Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Happy Merdeka people!
What i love about Malaysia is definitely the variety of food we have here!
When we were being quarantined in Jeju Island, what I misses the most was not my family but the food here.

Went to bookfest yesterday with the parents. Met my weird ex-violin lecturer there but don't bother to go up to him to say hi since he's a really weird person which i don't know how to explain in words.
Everyone seems to be really cautious now wearing the mask. The special smell of the mask really bring back memories of the Jeju trip.

Also went back to the condo for the very last time to collect my pillows and some leftover stuff.

Books that i bought. Wanted to get Benazir Bhutto's autogbiography book but it's just too expensive :(

The ugly chipped nail polish cuz had to practice the piano. It's really fun seeing your colourful nails flying here and there on the keyboard!
Always jealous of people with long nice nails. What to do.....had to sacrifice something for the things that you're passionate about.

I'm super free now at home since I only have to go down kl once for class everyweek.
Bumping at home now. Ahhh how i wish my friends are all here.
Internet, hongkie drama, tv, piano, books are stuff that i'm into now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Snip Snip

Finally had a hair cut today. My hair was really outta shape and spoilt so had to go for a trim.

I know some people are jealous of the amount of hair i had but it takes me few hours to dry my hair >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""> straight now and probably 3 times lesser than the previous amount of hair. Curl and dries easily :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Last Night

...staying at condo with roomie.

Sigh time passes so fast and it has been 2 and a half years since i shifted in here.

Gonna miss the housemates so much so much.

Thanks for the love and accompaniment, Ann and Von!!!

I'm so used to sharing a room with the roomie and without her i'm gonna be so lonely :((

No more those crazy nights when we sing some crazy out of tune songs, dance like we're in a club (roomie's signature cicak dance and my belly dance :P) and lotsa lotsa noisy nights disturbing the other housemate.

My other half!

This was taken after choir few sems ago i can't remember exactly when.

Cacat-ed pose which was probably forced by me to do :P

Roomie's last year. Had a tiny cake for a tiny girl like her

I heart them!

The prodigy busy studyin and i'm kacau-ing her behind! Ohh....and its the aural book she doing. Thanks for having a perfect pitch kid at the condo and i always copied her work cuz I suck so much at it. It's been like 1 year plus ago!!!

The youngest one always got bullied!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm officially enjoying my holidays now.

Will be having a sorta long term holidays since i only have 1 class to attend next sem.

Went shopping with mummy today at Times Square.

So many nice and cheap stuff there! Me love!!

But since i will be staying at btg now i can't find a reason to wear those nice clothes so I resisted from buying too many of them : /

Got a sling bag, a pair of shoes, and a top with my name on it..teehee!!

Going for movie with the gurls tomorrow and opera concert at night :)

Super lonely here now....housemates are all back at their hometown.

Gonna finish up my hongkie series tonight!

Night peeps ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Survived H1N1 in Jeju, Korea (P2)

Day 2
Started off our day with a hearty american style breakfast. Breakfast for the continuous days were the same but luckily we have a variety of choices.
I'm missing the food there so much !!

Theresa's emo look. Hmm

Had temperature checking after our breakfast. Unfortunately, one of our choir members had fever and high temperature and the korean people have to send him to the local hospital for check up fearing that it might be H1N1. Our performance for that day were canceled, we were really sad bout it :(

The block that we were staying at. Not some high end holiday resort but it's clean and comfortable. Well you really can't ask for more since it's sponsored by the choir fest organiser. My room is the 4th room from right, 2nd floor.

Korean junk are so niceeee!!! Didn't get to eat much of these though cuz my body was heaty and i had cough as well :( I felt so sour when everyone's enjoying their ice-cream but i can't!

Janice's green tongue.....the junior who never stops eating and she's a movie freak!!

I'm a korean millionaire, don't play play!!
Another round of temperature checking. we basically had 2 rounds of temperature checking daily. It is kinda scary to me, cause i tend to have high temperature 37.5 sometimes eventhough i'm not sick. There was once I nearly didn't got into Zouk just because of this.

Mr.Q and the nurse taking our temperature here.

Everyone q-ing up outside our room.
Lunch - steam potato, beef and miso soup. I ate super little in korea cause the food there's too healthy and meme only likes fried food :P

No picture of what we had for dinner. If i'm not mistaken, my temperature was sorta high that night and i was too worried, therefore no mood to take pic.

One of our roomates was sick on and off since we left for korea. Therefore she got quaratined alone in the skyhouse.

Day 3
Those people who got quarantined in the skyhouse. Pity them cause they have to stay within their compound and not allowed to come and and mix with us.
Breakfast the only day we had porridge. Not as dilute as hongkie porridge but it was quite nice :)

Another block opposite ours where the indonesians group stays at. They forbidded us to go over their compound since one of our members was suspected having the flu :(

The ambulans were there daily to keep track on our health. Super efficient as compared to msian.

Our busses.

Fried rice with egg and some other soup for lunch.

Steph the roomie

View of skyhouse where those people with high temperature got quarantined.

There's only 2 of us in the room and we decided to camwhore a bit.

Pose like superstar.

Like a pro.

Steph the girl whom i've seen her since first year uni but never get to know her until this trip.

the van spraying the i dont know wat to kill the germs.

Went to the piano room downstairs.

Played bingo which i haven't play for don't know how many years.

Dinner - fried fish fillet, black beans, seaweed, watermelon and soup.
The seaweed tasted weird and I didn't finished it.

Sunset with my darling

Jeju is loved.

Poor girl at the skyhouse area.

Got the news that the guy who got admitted to the hospital was not infected with the flu and we were in super good mood thinking that we'll be able to perform the next day if nothing happens.

Moi, Chiachi, Emily and Steph

The funniest jumping pic eva!! No idea how angela ended up with that jumping pose!! and the two N95 mask looked like a bra. Hahaha

With Chloe

Practiced that night to prepare for our performance the next day.

Dithyrambic choir.

Super glad that he's okay and we had a warm welcome to him and sang song for him to make him feels better (incase he thinks that he was the reason why we could not perform).

Gosh took me so long to upload this pics!!

Ps: my room is really empty now cause i've shifted my stuff back to hometown. Stupid effin condo management does not allow to lorry to come into the condo just cause its a sunday. Wtf that means that people can't shift their stuff on sunday??!! luckily mum went and screwed them kao kao!
Never ever gonna stay here, the management really sucks until the max!