Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tired is the word for now.

The Process of Waiting... the part which i hated the most. goes my time..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Busy

It's final exam period.

2 deadlines on this thurs and fri for thesis and also term paper and more to go in the next 2 weeks.

Can't wait for everything to be over and i shall blog about the Jeju Trip :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to Reality

When we were being quarantined in Jeju, we always complained and wanted to come home so badly but now when we're back home, we don't wanna face the reality - work, term paper, thesis paper, final exam etc.

Am so used to the lazy life in Korea. Food prepared for us and all we do whole day is just sleep, eat, play games and watch movies.

But now everything is own your own. People won't give a damn if u haven't finish your assignments. Lecturer can just fail you and that's all.

Aiiiii been procrastinating non-stop and i can't help it.

I miss the Jeju members , the resort we stayed in, the people there and the Korean tv advertisement so badly.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm home finally!!!!
So many things to catch up with now especially the assignments!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quarantined at Jeju Island, Korea

Oh crap...can't believe this.

Was supposed to be home by yesterday but now we're still stucked in Jeju Island, Korea.

We're living like PIGGIES now.

What we do daily is just sleep, eat and shit.

Oh gosh....i wanna go home!!!

Oh crapppp.......i miss malaysian food and my cosy bed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

~Jeju Island Here I Come

Wheee......and finally the moment has arrived.

It sucks cuz my body is not quite feeling well for the moment.

Heal me pleaseeee!!!!

I wish i could bring my parents along cuz they seem to be more excited than me.

Mom's like "go make some new friends over there......always do your best and enjoy yourself!"

Anyhow, gotta thanks mum, dad and bro for sponsoring me this trip :)

Till then...don't miss me too much :P

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bangkok Jazz

First time at Bangkok Jazz. only i know that it's located just opposite Pavillion :P

With Joy the pianist for that night

3rd and also the last set by Saban, Justin and Joy. His singing was great!

Went over to Zouk after BK with Joy and Zenny who is also one of the singer at BK. She's got big voice like Beyonce and she's only 19 *jealous!

Zenny's eyeliner -must have been inspired by Amy Winehouse!

The Zouk ambassador, the pianist and the singer!

Super tan face of mine :(

Left earlier that night cause we were bored.

Ooopsie...mah fake eyelashes tertanggal :P

Friday, July 10, 2009


Had an outing with Su-Ann today.

Went over to Times Square to shop and hunt for cheap clothes there since we both loved shopping and don't mind buying cheapo stuff :P

Hightea at Oldtown since there wasn't much choices in TimesSquare and watched Obsessed after the hightea.

It was quite a nice movie indeed except that the ending was a bit abrupt.

Girls gonna watch this movie and learn how to flirt like an expert! Really loved Beyonce's attitude in that movie!

I really really admire Beyonce.

She's such an awesome singer/actor and she has the great voice, great look, great body!

She's definitely my idol! Infact my some of my highschool friends used to call me her name during highschool life *but i don't look bits like her at all :P

By the end of the day, we went home happily with our new baju, shoes...etc

What i bought today?
3 dresses. Been obsessed with lace these days and i can't help it. Ahh...all these cheap pricing clothes just make me eppy happy!

Too lazy to post up the pics :P

Ps: its master class and group class again tomorrow..crap

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sh*t Loads of Photoes

Pictures taken from last thursday night at Zouk AGAIN :P

Been there again yesterday, i'm sick of Zouk for the time now.

Went along with mostly Joe's friends.

Sadly my friends who promised to join me that night came for awhile and

dumped me and went to Asia Cafe instead for pool :(

I thought i wasn't gonna dance the night since i was really tired and

whole body aching from the previous day clubbing session but i was

wrong, ended up dancing all night long.

Some pics from someone's cam. Sorry man i cropped his face out since i felt sick lookin at him.

Another one cropped. Sorry dude all my friends dislike u! Boo

Gosh...stupid me was dancing like some mad lady while they were takin photos!

Here's a nice one of all of us :)

Were snapping pics and some random fellas just joined in our pics.

Lovely ladies

With Joe's sista Pauline

Aww..this dude is kinda cute. He's eyebrowns look funny! hahaha..

Everyone squeezing in for the group pic

my complexion looks so nice with the flash :P

Those girls are really good in dancing!

Another group pic.

Love this the most :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

H1N1Is In Our Uni Now!

Heard about this news today during Amus.

Aparrently, the student got the virus while he/she's in penang for a camp with some other pharmacy students from our uni.

Wow....scary. So when's our uni closing down eh?!

The Big M

Moooodyyy :(

Can't feel the excitement of goin to Jeju at all for now.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Zouk with D Gurls

Finally went to Zouk last wednesday night and it was mah first time there *blush* !

MumboJumbo night at Velvet Underground and R&B at Phuture.

Almost can't get into Zouk that night cuz m
y body temperature was 37.5 degree celcius (i was really high or excited i guess)...

Thanks man for the ice c

Moi and Joe in the car

And here's the gang who joined us the night - Chiachi, Shyning, Efang and the friend and Joe's lebano
n friends. sweet rite

Wow...super jealous of Cc's cleavage!

Efang's naughty hand be

Us without joe cuz she as usual was
busy socialising...

Girls talk

Girls never fail to camwhore in the toilet >_<

Efang's sexay lip!

Shyning, moi, Cc and Joe

Oppsss....missed out shyning's face :P

How come i was the only one looking at the camera?

Perfecto ~

With efang the lady this!

Some angmoh frm Uk, Joe, Joy who's crazy bout those angmoh and Joy's friends

Last one on the way back home..

Had a serious hangover the next day....and i felt like my whole body like sudah lumpuh!

Ps:omg....there's some kinda ppl i hated so much..are friends meant to be like that?!