Wednesday, January 31, 2007


i juz finished bloggin but then the site suddenly jam and everything i've typed down's GONE
haii suan lazy to blog again.

Anyway got this from the gift shop today. The green piggy's soooo cute ^_^

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cam Whoring

Cut my finger last week!!

Presenting my piano + intro to music history lecturer !! Isn's she hot?

Roomate and me

My 2 college 'sei dong' ~miss tiffany and reachen


Bang bang..2 crazy felllas

Biting my foot!! taste nice eh!!

Trying out my web-cam
Haii....i wish that i don't need to attend the 8am class tomorrow so that i can online till very late.
That's all for today ciao!!


Yay yay... ^_^
finally got my new laptop as well as the internet connection over here
i won't feel boring anymore !! haha
It'll be easier for me to update my blog , stay intouch with my friends, do my assignments, research and much more !!
Let's juz pray that i won't over-use it and get addicted to it until i can't concentrate on my studies k??

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moo_dy >_<

Went for a hair cut this afternoon .
I've been keeping my hair growing for 1 whole year without goin the saloon.
So i've thought that it's time for a cut cuz the lower hair are kinda spoilt already and i wanted fringe.
Well now i'm feeling sad and frustrated. My hair is now much more shorter and thinner.
I don't like my new hairstlye. I miss my long thick hair..............arrrr

Dear hair,

Sorry i guess i've made a mistake . I shouldn't take u away.........u've been faithfully following me for 1 whole year. I'm regretting now. I wish u were here now. I want my hair to grow longer and longer as soon as possible.

cruel owner

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mpo Chamber Concert

Well i've been to the Mpo on the wednesday for the Mpo Chamber Concert. We ~Joe, Jiun & me~ decided to go on the day and had to rushed home to prepare everything before we go. Took the lrt there and reached there by 5.30pm. Luckily there's still tickets left...pheww

The concert started at 6.30pm and we had to be there by 6.15pm. Kinda unexpected cuz saw quite a lot of the UCSI's students attending the concert even our choir lecturer went.

Gotta say i'm totally amazed by the violinist playing. It's juz awesome and perfect blend with the piano accompaniment by Mr.Loo Bang Hean (one of our part time lecturer). The sound that her violin produced's super smooth and nice. How i wish i'm half as good as her. Haiii..
The second performance was the winds quartet followed by a solo violin performance. Well he's good as well. While the last was the brass instruments trumpet concerto. Nice nice nice....

Went home after that. I felt so tired by then but it's really worthy.
Heheee...i've bought the ticket for the Beethoven symphony concert on Feb11. Can't wait to go ^_^

Dressin' up...da 3 of us

My Ticket

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I need help

Sufferin' now....the Grieg piano concerto's violin 2 part's really hard.

Been practising everyday but the intonation's still not upon satisfactory.'s gonna check on us next week.

Piano pieces as well gettin harder and harder and there's times that i don't know how to inteprete the pieces.

Will be goin to mpo next wed for the mpo chamber players concert.

Hate working.

Can anyone sponsor my studies?

Sunday, January 14, 2007


So there you go ~
my first gathering in 2007. There's Miss JPA(Amanda), Miss 17(pei erh), Sifu(david), Lala(ShunJ) and me.

David came to fetch me and Pei Erh and we met up with the other 2 at Chamang Waterfall. That's the place where we used to go on our last gathering middle of 2006.

Amanda introduced to us her 2 other friends who's there as well.

We stayed there for like 40 minutes and headed to KowPo for IcE CrEaM.

Each of us had Ice Kacang with IceCream on top of itand the bill goes to David again *he's the one always being kind and belanja whenever we go to eat during gathering . Hmm..yummy yummy!

It's time to bid goodbye at 4pm and David sent us home.

Glad to see all of them once again. Amanda looks cuter with her straighten hair, Miss 17 looks more mature cuz her hair grew longer already, Lala looks more lala now cuz he's so skinny i bet i weight more than him while David still looks the same eventhough he juz cut his hair.

Feel sad cuz we might not have chance to meet up again ~ David's leaving on next tues while Amanda's leaving to Aus in Feb.

Anyway wanna wish them all the best and take care whenever u guys are. Don't forget that we're gonna ROCK ON with our Violin Performance !!

Lazy to post up one by one so I photoshop it in one. I sux at photoshopping though :P

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Funny Names

Came across a few really interesting and funny names when me and SuAnn's doing the filling job of the new international student(all negros).

Ex~~~ Thankgod , Godswill, Godsday, Courage, Fortune, Clever, Perfect, Prince...bla bla bla

Man....their parents' really have creative mind.

Oh well, if i've had a interesting name like them i'd name myself ehem "pretty babe", " brainy chick", "Godschild".

Haha JK....

Ps: Anyone going to LangLang's concert in MPO at this comin' May??? Can someone get me the ticket?? I really feel like going but I know it's hard to get the tickets now.

Friday, January 12, 2007

: (

Almost forgot that I have a blog.

I've been so busy throughout this whole week.

I renewed my id, auditioned for orchestra, did my assignments, signed up the for practise room, signed up for work, attended tons of classes. unlucky cuz i went for the scholarship meeting late and when i request to work in the admin department they said it's full already...poor thing I had to work at the same place as last sem (IO-International Office). Haiiizzz......luckily SuAnn's with me if not I sure beh tahan working there.

Oh yaa I went for the audition for my Uni's orchestra. I was so unprepared for it. Believe me or not when i open my violin case ( my violin got kulat lerrr) walao errr.....I'm not being sarcastis but it's true. Shocked.....sorry baby i abandon u for so long. The sigh reading piece was so so super difficult. Luckily Issac was being nice to me and others. He said he'll be glad if we(me and my friends) to join the orchestra since they don't have enough people but then the orchestra pieces for this sem's very difficult. For that case if we really want to join we had to work really hard. I felt so unconfident that I was thinking of not joining but Mr.Lee it's really good to join and i'll learn a lot there. So I'm in the orchestra now. Lots of new tecnics to pick up.

Stress stress stress.....My shoulder pain's come back and when the pain is there i can't even practise the piano.

I'm goin crazie. What I long for now is a BREAK. Ya I seriously need a BreaK.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm a nerdie

Oh...i know nutz about music
There's so many great music composed by the musician ancient ago that i've never heard before. For some of it even that i've played that song before i dun even know the title for the pieces!! Which is such a shame
Have to admit that i sux at theory~composition,triads... and aural~sight singing,listening...lalala
Damn i really need to improve myself if not i'll be the ones left behind and scoring the bad results !!
From now on i'm gonna listen mostly (ehem 90%) classical music, pay more attention in class, do more revision, practise more and work really really hard. Still wonderin' whether i can do all these or not..i'm so lazy.........
Lots of things to cope up with.

I'm suffering

Friday, January 05, 2007

night mare

I'm back after been in kl for 3 days...
Been so busy doin lots of stuff !!
I'm broke !! The fees and the books' killin me
I've forgot all the stuff that i've learn during the aural foudation 3 and now i need to re-read !!
Really fear of singing the solfige...haiii i'm so not used to it ler
History class's better..
Sux~waited for 2 hours for my class then the lecturer didn't come ??!! Oh man....
Haven't been touching my violin for like 1 month and i juz got to know that the audition for orchestra's on next mon !! Die die.........
I feel like cryin now *sob sob*

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bye holidays

My long holidays have finally come to an end. I’ll be going back tonight.
Feel so comfortable living in my home that I don’t feel like going back at all.
Lots of things to do when the new sem starts.
Clean my stuff in my new house.
Learn to adapt the life in condo.
Meet the lecturers.
Do my course selection.
Pay the bills.
Attend meeting and choose the job I’m gonna be working for this sem.
Practice my major and minor instruments.
Go to the bookstore to get my books.
Go for audition for the orchestra (most prob but not sure yet).
Arrghh.. so many things to do lerrr and its giving me a headache !!
I can't fall asleep at all yesterday thinking about all these things. nightmares' gonna come !!

Photos for the previous post

On our way to genting...

Stupid pose .. :P

Happi new year !!

Fireworks!! super nice

Timesquare~ Lots of ppl

Monday, January 01, 2007

HaPpi 2007 !

For the NYE celebration, the five of us ( mum,dad,bro,bro's gf and me) went to genting for the countdown.
Reached there at bout 4pm and the place's really packed. We had to park our car along the road and walk up to first world.
First thing we did when we arrived was to shop!! haha..i dun really have the mood to buy things cuz i'm too excited for the new year count down. Giordano's having a 45% sales on all items for only few hours while nike having 15% sales and the people's like goin crazy bout it. I got sick of this and decided to try something exciting..hehe
Guess what??~~I actually sneak into the Casino illegally !! muahaha...Do i look mature?
The best memory for the last day of 31st Dec 2007. I went into the Casino at the age of 18...I'd even played the SLOT MACHINE. Basically u juz need to put the cash in and press press and press. Loses some money there *sob sob* Some people were like staring at me wonderin how come i got in..haha many people smoking inside the casino almost choked me to death with the smell. I got to see people gambling on the table ( roulette) !! Somehow i dun understand at all bout the game. Too bad i can't take picture inside the Casino. Hmm.. what a experience !!

It's about 10 something when we got out of the casino. We headed to the timesquare to watch the performance happening on the stage. YuHeng's performing with her band. The first song she sang was really out of tune....yerrrr. We watched the performance until 11.40pm.

Yu Heng performing on stage

We went to the Genting outdoor car park to catch the fireworks. There's really lots of people. I'm like a sandwich inside the crowd. However it was not that bad as 2 years before when i'm there to count down. Midnite sharp....all of us shouted---- 5 4 3 2 1...happy new year!!
The fireworks started by then. It's really awesome!! The best fireworks i've seen ^_^
Then me and my parents went to "lou yao gei" to meet my bro. So many people squeezing larr...poor thing. On the way i saw the guy who's hosting the show *ho chak* showing in 8TV. He's cute..haha but i didn't get to snap his pic becuz of the crowd.