Saturday, September 23, 2006

The One In A Million Grand Finale ~~

So are you the one in a million ??

The one in a million singing competition's finally over after so many i've mention from my last entry of blog, i'm lucky enough to have the chance to be part of this function.
My ex-violin teacher-- LEON called us up for this performance.
Our job were to accompanied for the pieces. 20 of us formed a little string quartet.

The 20 of us with 4 of us( david, pei erth, amanda & me) from bentong and the others' from kl. We met up in PWTC on thursday during the rehearsal. Too bad we juz got the scores on the spot and we had to side read all the 6 pieces. Some of it were quite ok but then there's a few songs with lots of sharps really gave me a headache. Luckily we got a conductor to conduct the string quartet.

I'm sitting in the second role in the string quartet playing the 1st violin part. Sitting beside me was a 15 years old guy name TIMOTHY. I kinda nervous at first because he's much more better than me in violin as the fact that he already got his diploma cert in such young age but i found that he's a nice person to work with.

During the rehearsal we got to met the finalists rehearsing.Alif,Faizal,Suki,Farah,Dayang,Lokman.....*i can't remember all of their names*

Dinner's provided for us as promised earlier. We all got really dissapointed when we found out that there's NO spoon and fox for us to eat !! Oh my Gosh,they expect us to eat with our hands??? This time we didn't got to eat buffet or eat in restaurant...We got the indian rice in a pack...Ohhh...really unexpected! Some of us ended up eating with the CUP while some of the others didn't eat.

The 2nd day of rehearsal as well as the day of the finale,we're required dress in all white during the rehearsal. All of us look like the angels...kakaka ^_^ Rehearsal started at 5 something as they always shout out STAND BY....ya *stand by* and then you just sit there and wait...till they really started rehearsing. We've had this experience before during the Malaysian Idol 2..but this time's better as last time we used to stand by for 3 bloody torturing hours...

After the rehearsal, we went for dinner. David suggested to eat on ourselves as the food provided for us tasted kinda bad. We went for The Mall's McD . Felt kinda weird when some of the people stare at the 4 of us ~ David, Pei Erth,Amanda and me all dressed up in white and wearing the tag . Guess they must be thinking " what these 4 lil' kids have to do with The ONE IN A MILLION programme" .

There's already lots of people gathering outside the PWTC hall when we headed back. Suki's fans wearing green colour t-shirt writing --i Love SUKI--, Alif's fans in orange colour t-shirt and Faizal's fans wearing t-shirts with the superman symbol.
At 9pm,the VVIPs started going in walking through the red carpet. As we're standing beside the red carpet, we got to see Nita, Daniel, Desiree, Dina,Jaclyn Victor and others. They all look gorgeos. The security there's really tight there. People involved were required to wear the tag while fans were not allowed to bring video camera in.

We then went up to the stage before the show started. From the stage high up we got to see all their supporters as well as the artists.
9.30pm sharp the show started.

The 3 finalist looked great in their Armani Exchange outfit !! Oh...i like the dress suki's wearing !! Alif's cute while Faizal still remain the cool rocker look!!

Not gonna talk bout the show as u guys already watched it through television.

Marion + Azwan : " and the 1 IN A MILLION goes to.............SUKI !!!!"
Finally,Suki won the competition taking away the 1 MILLION that i've been dreaming of having the amount of $$. Her winning was in my expectation cuz i guess most of the chinese will support her. Somehow i'm a bit disappointed cuz my favourite(faizal) didn't win. Anyway wish him luck in the music industry !! Rock on!!

OMG,so sad that i'm facing some problems in uploading the photos in..will try out again later

The One In A Million ~~

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can't wait for the day to come...........i'm gettin' more and more excited bout it !!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here is how Romain Rolland describes Beethoven’s final day: "That day was tragic. There were heavy clouds in the sky… around 4 or 5 in the afternoon the murky clouds cast darkness in the entire room. Suddenly a terrible storm started, with blizzard and snow… thunder made the room shudder, illuminating it with the cursed reflection of lightning on snow. Beethoven opened his eyes and with a threatening gesture raised his right arm towards the sky with his fist clenched. The expression of his face was horrifying. His hand fell to the ground. His eyes closed. Beethoven was no more."

" He was an artist and a man, a man in the highest sense of the word. He was a loner, never finding a life partner to his stature. But his heart was up to the very end close to the whole of humanity. That is how he was, how he died and how he will always remain for eternity. Leave discontent behind and shroud yourselves in sublime feelings, all you who find yourselves standing here before the tomb of a man about whom we can say, as of no other man before him: he accomplished great deeds, he knew no foulness. Go home not sad, but full of peace. Take a small flower from his grave, in the memory of the man he was and the great things he accomplished. And in the future, when you will be overwhelmed by the power of his creation, call back in your mind the image of today… "

My thursday

Not feeling well today.....stomach upset....izzit because of what i ate yesterday?? The mee goreng mamak that tasted bad? the expensive chap fan i ate at pasar malam? or the banana cake that i had this morning???
I'm free througout the whole day today.....wanted to go to work but then they ask me to go tomorrow. I felt so embarrassing today cuz i actually went to the wrong department and thought that i was gonna work there. Pheww.....luckily i'm brave enough to ask if not i'll be working in da wong
Just finished reading a book that u borrowed from library which is about the biography of the wellknown CHOPIN. He is the composer that i admire most in the mean time. Through the process of learning piano in this 10 years , i guess the pieces that i've played most is by CHOPIN. I'm amazed by his ability to create such great works. Apart from it i'm also reading BEETHOVEN's biography through the net now. I really don't understand that fact that he still can compose music eventhough he's deaf !! Ya...guess this is the reason why they're called the genius. The reason why i've been reading this 2 composers' because i'm gonna play their pieces for my jury.
My stomach's empty since this morning. Not gonna eat until dinner time. Hope that my stomach won't ne making noise..hehe.
Don't know how am i gonna wait till the 4 and a hall hours to pass .....

ps : i'm glad that i'll have the chance to go for the ONE IN A MILLION contest to accompany for the competitors. Wonderin' what kinda excuse i need to tell ms.choong for not be able to attend her piano group lesson.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Burfday WaiTeng!!

^ Rain & Peishan ^
Peishan with her cute pose !!

It's dear conting enjoying her food ^_^

All of us

S.H.E ~~from left-ella,hebe,selina

Waiteng's lil' b'day cake~~ next time gonna prepare a bigger cake for u !~!

Cute Bobo with his lengcai pose !!

U guys rox !!

With the pretty b'day gurl *waiteng* in the middle~~singin' karaoke

Hey....Bobo's pregnant ! Hahaha..

Really enjoyed hanging around with u guys !! Muackkss... !!

Thanks for the dinner waiteng !! luv ya

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hate it!!

Life's been like hell this week.....
Quareled with my housemate--she's the one incharge of the rental of our house.
I juz dun understand...someone i trusted so much and respect can turn like that. Totally different like what i've thought before this. Angry , sad and frustrated !!!

She didn't even told us bout the contract that she signed with the owner of the house. Somemore we're not the ones who sign the contract. She juz said that if we want to move out we need to inform her 2 months earlier. We did....but in the end, she ended up saying we're not allowed to move out unless we can find ppl to take over our room. She said we're irresponsible, selfish, and she regretted staying with us !! Denggg!!!
Hello??!! if we're that irresponsible we shouldn't have inform her 2 months earlier and try to talk to her nicely. there's no other ways unless we either stayed until december or we find someone to take over our place.
Have to admit that i'm so dumb,believing in other ppl's word without thinking much and observing things.

Okay.....that's what u want.....i juz stayed until december then move over from this hell place !! I cursed that house and that no one will wants to stay there.
It's only partly furnished *the furniture's damn lousy and the fridge's not functioning well* , no fan , no heater, no washing machine, no living room.....bla bla bla

Damn it !! I don't feel like goin back there and facing that gurl. Haiii....can someone let me stay/tumpang at their place?? Arghhh.....

ps-sorry for being rude

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Juz came back from JB yesterday night..

sad to know that i actually missed the signing up piano practise room time.....OMG,how i am goin to practise piano and to prepare well for my jury as well as recital that is coming soon.....haiizzz...

Went for scholarship meeting this afternoon and starting this sem i'm gonna work at the IO-International Office. Hope that i'll be fine working under the new environment. Glad that su-ann as well working there :)

Oh gosh.....haven't even practise my piano pieces and i've got piano class tomorrow...saw ms.choong and she happened to ask me bout my preparation for tomorrow and i told her that i'm not really well prepared . She's kinda upset to hear that :P sorry....

Getting frustrated because of the lack of piano practise rooms.....can't UCSI-Uni.Crime Scene Investigation have more practise rooms for students.