Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation Premiere Screening

Thanks to nuffnang, i won two tickets to the premiere of Terminator Salvation yesterday night.

Tagged along with my bro since he's a big fan of Terminator.

Overall, it's quite a good movie and the sound effect of Cathay Cineplex was great.

The suprise was definitely the special appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger (California State Governer)!

I still think that he's the best for Terminator and he should be the leading role instead!

Thanks Nuffnang!

Woke up feeling darn tired today.

Had to drag myself out of the cosy bed.

How am i going to play for my lecturer later -_-

Monday, May 25, 2009

My 21st Birthday Part 3

This time around the hometown gang came down to kl and we went for karaoke at Gardens' Greenbox.

There's total 9 of us but the room they gave was so freakin small.

Well......definitely won't go back there...the room is small, food tasted like crap and their service was bad.

Since they do not provide a comment sheet for the customers, being the usual me, i wrote some comment for them on the large sheet of napkin. I just hope that they got to see it and do something to improve their service.

Cheryl, Pk, Sookyee, Munshan and Yun

Probably the next taylor swift :P

Align CenterPk and Yee

Peishan and moi

The ladies

The smarties except me

Cheryl, Pk, Yee

Ps wrapped the microphone with tissue cuz she's too hygenic!

Smartie Waiteng

Josh's and three of his wifes :P

OOo..they were too into singing!

Camwhoring as usual

Other than piano lesson, we used to attend vocal class together too :)

Munshan and me

The birthday cake which was brought in half way through while we're singing. It really suprised me cause i wasn't expecting this since i've already had a birthday party back at the hometown.

Once again thank you so much!

The cake

Hitting 21st!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Mornin'

Since there's no class on monday for this semester, i'm enjoyin my lovely sunday so much.

Here's things i usually do on a sunday:

- Breakfast with the parents

- Read some newspapers

- Continue my beauty sleep

- Listen to some light jazz Lisa Ono, Joanna Wang etc.

- Sway with the music

- Paint my nails (bright colours is a must!)

- Watch some shows on the tv which i don't get to do so during the weekdays

- Go for a jog up the hill

- Catch up with the friends

- Pamper yourself with a facial masque!

Teehee....and i'm enjoying mah time alone now at home :)

How bout you?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rusty Violin

Brings back memories of those days.
How many years was it back then when i first started learning the instrument.
The performance that we had using you my old trusty baby.
Once again, I lay my hands on you.
The touch, the sound were indeed almost perfect to me.
No matter what.
I still love you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey Big Spender

Whee....finally got to shop at bkt bintang!!

I've found a new shopping partner!!! and an assistant...hehe

Partner in crime Yeoh Su Ann!! ( the way she shopped is scary!!!! everything look nice to her )

Poor girl.....she broked her own shopping record time accompanying us the whole day :P

Lunch at Gasoline which tasted really bad!

Shopped form 11.30am till 9pm!

Shopping queen who bought the most by the end of the day. Check her blog for more.

Here's the things that i bought this week!

Fake eyelashes and i bought 6 freakin pairs of it :P
Sorry i can't afford Shu Uemura's

My babies - cheetah top, zebra dress, white lace blouse, purple tube dress, a belt and a bracelet!!!

I'm super happy seeing all these new stuff and yet at the same time feeling guilty for spending those hard earned money :P

Teehee.....nevermind lah. Our excuse is THIS IS OUR LAST SEM STAYING we have to hang out more!!!

What a wonderful day ^_^

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party Part 2 at Venezia

Uni mates celebrated my bday for me a day earlier at Venezia, a Italian Restaurant at Taman Segar near Leisure Mall.

The place was occupied by this group of almost 20 people from the same uni as us i guess when we reached.

Ex-roomie & I


Joe baby


Jiun and Joe

Roomie the eldest. Both my roomies (ex and now) loves sleeping! They can sleep the whole day!

Joe & Ann

Here comes our food. The starter - fried squid (so so only i preferd those from the chinese restaurant)

Super thin crust pizza (forget the full name of it)

Some pasta (Nothing WoW but okay)

Lasagna which is not so nice. You can get much nicer in the other restaurant such as Italiannese!

Tiramisu which turn out to be the best out of all the food we ordered.

My friends started singing me the birthday song when the tiramisu came and the other table of almost 20 people joined in to sing the song to me. sweet of them. Turn out that they were there to celebrate someone's birthday as well.

This bday boi was so nice he gave a a piece of his cake :)

What an unforgetful birthday when there's some strangers singing you a birthday song.

I was touched and at the same time feeling super malu cause everyone's looking at you :P

Overall the was food tasted fine however they're service definitely needed improvement! The lady who served us wasn't friendly at all! Would go back for a try someday sometime.

Ps: i looked like crap in all those pictures that day...hmmphh....anyway thank you so much yvonne, ann, joelin and jiun for the wonderful dinner!

McD Ads?

Went for late lunch today with Ann and roomie after we're done with the stuff in uni.

Aparrently there were people shooting the McD ads (if i'm not mistaken) there.

So many people were involved, director, hair stylist, people who serve tea and stuff, and some ke-le-fe as well.

Pity the guy in the ad who had to eat so many burgers!

Everytime when the director says cut he will spit out the burger that he ate.

Haha guess he won't be eating McD anytime soon eh?!

Scriabin Etude Op.8 No.12 which i played for my jury 3 two semesters ago. Playing this piece for my recital this sem :)

Evgeny Kissin is awesome, i loved his interpretation so much!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party Part 1

Celebrated my 21st birthday few days earlier during the weekend at my crib.

My invited guests were all my high school mates.....we're still as close as last time :)

Had a really wonderful party thanks to them and especially my family!

Birthday gurl meme ^_^

Weiheng and me. Pity girl always got sick and make us worried.

The future doctors.

In my garden...Jun, Kerxin and bday girl

Hotness! model body and height. What for study econs?! She should go for modelling instead!

She's a head taller than josh.

Candid shot..hmm what's so funny?

Messing in the garden

Studying medic drove her crazy i guess.
She acting like those auntie in the oldschool chinapek mtv...haha

Munshan, Xiaoyun (same course with me), Jane and Pohyee

I insisted him of having me as his only soulmate :P
Thanks dude for always listening to my crap when i'm down.

Happily eating :)

Introducing Hoho, Jun's pet. She brings it around wherever she goes!


Qiuyan, Jun and bday girl.

Kokwai and Ah Hong

Bestie who've changed so much now. I used to talk ALOT while she's the quiet and shy girl and now she's the one taking over my job.

Darling Pohyee and me

Jane my neighbour

Bestie and soon to be lawyer!

The music student and used to be in the same studio :)

All teacher's kids!

I heart them

My cake

Pressie from them

And last one Family pic!