Thursday, January 31, 2008

Broadband at home is cool finally agreed to fix streamyx at home.
Am so glad with that. No more waiting for 5 minutes or more to load a page and making me feeling so frustrated.
I guess i will be more willing to come home earlier every week.

Felt so sleepy today during aural class.
Can't even concentrate.
Felt as though i was dreaming through the whole aural lecture.

Since there's now broadband at home, i've got so many things to blog about that i miss out
- my 2 months holidays
- my shanghai trip
and yada yada...
Heard the Czardas being again yesterday during cme.
I love this piece!!
Wonder when will i be up to that standard to play the piece.

Major lesson yesterday was really interesting.
My lecturer taught me about the expression while playing a piece.
Try to imagine the picture in your mind, sing the melody in your heart and flow with the music....
Haha...i think what i did's still looks a bit un-natural or fake. Well it takes time and practise to perfect things.

Went to PM with Ann yesterday.
It's raining cats and dogs and we had to had dinner first just to wait for the rain to stop.
So many nice things to see there.
I thought i'm bored with PM stuff and will never get myself tempted to buy.
And i failed to controlling myself to buy stuff.
Bought a liquid eyeliner, nail polish and a blouse.

Got home at 10pm.
Started doing aural at 11pm. My melodic dictation really sucks. Had to stop every bar to listen.

Rommie came back at almost midnight.
Then 3 of us started kacau each other again.
Helped Ann to do her new blog template.
Haha call me the html pro.
Somehow don't know what happened and my blog template kinda got messed up ( but i didn't even edit it)

Slept very late and ended up skipping theory today.
:( feel so guilty

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New template for 2008

Finally got a new template!!
Took me so long to figure out the html code.
But i think html codes are kinda interesting. Once you know it then you'll be able to do a lot of things.

It's still kinda messy now.
Hopefully i'll get it done soon.

History quiz tomorrow :(
The textbook notes are so confusing....arnold schoenberg,debussy....

Night peeps.
Gonna have some supper. Hungry wei

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to the normal life

the normal life.
Tons of movies to catch up and loads of photos to be uploaded.
Starting to get used to the new sem now.

So many things waiting on my list to be done.

I'm so tempted to go for a new hairdo.
Seems like everyone in uni are having new hair style.
I wanna perm my hair to big wavy curls......*haha i scare i might kill all the guys out there if i ever do it :P

Ok ciao. Gonna head back to uni again for recital and also work. so lazy to work.........i hate filling lah.

Monday, January 28, 2008

streamyx is available !!!

So so happy :)

Nite guys. What a tired monday

Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's hard to describe the feelings in my heart.

Life in KL's getting tougher or should i say life in Uni.

Where to find a place or a way to release all these tension and stress?

~Happiness comes easily~ but not for me.

Anyhow, there's some good news.

My theory textbook somehow got lost, and i don't know why or where i left it (most prob in the practise room)

It's been lost for 2 weeks and i thought it will be gone forever.

I've even taken the textbook to photostat.

Yesterday Ann msg me while i'm having group lesson.

Her msg goes like " Rain, i got u an early bday gift!! "

My first instinct was that she must be kidding.

I was kinda hoping that it's my theory book.

And it's really my textbook she'd found.

Thankiu so much to my beloved darling honey sweetie house mates **yvonne and ann**

Luv u guys !!

Been enjoying our weekly cooking session.

Cooking is fun especially when mama ann's around.

She's the real gourmet chef.

Chinese New Year's just around the corner.

Can't really feel the mood of CNY except when i'm walking around the pasar malam.

Tons of ppl there.

Am happy cuz i've got all the things that i want. Clothes, bags, wallet, shoes.

This is the year that i got most new year clothing i guess.

Hoping that we'll get streamyx by next week.

I've had enough of movies and games for these few weeks.

My recital falls on the Valentines' Day.

Wow how great is that *sweat*

Another year of being single ....i've been single all my life till now.

So if you're single as well, why don't just drop by ucsi during lunch time on the valentines day to watch my recital.

Coincidently i'll be playing a romantic period piece by maestro Mendelssohn.

Doesn't really sounds romantic to me but grand and loud. Like my attitude!!

Get to meet with the secondary buddies today.

Haii i miss secondary school life.

Sunday, January 13, 2008's so terrible for not having streamyx for bout 3 weeks time in kl.
I'll die of boredness.
Life in KL is super stressful.
Get up early every morning and head to school
And u can't stop hearing those super hardworking kids practising early in the day.
What's wrong with them? or me?
Y am i so lazy and y are they so hardworking?
Having jury this sem.
Aural 4?? arghh i can't even sing those whatever scales mode bla bla bla.
1st lesson for drum was interesting. The lecturer's quite good.
Violin? aiiksss gotta change all my technics since now i'm under another lecturer.
And the exam's in April.
LT middle of the year or end of the year??
All these has been giving me a big head.
Help me.
I just can't wait to grad.

So me and my parents went to KLIA to pick up bro last sun.
He brought 10 pairs of shoes back and none belongs to me :(
Those stuff are really really cheap there.
A pair of Nike Air or Levi's jeans for only RM100.
Bro got me a cK handbag, a Levi's tee and chocolates.

PS was back this weekend so we decided to play badminton.
Haha most of my friends are working as temporary teachers
Later on tonight we went yamcha.
Guess what??!! PS's taking a COACH bag!!
I want i want
Can't help to keep admiring at the super nice bag.
Got so so tempted to buy one.
I love branded stuff.

Ohhh...tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!

Nervous nervousssss.

Pray hard and let us pull it through babey!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The competition

YT - hello
Roland - this is roland co.
YT - may i know when is the competition of the roland piano duet competition ?
Roland - It's on this sunday.
Me - oh fcuk...we're like so unprepared for it.

Nvm. Chill. You'll be able to do it. That's the word from the others.
Hopefully i won't screw this up.
No matter what, this will still be a good chance to learn and a great experience.
Practise practise. Trying to imagine to be like Marc Yu.
I really gotta salute this lil' boy.
Cuz i can't seem to stick on ass on the chair for more than 3 hours straight.

God bless us. We can go through this rite, miss Y?

Saturday, January 05, 2008


The passion towards it is somehow fading.
I don't know whether i can stay with it.
At times i feel like letting go.
Bu she de.
It was something and the only thing that i've been dreaming ever since i'm young.
Pls give me strength.

Friday, January 04, 2008

There goes the first week of Uni.
Saddening part is that there's no internet in our condo which makes life a bit boring.
Happy to meet all the uni gang.
Got the lecturer of my second choice for violin.
I'm taking drum lesson this sem!!!
Excited and nervous for both minors and the first lesson for both is on next mon!!

Wow the most shocking news beginning of this new year surely goes to the famous politician aka main actress of a sex scandal!! a leader they should have bahave themselves and be responsible.
The man's lucky enough though because his wife is still supportive towards his action of whatever. If it was me i would have kick and slap the guy hard,take away all his properties before divorcing him. Haha
I guess this must be a alert to those other politicians to beware in everything they did.

Can't wait for bro to come back this sun.