Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I miss shopping!!!! but i lazy to go to kl and then come back...
Feeling super bored at home.
U guys laa....never come to Btg to visit me *sob sob*
S'pore!!! S'pore!!!! hmmm....thinking what to buy there
Shoes? Clothes? Itchy itchy----temptation to shop!!
Gurls love shopping, dontcha??? (except the yvonne tan la,weirdo)
I still haven't get to watch Jay's movie-Secret. Haiii....don't think it's still showing now :(

I know u all miss me but tahan a bit la...u'll get to see the very me when uni reopens. luv yah

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sorry for being away for such a long time....
the reason for it is because that i couldn't log into blogger with the dial up connection in my house..and now i'm at darlin Tika's house.
I got so emo-fied, i miss blogging, i miss u guys.
Hehe..so now i'm in holidays for 2 weeks +.
1st week was kinda wasted which i juz eat,shit and facing my laptop day-dreaming.
1 more week to go and hopefully i'll get to go for vacations and chill out a bit.
S'pore? K'Lumpore? Where else?
Anyone wanna date me? haha

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exam Free

Done with all the sucky exams!!!!!!
I really sux at every subjects of this sem. Theory, aural and history really freaked me out. Never expected them to be that hard.
Asked Ms.Chong whether how she thinks of my jury result and whether is she disapointed with it and she said no. Really?? dun me be happy ....i care d most for jury marks.

After the aural dictation exam we headed to BKT BINTANG once again ( last sem we did went out on the last day of exam as well) but not much of kua cheong stuff that we wore cuz no time to go back to condo and change. No fake eyelashes!!! sad..No sunnies!! sad..
3 of us were feeling hungry when we reached there and so Joe brought us to a restaurant at Sg.Wang 3rd floor. Had great 'xiao long bao', 'fried shrimp with cheese(i can't cheese inside also), 'kuey tiow style chee cheong fun', soup.......
After lunchie we went shopping around. Oh my Gosh..i miss shopping!!!

Was feeling a bit dizzy bcuz of the weather and exam stress but still continue shopping around.
Bought a really cool necklace but i juz found out that the colour of the necklace will actually fade when it kena water. Aikkssss...
Oh yaaa...and we tried on Bikinissss. It's quite cheap but quality so so and so we didn't get it lah.
Joe n Jiun got their first try of the ink tattoo. I didn't cuz i've got on b4.
While waiting for Joe and Voonyin for their voice lesson, me n Jiun shopped around. I finally got my shorts!! and Jiun got pressies for her family members.

It's ICE CREAM time after their voice lesson. LECKA LECKA in front of StarHill !!! The environment was super awesome. I had 2 scopes which is hazelnut and carribean mix! Love it.
Went inside StarHill as well. I wanna go JOGOYA for buffet..anyone wanna join?
Reached home safely at 11+pm thanks to Jiun's bf for the ride.
Been thinking of goin to S'pore but not sure whether can make my passport in time.
That's all for tonite. Happy hols dudes!!!

In d taxi

Miss R cam-whoring again

Bikini babes!! we got free tickets to sunway lagoon next week!!!

1 last exam to go that is aural dictation.
Am really disappointed with myself. I did badly for ALL subjects.
i s.u.x

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

D special bday gift

It was Ms.Poh Yee's b'day last friday. We celebrated for her at KFC.
Well...i rushed back hometown and didn't follow my bro's car to make it to her partie.
Kx picked me up and we went to hunt for her bday gift.
Basically we were cracking our head thinking what to get for her. We're kinda sick with those lame and unuseful gift and so the idea of getting her Something Special POP out in our mind.
Both of us were laughing like crazie when we're choosing the best gift.
Had a great time at KFC and we waited there until 10pm for 2 latecomers (they went to kl for tuition) before we eat d cake.
Me and Kx forced her to open our present the last. Since we're 99% confident that we've got the kinkiest, naughty, slutty, nice, bitchy, SPECIAL gift for her.

Presenting her gift __ 3 Thongs -- 1 in sexy red colour with a see through lace hole in d middle, 1 in black colour with fake diamonds in front, and 1 in mixture of colours.
Try to imagine all of us laughing like crazy, our laughters were so loud that everyone around can't help staring with us wonderin what's going on. Poor shy Poh Yee don't really dare to pose with her Thongs but we forced her to lah.
One auntie who's passing by while we're taking group photos stared hard at us as 3 of us were posing with 3 THONGS at such a kampung traditional small town.
Man that was fun.
Friends, do call up me if u need thongs cuz now i know where to get cheap wans. Hehe

Monday, August 13, 2007

4 years of love _ = 0

love is cruel.

_staying single might be a better choice_

men are jerks *

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Exam Period

Juz got back from cozy hometown.
Need to start concentrating for tomorrow's war.

Jury + History exam = tomorrow
Theory exam = wednesday
Aural dictation + History listening exam = thursday
Midi project = pass up on friday

Wish me luck yea!!!
All the best to those taking exam as well :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My aural sucks.......
okok....enough of negatif thinking.
From now on i shall think in the better way.
I can do it and so do you.

All the best for those taking aural exam tomorrow ;)

the lost soul

Alone at home now...
Tried to wake up this morning for theory class but couldn't (i'm so disappointed with myself) and now i'm the earliest to come back home from uni. Lazyness of me....haiii

Don't know why these few days doesn't seems to have the mood to practise piano. It's kinda like i'm practising the piano for sake of practise. Where has my soul gone??? Come back plz...if not i won't do well for jury.

Been dragging my LTCL exam for so many years and i've decided that i must take it next year. I wanna play Brahms' Zheiw Rhapsodie!!

I feel guilty now. Was supposed to study and revise for finals but i ended up surfing the internet sites that has got nothing to do with my studies.

I really know buts bout the renaissance/medieval or whateva...i don't give a damn to those mass,motet,plainsong chant.....i mean why are me forced to study this.

I'm really like a lost soul playing the piano during my lesson time this morning and my lecturer was smart enough to sense something wrong with me. She asked whether i'm stressed out or tired but i didn't tell her to reason laaa......guess she'll feel very sad if she knew what i'm gonna tell her. Lets forget bout it.....i don't care anymore.....tired of everything

Scales exam today was quite bad. I mean BAD...almost re-started every scales. Only the sight reading part was ok but damn i ended in the wrong chord. wat the.....

Finals exam === Emo emo and more emo/ pms

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

well well...so now cme and choirs' over.
Hmm...didn't really did quite well for both :/
Yaaa....to my beloved cme partner....i'm gonna miss practising with u lahhh......congratulations to u as well for passing ur atcl.
I dun care i want my mcd ice-cream !!

Another long day to go for tomorrow.
Scales exam and i gotta have the guts to open my Golden mouth.
God bless.....plz let everything be smooth.I've been thinking this problem over and over again till i sometimes unable to fall asleep. That's terrible.

2 more weeks to go. Gotta work hard at the last minute.
Nite ppl. Goin to have my sweet dream now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Done with term paper and now finals starting this week and a final project for midi.
Juz started revising a bit for history and found out that i really don't understand the church music part- mass, motet, plainsong chant........wat's that??!!!

I'm sad cuz i've missed the chance to go for a FREE Hair Perm. Cousin sis called me and asked whether i can be her friend's model for the Loreal Course. Shytt...i got jury and history finals on that day. ;(

Anyway tonight at 8pm we're having another concert.
Its our choir concert !! ----and i still can't remember all my parts yet *sweat*

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A story about Icy Queen and Ice Princess

And the story goes like.....................
One day, a gurl named the Ice Queen got really hungry middle of d night. The hunger was really bugging her making her feeling emo. So she decided to go and hunt for ICE. The desperado Ice Queen was so smart that she got the idea of getting Free Ice from the Fridge. So she used the frying pan to scrap off the ice from the freezer.

Tadaa.....hmmmm..........She gonna make Ice Kacang out of it.

So here came the Ice Princess. She was hungry as well. Both the Ice Queen and Princess ended up fighting for Ice ICe and more ICE.

Ice Queen's mouth eventually grows bigger when she was trying to eat up the whole Ice Berg.

The Icy Ice Me me Prize goes to ---------"drums roll" Miss Ice Queen !!!!

Both the Ice Princess and Ice Queen ended up being good friend and they will never stop asking more More IceeeEEeeEEEEEEEeeee.

The End

In sleeping mode. I don't know what to blog about :/

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Right here waiting for u