Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Picture Post

Some fabulous 2008 photos that i did not post up in previous post.

Ahh...i miss them so much now. Can't wait to see them when uni reopens.

Darlin Ann.....miss her *loud voice.....RaiNNnnnnnnnn....!!!

Hello Air Asia!

Ah tiff and me

This is us before our recital.

With the soon to be dr.chew

Back stage before our competition. Ahh....roomie looks so cute, you feel like pinching her, don't chu?

Roomie deep in thoughts....thinking of someone *ehem from church kah?

CNY early this year. My hair is about this length now also

After Mpo Concert. Went over to club later.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Au Revoir 2008

One more day till a brand new year, let's do a conclusion on things that happened around this year.

Jan - My 5th sem at uni. I got the shock of my life seeing those discussing maggots in our condo's fridge cuz the electricity tripped and nobody's home for the last 2 months. I hope the history won't repeat next year.

Feb - We( Yvonne & me) got into the finals for the Rolands Piano Duet Classical Category. Didn't won the competition but it was a great experience and i knew we did our best on that night.

March - Basically nothing special that happens on that month.

April - A close friend's dad passes away and i was not able to attend the funeral service because of finals. I felt really sorry about that. Glad that my friend is doing well now, love her loads. Had violin exam and did okay. To be honest, i've kinda lose interest in violin playing now. Had jury 2, happy with my result.

May - Changed under another new piano lecturer and yeah i learned different things and would not regret about it. My birthday month. Had a simple celebration with the uni gang.

June - Had my first ever conduction lecture. It changes my perspective towards this field. My old camera was spoilt because of some accident ;(

July - This month went on quite smoothly i guess. Can't recall of anything interesting.

August - The olympic month! Awww....China's great, i'm proud to be chinese!! I got my first job and still hesitating whether my future job will be like this -_-

Sept - Another month passed by....

October - Grandma passes away. I was an emotional month to be. I miss her so much now.

November - Which means 2 months of holidays! No more history classes to take! Had a short and sweet trip to Penang and Damai Laut with the family.

December - My hometown gang was back and i had a awesome time hangin out with them, late nights yamcha, watching them played mahjong and our disastrous malacca trip. But something were making me upset at home. Hmm...till now :(

So yea....that's the conclusion of my 2008. I was wondering, does everyone look forward to another new year?

I in fact, do not really. I felt old now growing, i've always thought that i'm still the 17 years old teenage and whenever people say they're 17 I will be thinking ' ooh..hey i'm too '...which too bad isn't the truth. But there's always better things to look forward, right?

like when will my meet my prince charming?! :P

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A piece of crap

That's what i am now. Fuck. I hate this kinda feeling.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The moment I open my eyes, everything were gone, all my dreams were dashed.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas Camwhore Queen

Christmas christmas.....Imma camwhore kao kao with my lil' xmas tree.

The proud owner


I heart my xmas tree :)

Wish ya'll Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've got a lil xmas tree in my room

Every seems to have their own christmas tree set up ...and so does me!!!
haha..i set my lil xmas tree in my cosy room this time around. Oohhh...i felt so christmassy in my own room *-*
Put up the tree and decorations yesterday. Stupid me got electroshock by the spoilt decor lights.

See.....the colour of the lights will change according to the music being played.

Sweetie red


Greenish. Nice?

The decors

Santa papa.

I'm dreaming of a white(sweaty) christmasss.....lalallaa....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Go get a life u monkeys

Omg, i just watched this video on youtube it's a dismay to those people who did it.
Well you know it's Msia and things like these ALWAYS happen. Damn those ppl.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

gonna miss u guys coming in a few days time.

Imma gonna have another year of lonely bored xmas cuz my kakis goin back to uni.

Worst is that i can't even celebrate 'dong zhi' this year :(

And i haven't get my new year shopping done yet. Can't seem to find the thing that will catch my eyes.

Bur I've got my eyes onto another parfum!!! Aiii....but it's like so expensive.

Money money money......everything is about money. Damn reality hor..

Monday, December 15, 2008

holidays so far..

So how's your holidays been going on?
December will be the last month of our holidays, a month of festive seasons and mega sales.
It kinda sucks for me cuz i haven't gone down to kl to wtf
But i did have these wonderful month spent at home and my dear hometown friends!
Although we do not have shopping malls here but we still enjoy life here....yamcha, dinner, badminton!
And we had lunch and dinner together today! It was awesome :)

I've finally finished watching - The Legend of 1900
A very worth watching movie. The music in this movie is just great (thanks to ennio morricone).
Do watch it if u guys have some spare time. I've also downloaded the soundtrack of it >_<
I wish i am as talented as 1900!

A mini catch up with the guys at KFC.

The dude's house is our second home cuz we always go there after yamcha session.

HL and MH

Sweetie Aini came as well.

I heart them

Am really enjoying the holidays for the mean time except for the urge to go shopping *_*

The video i made :) Goodnight folks!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Malacca Trip

So here goes the photos of our Malacca trip. Not much photos taken (cuz i didn't bring mine!) all pics mainly taken on the second day of our trip.
Lotsa obstacles we've been through througout this trip.
Lazy to blog about the whole thing. Visit josh blog for it lah.

Birthday boi and us.

Celebrated his b'day. He's really lucky cuz he's got 2 huge cakes from us. We sang karaoke from 8 till 2am. That was really crazie but fun!! Talking about singing k, my favourite song is definately Leo Ku's 'geng go gam kuk' it's a Must sing for us everytime before we leave ")

The 2nd day. Me squeezing josh :P

I used to ride on this cow ride yearssss ago with my family!

I don't know what's so nice about this view, we took so many photos here.
RongHua in black(our new friend) who helped us alot.

D Red House and them.

The person who drives me around me Btg and our tour guide for the trip.

Not yet a christian


The diff between ps-ed photo and un ps-ed photo.

The ever famous chic rice balls. Ain't that special larr..

Up we go.

Something wrong with the photo snapping skills. But its ok since all of us are in it!

13 of us :)

The Ladies

Night view of the place.

Love this.

Last but not least, a happie group picture!

Ps: many thanks to sy's friend who came to help throughout our trip.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've broken my record. I went Genting at 9pm and reached home 12am yesterday to accompany T to fetch her mom and today i went Gtg again with my parents. That's kinda crazy but it's ok since i'm too free now. Hehe
My whole day was occupied with activities today which is great so i won't be sleeping whole day long at home!!
Played badminton in the morning. Then lunch with the violin gang. Aww....i wanna go backpack also after hearing the uncle sharing his backpacking stories with us aounr Europe. How great is that...would someone please sponsor me 10k?

Bentong is such a small tiny lil' town (or kampung) to my kl friends, we couldn't figure out where to go after lunch. So we went makan angin driving around the housing area admiring those big ass bungalows. Then we saw this loooonnggg black evil snake crawling outside the bungalow.
Eeekk...wonder what will happen if it ever craw into the owner's house.

With its tongue sticking out.

Super long.

Ps: cham la i haven't go back for major lesson. Really lazy to take the stupid bus down :(

Planning for a road trip. Let's hope we can make it !!