listening to relaxing classical music through online radio station. Luv this kinda feeling. I wish i can enjoy myself everyday like tonight.

OoOohhh...almost forgot that the Mega Sale has started. Meaning that there's none other time better than this for me to shop till drop. Might be staying back this weekend for movie-- Chermin and Mr.Bean.

Don't feel like watching Chermin cuz my instinct tells me that it will be boring but i got no choice but to watch cuz the music in this film was composed by my lecturer. She wants us to watch it and she'll invite the director to our class so that we can ask her question and know more about film making.

Mr.Bean..........can't wait to watch it. It's gonna be super funny rite?
Another comedy film- Just follor law by PCK and Fann Wong. Ohhh so many movies i feel like watching. Who's gonna watch with me???

ps: too bad no pics. I brought my camera here but forgot to take along the cam cabel. Haiya...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Think Hard

Ms.Chong lectured me for about 15 minutes without non-stop.

It's not about how not good i am, she's actually telling a lot of things that can help in my learning progress.

1. Know which period or which certain composer's pieces u're really weak in

*work hard till u can overcome it*

2. Which historical period of music that u want to master and u like most

*concentrate on it*

3. Opportunity is everywhere.

*take opportunity in everything and learn appreciate it*

4. bla bla bla...

sorry i couldn't recall what she said

What she said is really true.

Somehow there seems to be so many excuses for me to not appreciate everything i've got.
Well i really need to think about the thing she'd said.
Ciao heading off for ms.chong class again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Perfect Gift

My top 8 list of gifts for a girl~ friends, mum or gf
Isn't it wonderful to receive these gift from someone who loves u?
Ahh.....i wish i wish......i'll receive one of these for my gift during my 19th b'day.

Latest guess watch-- elegant and classy

Every gurl looks nice in tee

Sunnies for beach-chill out guys

Slippers for casual wear

Sexy denim skirt--funky and young

Tiffany & Co.--every gurls' dream

Heels -- gurls can't live without it

Show off ur sexy leggy gals!!

ps. i want my boo to shower me with gifts!!! yawning...nite fellas!!

Ahhh...rain again today.
My t-shirt,pants and beg got so wet while i was coming back home.
Boring boring boring....
theory's getting more and more confusing.
Having this sucky 'kacang kuda' as my dinner. till i feel like vomiting
gonna cook maggi mee later.
There's some problems my laptop while playing dvd. That sux!!!
I'm still bored.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wednesday is my day *_*

Crap...i din know that there this new malay word--- ORKESTRA
they should print it in english. Wonder how would those ang moh understand when they attend concerts in m'sia.

One of my favourite classical pieces.

Need to improve my double and triple stopping. I can't play fast running notes.

So jealous of senior. I really like one part of the piece he played. Octave double stopping.

Fuiyo.....GENG. Sounds awesome and looks really cool. Wish i can play that.

Frus frus....i lost at least 5 marks in the listening part for history quiz today. Haiiyaa

1 bo wei ping 1 bo you qi

another quiz for tomorrow. I don't know i should laugh or cry. Scared of the phrasing part question!!! Confused leh

Seems like every wednesday-the pasar malam day it'll rain.

Then every wednesday is declare as my day lor...hehe :P

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Rain drops keep falling on my head.....

It's been raining non-stop since yesterday night till this morning. The superb weather for me to sleep in my comfy bed, unreluctant to wake up for the sickening 8am class. Somehow i did manage to drag myself up from the bed.

Nothing much for theory class today cuz my lecturer was juz repeating the chapter that she've taught last week.

I've plan to work after the theory class. But my mind was feeling so sleepy that i can't help but ran home to continue my nap. Ended up working after wacthing the recital.

Went to SuAnn and Joe's recital this afternoon. Geezzzz....i'm feeling kinda nervous even though i'm not playing today. Sei lor.....Next week's my turn already. I'm half prepared.

Still can't hit the right notes sometimes for the ff part. Facing problems in singing of part of the melody. Bless me i wanna do great for recital.

Shit cut my finger today while working. Ouch..

Roommate's mum came today all the way from Sarawak just to see her. How nice. She must have missed her mum so much.

Conversation between me and another housemate
Me: yerr....her mum so nice la came all the way to see the daughter.
Mate: u parents also always come down to see u what...
Me: neh..different. They see me until sien.
Mate+ me: hahahaaa......

Roommate's not staying over tonight. Therefore the room will be mine. :)

Intro to music history quiz on tomorrow. Wish me luck!!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Getting WiLd

Had a sudden urge to do these~~

* Do some highlight on my hair....i don't like my hair colour now bored of it
any suggestion??? I'm thinking of PinK....haha

* Getting a tatto
A really tiny one will do at the back of my shoulder or behind my ankle. I'll either choose the fairy or some musical shape. Neh i'm juz bluffing here. I don't really have the guts to do it.

* Go clubbing~ZOUKOUT....
hey jaay u said u gonna bring me there!!!

* Stop studying
I'm so stress during this sem.

* Go for a vacation in Europe. I'll meet my prince charming there with blonde golden colour hair and blue eyes. I'll live with him overseas forever. Isn't it great?

Ya welll.....i know i know i'm good at dreaming.........
I'm gonna work hard to strive the goal!!!

Aim for the moon- P.S.I LOVE YOU

I so kesian. PK at the recital today during the orchestra+choir practise. Knees felt so painful. Luckily my violin was ok with 2 minor scratches. come i so "lun cun' wan.....

New Template

Yay...i've switched to another new template.
Nice nice....i luv it so much!! Especially the light purple colour and the super cute lil' gurl.

Hope u guys will like it as well.

Changing for the better!~!~!~!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Privacy....what i need

Dad and mum fetched me to Kl today since dad and grandma's going Klang.

Dad drop me and mum at Mid Valley while he and grandma went to Klang.

First stop was Jusco since there's sales. Lots of things to see and buy. I bought a short and cool tee from Harajuku. The salesgurl's so good at promoting their clothes.

I saw another really nice pink colour collar-tee but the price is a bit expensive so i decided to buy it maybe on my next shopping spree.

Had lunch at Delifrance.

Really enjoyed shopping with mum. *partly because she's the one paying* haha

I got another cute blink blink lil' pouch from Miss Whatever. ( felt guilty cuz i've got quite a number of them already)

There's really not enough time for us to shop through the whole Mid Valley.

Dad came at 7.15pm. I got scolded by him so badly for some reason until tears filled my eyes and my vision became blurred. Don't wanna talk bout it.

My good mood was spoilt by then. I still need to pretend as if there's nothing that happen when i got back to condo.

I wish i got a space for myself only. I need some privacy. It's really hard sometimes.

Leave me alone.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Concert concert!!

Went to ISTANA BUDAYA today for the BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY NO.9 concert. Overall the performance was ok. Somehow the sound can't really project. I'm jealous cuz i saw a few students from my uni singing in the choir. How i wish i got the chance as well. Another fact is that i heard that they got paid really well RM600 or maybe more. That's so a lot of money that i can spend it for at least 2 months. u know any choirs out there are lacking people? Contact me in case u need help.

The very kind Miss Raechen droved us there. Jesus Christ, this is my 1st time experiencing the so-called **DRIFTING**. Imagine myself sitting in Jaychou's car. Gosh it was as if we're riding a roller coaster. Haha.....too fast too furious!!
Oh yaa...i happened to bump into Yoshimi at Leisure Mall. What a coincident!!

I need a camera!!! I wanna bring it with me around, taking interesting pictures!!!

Anyone willing to sponsor?

My ticket.

I'm bored tonite so i decided to cam-whore again. I need to learn more bout photoshopping. Tiff, when are u gonna teach me??!

Cam-whoring queen~~!!

p.s. everyone's asleep now except me. Stupid mat-rempit showing off their motorcyclying skills.If i'm the government i'll keep them in prison and will never issue them their motor lisence!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Chill..i juz had my cold water bath. I need to be awake!!

My whole body's aching. Arghhh.....(i have a 60 years old ah ma bones)

And now i'm eating the very yuck Maggi Mee NOT SO SEDAP.. :(

Have to go for classes later. Ciao!! a pimple now. The prove that i've not been in a good condition here. I miss home.

I'm good at day dreaming only.

tired of quizzes

Another quiz for intro to music history on this friday.
hoho....lotsa revision and listening to do in the last minute.

I seldom listen to classsical music that is way my knowledge is very limited.
I gotta improve myself!
Jia You Jia You Jia You ~!!!

I love my violin. I got freaked off when Ken tried on my violin and accidentally bang my baby violin on the stand. Ouch Ouch..PPL STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY !!! I hate scratches on the violin. I feel sad cuz i got no time to practise violin and even piano. Lacking of time !!!! I need at least 4 hours per day. God spare me some time.

Gotta go back to my studies .
Nite fellas.

wtk had to re-type this blog cuz the whole thing suddenly disappeared.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2 pretty girls and 3 hamsap guys

Moon River

I love this song from the very famous movie-Breakfast at Tiffany's

Went to Bkt.Bintang today by Raechen's car.

So happy cuz i got to meet up with Jaaya, MunHoe, Kumar and Sze Sze.

I love my 5-Beta friends. Everytime i see them i feel very happy. Their like part of my family.

At first we wanted to watch movie. Somehow i reached there late (bout 2.30pm) and i need to go back early as well cuz i got violin sectional later at 6pm. We didn't make it for the movie.

The 5 of us ended up walking around from Times Square to Sg.Wang to Lot 10 to Starhill Gallery. Since it's Jaay-p's b'day tomorrow he treated us the *yummylicious* ^^ LECKA LECKA^^ ice-cream. Oh yaaa.....we got a really cool and nice spot to enjoy our ice-cream. The spot we sat at has beautiful purple-ish sofa with golden colour pillows and frames with curtains.

It was so cool enjoying ourself there. As we're Highclass people. Hahaa....Took quite some pictures there. The waiter's really friendly. He even asked Jaay and me to take pic with him (we felt a bit weird and awkward though) hehe. No pictures for now. Gotta wait for jaay to upload it.

Oh yaaaa.......we took a really funny picture with dat stupid pole in the lift in Sg.Wang. haha it reminded us about The Chinese New Year where we played True or Dare, Munhoe lose and had to POLE DANCING. Omg i can't stop laughing thinking of it.

Hmmm.....i misses those days when we're still in 5-Beta. There's nothing better than it compared my life now. Alone.

Monday, March 12, 2007

There's no end presentation for music and film's finally over.
Thanks to voonyin for the vcd and kedekut for the link.

One is done and there's a lot more yet to come.
Got another assignment for music and film. Gosh...we need to write an essay of 1000-1500 words about the movie ~ VERTIGO~ and the music. I feel like jumping down now from my 24th condo. No idea what to write about. I guess i'll need to crap bout it.

Quizzes, quizzes and quizzes.
Every week we have quiz going on. Crazieee...can't stop to take a breath.
I wish for a holiday now.
Jealous of my friends' in f6 cuz their having hols now. So unfair!!!

I've been very lazy lately. Everytime i tell myself to study i juz can't make it. I'll end up doing other things *blogging*...haha

Suddenly i feel like eating spaghetti now. No-one to cook for me. :(

I've finished readind P.S. I LOVE YOU. PLanning to read ~ A WALK TO REMEMBER ~

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Juz got back from a recital held in my Uni by ~~Juyeon Kang.
Oh my God......she's so GENG !!!
Her running notes' perfect. Her chords' not harsh but sounded nice and secure. Her gesture's not big but gentle.
I love the Grieg-- Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op.65 No.6 From the lyric pieces and Debussy's fireworks!!! Awesome~~~~~

Trying to imagine myself having the ability to play like her. Ahhh....i'm out of my mind.

I got a good news today. Hehe....been waiting for this moment for so long.

Quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck ^_^

/|~_~|\ many assignments to finish up !!!
Spent 2++ hours on doin the aural assignment juz now and i still got one more part to go.
Ohhhh...bout the music and film assign- the lecturer said i can't use the cartoon that i chosed and now i'm cracking my head to find another one.
The exorcist !!!!! Don't know where to get the dvd cuz it's a 1973 movie.....i'm not born yet that time!!!!!
This thing's bugging me making me feel so "fan" and can't even concentrate during other lecturer classes.

Oh no....seems like i've been complaining complaining complaining so far. Yaaaa.....i'm suffering here. Degree's hard , degree in music's damn hard.

Bought a pair of new shoes today. Something that is not really my style so i decided to a pair of it. hehe.....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not a bad day but still very tired backbones aching again.
This always happen while i'm playing the violin in a sitting position.
We had 4 hours practise for orchestra today. super long...middle of our lesson there's blackout. Phewww...luckily i'm not in the lift or i'll be trap inside.

While i'm on my way home with joe we passed by block A. There's a Clinique's workshop in the MPH Hall so we decided to go and have a look. Nothing much they mainly talked bout the 3 main steps which i've already know. It's worth sitting there for 1 hour listening bout the workshop cuz we got Clinique goodies at the end of the workshop. happy.

Too bad their not promoting their Clinique's perfume-Happy. I love the smell of it too bad i can't really afford to buy and mum said i'm too young to use perfume! i wish i can get this as my birthday pressie. Heehee... :P
Am reading a chic lit ** P.S. I LOVE YOU ** now

Raechen said she cried 4 times while reading this novel.
While so far i haven't sheed any tears yet....anyway i do like the plot of the story which is quite interesting. Kinda suprise to know that this book was actually written by the daughter of the Ireland's Prime Minister.
Next time i'm gonna write a book title------- P.S. I HATE YOU
haha....then everyone will hate to hate me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm tired of everything here

Got back from hometown today.
I'm so malang cuz the place where i sat in the stupid fXXkin bus, there water dripping down from the air-cond outlet. I was like wtf!!!! I didn't get to sleep on my way because of this stupid reason.
Now..........i'm very very tired. My backbones aching,my eyes are dry and my mind's feel so sleepy. Had to force myself to finish up my theory assignment!!

What has been bothering me all this way is-----the music and film assignment ( classical music used in horro film). I can't find anything through my research. Desperate now.....sei laaaaaa
Can anyone help me to find the movie???

My body stinks now cuz i haven't bath.

P.S. sorry for being so rude*this is to show my anger towards things*