Friday, November 28, 2008

2 sick cats

OOhh...there's 2 sick cats at home now.
Woke up and was wondering how come the door was open.
And i saw dad lying and napping on the couch.

He told he he got infected by the ever popular sickness in my town now -'chikunkunya'.
According to my friend, when u kena the virus, it is like putting on 50 kgs weight on your whole body and it's hard to move your body.

Imagine that my superfit dad walked like an oldman with stroke this morning.
But i dp think doin sports regularly does help after seeing my dad able to walk and even JOG in the evening after he had the medicine.

How does one get infected? Kissin of mosquitoes!!
One of my friend who get infected suffer fever and joints pain for 2 weeks and not only she, her dad and bro got infected as well. can imagine now how terrorised i am seeing mosquitoes now!!

And mum came back from the camp with flu.

So now i'm the only one who's free from any sickness :)

crap....why can't the students stop cancelling class? Arghh it's so freakin troublesome to replace another class for them -__-

It's 00.00 now which the mega sales officially starts off.
Too many warehouses, discount, too little cash to shop.
Wanna go shop so badly now ^^

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm stucked at home for these few days alone and i'm so bored and i can't find things to do :(

Out of the bluemoon i discovered some webbies for student exchange program and i'm totally interested in it.

Hopefully my wish will be granted and i'll be going to taiwan for study tour.

And now i'm looking into another site which they even showed on the tv.

Hmm......1st choice-Statue of Liberty?Kiwiland? 2nd choice-Kangaroo land??

Man, this is gonna be so interesting :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Muahaha...i actually cooked can sardine and seaweep tofu soup tonight. It's like a big WOW to myself when i just said that i do not like cooking on the last post.

Results out :( point crying on spilt milk. OOoooo......cme sucksssssss so much.
2 more sub results yet to come which one of is the most freakin important and i'm most afraid of.

I saw a stupid lizard in my room just now :/ crap how am i gonna sleep tonight!!
Sooooooo boring -__________________-
The mum's away from home for 5 nights cuz she went for a CAMP and not me :(

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boo hooo..........i didn't make to kl for my violin trip on monday.
I woke up early that day and headed off to the bus station.
Wanted to take 9.30 bus, and there's no bus.
Oh well, so i bought the ticket for the 11.10am bus.
Once i bought it i regretted bout it cuz i should have taken the 11am bus!!!
Okay i went up the bus and the journey went smooth until it reaches bukit tinggi.
The freakkin stupid bus broke down and we were left waiting for other buses to come and take us.
Didn't managed to go in to the first bus that arrived and so i waited.
Standing with my violin beside the highway. How freako 'awesome' is that....every car passes by and they just stare pass you. I waited there for 1 hour i guess, while admiring the blue sky and an eagle flying around and also weird sound coming from the trees or bushes beside.

By then i decided to just call my dad to pick me up instead of going to kl.
Dad came on the time where we supposed to have the violin class -____-.
Well, instead of heading home we went to genting to donate money again :P

And what i've been doing these few days at home is basically watching movies, online, practise piano :(
I'm so sad my holidays are so boring now.
But i did managed to clean up the mess of my room a bit :)
Phewww......darn tiring to just clean up a room.
Ok another day has just gone by and here comes a new day.
Nothing much to look forward until the weekend where the group come back from Terengganu.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going to kl for violin class tomorrow and coming back after that.
Thinking bout that just make me moody -_____- it'll be another tiring journey.
Haven't touch my baby violin for almost 1 month until today.....don't know whether the passion that i once had still on or not.
I need something, or someone to boost up the fire.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So here goes the pictures of my penang trip last week. Had a great time there. Attend the wedding of my cousin @ E & O Hotel (1885), the oldest hotel in Penang. Hey, even Mr. Charlie Chaplin stayed there before.
Night scene of Penang...which is the 2nd best after kl clubs...i wanna go club there someday :P
Ah Gong Ah Ma lim teh !
e yi, mum, da yi, ah ma, ah gong and ah gu behind

Francis Light even stayed here before!

Even the chandeliar is nicer. sweet.

Can't get rid of the camwhore habit :)

La toillete

The 'fu gu' old westernize toilet.

Forgot to switch on macro mode. This was the first dish of the night, some j
ap food...scallops, tempura and Fried Lycee (can u imagine that!!)


* Lovely decor *

Outside the hallroom. The hotel is just beside the sea.

Had breakfast at gurney before heading home. My fav eggtart.

~ xiang dang nian

Gone were the days

d old man and d old abandoned home which once has its glorious moment.

This is mY dreaM housE. Located on the rocks on the sea and you can jump into the sea anytime you like and probably get swallowed into the waves when there's tsunami.

Me and my dreamhouse :)

~wang yang zhong de yi shou chuan

~ so nice kan

Human nature is magnifique!

Right Here Right Now..

...i am craving for a cuppa Starbucks ice-blended caramel choc with a soulmate besides me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's Shop Till' ya Drop

The word for me now is - bored.
People who's outgoing like me please come and be my friend!!!!
Went Midvalley yesterday with momma to check out the Metrojaya Branded Sales.
Coincidently met YunShi and LaiJun there while walking around the hall.
The internet here at home is so slow, it takes me million years to load a video and i can't watch The Gem of Life :((((
Tomorrow - teaching
Saturday - teaching (i hate teaching, seriously i only look forward to the first week of the first month which is the pay day)
I'm so bored i'm so bored i'm so boredddddddddd......................i think i should ask momma to teach me French and imma gonna go France after i grad and marry a French dude. What a nice dream hor..
Feel like goin to Cameron, anyone?

From the last warehouse in ShahAlam. Kanebo whitening milk, compact powder and Loreal True Match compact powder. Eh don't cha think that kan-ne-bo in hokkien is so ehem..haha. Oh ya my first whitening stuff cuz ya know i'm not really into whitening stuff, i prefer being tan but now it depends of my mood. Oh so random wtf

Revlon lipgloss and loose powder, and silkygirl nail polish, i bought 3 tubes of gloss because imma don't know which one if nude colour so i shall try all and see

A bodyglove top (i don't like bodyglove but not this one :P), and a levi's singlet.

Black has always been my favourite. You know like how one's liking towards something reflects their personality, attitude and yaddaaa....ya that's me.

The sales is still on until the 16th so you can check it out and see.

Can someone buy me the guess luggage bag????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So how's ya holidays going on so far?
I'm just back from the pearl of oriental.
Planing to visit the dental clinic tomorrow cause oh poor thing i've got a hole in my tooth :(

My coming plans so far are:
-rewatch 我在墾丁*天氣晴 the most touching drama i've ever watched
-buffet at sunway hotel (50% off for uob credit card holders!)
-shopping shopping and more shopping.

I miss my ah ma and ah gong a lot now!!!

Super random here haha. Goodnight ppl!

Sit Back and Relax

Tired of all the stress from work, friends or family?

Tired of facing the same old thing again and again daily without fail?

Tired of putting on a fake mask to hide your true identity?

Just sit back and relax.

Listen to some light jazz or classical music.

Sip a cuppa hot chocolate or latte.

Pamper yourself, paint your nails with happy colours, do a facial prob?

Go for a short holiday away from the hassle bussle city?

Stay alone in your own comfy space?

Switch on some happy music and dance away with it?

Yea that's what we can do easily to cheer ourself.

So what's the point of thinking negatively, stressing out yourself?

Just sit back and relax.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am back from the land of food heaven!!
Will post up pics soon :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

8TV Ultimate Prom Nite

Mr.Biren mah highschool mate is in for 8tv Ultimate Prom Nite !!!
Haven't been in contact with him in years until he msged me today and told me about what he's in now.
Hahaa....u go dude!
I think he's da HoTTesT hunk among them and his confidence level is like freakin high i wish i could be like him.
And he's da cutest guy among our class as well and surely tallest.
We (me, sze, munhou, jaay-p, kumar and him..) used to hang out especially during f4 and f5 basically cuz i decided not to take up chinese and during the chinese class the bunch of us will go out and chit chat.

All the best to him and do support him if u guys happen to watch the show on 8tv at thursday nite 9.30pm!!

Whee...goin penang tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Damai Laut part 2

This is the 2nd part on my trip to Damai Laut last month. Imma gonna go to the beach again this weekend at Penang...hoorayy!
You heard me.."i'm bringin sexay back..yea"

Standing tall.

Paya bakau...gosh i still remember form3 geografi which i suck at it!

Lil monkey dude loves popcorn as well hey...

Lumut port. Me and the sword fish :P

My pweetie feet and bro's sexay back.

My super fit dad who exercise like crazie and his princess *too bad la had to apply sunblock on my own cuz usually those bf will do this job rite,aii* ...

Bicycle ride around the's been so many years since i last ride on a bicycle.

^^ i heart u guys ^^

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Clean and Tidy

The condo is now super duper clean and tidy thanks to the mom who came and insisted to clean every corner of the house.
How i wish mom can stay with me here :P

I'm super bored soooo freakin bored.
I can't wait to go penang this friday :)

A blurred photo of Sarah Chang. She's so pretty!!

Pig Out Season

Omggg......i've got tones of calories down my stomach now
Had Tony Romas with the bro and mom yesterday night.
It was my first time dining there and i love their shrimp starter.
The steak was not bad, but i must admit i ain't so into beef.

And i had Jogoya this afternoon with mom.
I'm feeling soooooo freakin full now as if my stomach gonna burst anytime.
I've been craving to go for a buffet since months ago.
After having it, i felt that if as okay only in fact not a very nice feeling if u eat till super full.

I still got 18 hours of working time to clean up.
Damn am i gonna finish working.
and the work is so freakin boring, useless and tiring.
Helppppppp............why can't ucsi's scholarship be just free and no attachments or stuff.

I think i've finally found my dream eau de parfum.
It's Escada Moonlight Sparkle, it's so damn sexay.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Finally got to meet up with my hometown friends courtesy of HuiZhen's birthday.
4 girls and we talked so much. And i got a new friend!!
After dinner, they came over to my crib and we went for a walk and then chit chat outside my house until midnight.
Really enjoy hanging out with them. Hahaha.....and my homie friends are still so pure (dan chun) unlike me :P

Going back to kl tomorrow and gonna watch sarah chang mpo concert ALONE tomorrow...omggg so lonely.
The one thing i hate most about traveling to kl is by the SHITTIE BUS. I really hate those people without manners and jump queue or whatever.
Haha someday when i can't tahan anymore i think i might just show you the middle finger and curse you ppl......

Happy Holidayssssssss.......................oooohhhh