Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fraser's Hill

Photos of Fraser's Hill trip with the family on last February.
Gosh....i guess we chosed the wrong time to go there as almost EVERYTHING there was under construction.
If you are thinking of going there, please think twice cause basically there's nothing much to sightsee and stuff to do there except the super bumpy and narrow way up the hill.

We went there from Raub. One thing about going to Fraser's Hill is that you must plan your time well. Odd hours to go up and even hours for descending traffic. For more details check Wikitravel.

History of Fraser's Hill

We were unlucky cause we reached there later than the time we planned and had to wait for an hour to go up the hill.

our destination finally!

I went up via my boi's harley davidson
blah....juz kidding :P
it was actually someone's bike :(

The famous icon of Fraser's Hill - Clock Tower

Oldschool Post Office

Trekking the path - dad and mom


and we reached the Jeriau Waterfalls....disappointed upon seeing it.
The condition there was bad, Bentong's Chamang Waterfalls definitely beats this!

Open air burning??! wtf...that's how people who are not civilised do.

And finally the golf course

We were up there for 2++ hours. Seriously i can't think of anything interesting in this place except it's fresh air. Cameron or even Genting will be much better.

Ps: munching my doughnuts while's freakin sweet and i'm starting to feel very 'zai' now...oh no more krispy kreme doughtnuts plz!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fish Leong at Queensbay Mall, Penang

While i was visiting Penang last week, i went to checkout Queensbay Mall.
The mall is really big somehow there wasn't much crowd despite that it was a friday night.
Suprisingly Fish Leong was there that night to promote her album and concert.

Emcee Royce from Myfm

Here she is

She seems to be very down to earth and bubly.

Duet-ing with the fan.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Finally!

Got an impromptu call from Tika asking me to accompany her to Times Square.
We reached there around 8.30pm and the mall was so quiet!
Walked around a bit and tried out some clothes as usual.

Trying out her blouse

hers and mine....aiii i so wanna buy this shoe but it's way to high for me. My feet is flat by the way so i can't really wear heels! Ish..

And finally Krispy Kreme!! We went there late and no queue at all!! The good thing was that their service was great and they offer sample doughnuts for your to try out.

Yummy....but just a tad too sweet but much nicer than the other doughnuts outside. Too much of it will be bad though :P

Us chilling at Krispy Kreme Times Square....Thumbs up for them cause the boss actually took the initiative to come over and asked our opinion on the doughnuts.

Later on we headed to Jln Alor, Tika's favourite place for supper. Gosh.....i had had so much of rubbish food these days.
I guess it is time to detox my body and flush away those calories!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Am back from Penang.

Grandpa was hospitalised and we went to visit him everyday while we're in Penang.

Mum was in tears when we were about to leave and that was the first and only time i ever see her crying.

Praying hard that grandpa will get well soon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

If ever i own these....

Ps: Time to start saving now :P

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Camwhoring is a must during the holidays cause i've got so much free time to spare!
Going to Penang tomorrow :)
Oh Glorious Food!

Planning to get a new aviator cause there's a scratch on the one in the pic!

My ala red/pink room. Stoled bro's mirror and put it in my room to camwhore cause i don't have a full length mirror in my room :P ugly roots! Should i dye my hair black cause it's so ma fan to touch up every few months..

I need a trim badly. Arghh...too many spilt ends!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopping and more!!

Yesterday....i finally met up with my best bud tika and weiheng.
Went jogging with them at tiger hill cause i seriously need to keep fit now.
Been eating way too much these days.

Tika gave me a bag of chocolates frm S'pore. Here's my pirate chocolate! It's so cute!

And today me and tika went shopping in KL all the way from Bentong. She's the one always driving me around especially when we go kl to shop cause i'm too dumb in driving :P The pro loves to sms while she drives! ish
We went ampang for sushi, then nichii in sg.besi and later on.

In the fitting room again -_-"

Here's my best friend since standard 2. She's so sweet and her hair super long (even longer than mine!! ish) ....when she came out from the fitting room, one of the aunties there was like saying " you're so pretty....!" She's a malay chinese mix and she speaks fluently in malay, canto and chinese!

Sorry for my awkward pose...i'm trying to cover my tummy :(

I missed those days when we go swimming few days a week.
We were always trying out those different stunts in the pool like going upside down...things like that.
The swimming pool's been closed down for years since. Really hoping that it will reopen again someday!

Monday, April 20, 2009 sick when i'm having holidays. i just wasted these few days lying at home feeling drowsy all the time but i managed to go to teach yesterday.

Every afternoon was spent lying at the couch with the parents and the tv switched on enjoying ourselves ....
I am really glad that both my parents are retiree now eventhough dad continues working (half day)...i get to spend more them with them.
You should feel so too ms.rommie :P

Ahhh....I can't wait to recover and go for a shopping day in Bkt. Bintang cause i haven't been there for quite some time.
I need more cheapo clothes!

Pics update soon :)

Ps: aikkss....missed out ms.eliz's farewell party.....i heard it was a great one.
Happy retiring anyway!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here goes another sem!

I'm finally done with Amus, Perpraf paper and audition for Jeju Island performance!

Fingers crossed that i won't be outta topic for my essay.

Can't wait to go home tomorrow and just relax!

Time to recharge my batteries now.

Have a nice day :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost There

Done with the piano jury. How was it? The beginning was a mess cause my fingers got stucked for no reason :( was kinda disappointed with myself lar...hopefully the results won't be too ugly.

Anyhow after the exam Ann and me went MV to shop!
Really enjoyed ourselves :)

Reject Shop fitting room with Ann

Su-Ann trying out her see-through blouse....haha bimbo!

Both vainpot!
We named ourselves bimbo & lola after we saw this brand's name in Gardens.

My trusty Sony

Darling Ann

Gonna trim my hair and probably perm it again after i'm done with uni this sem. I've got wayyy to much hair now (prob 2 times of ppl's hair volume), my hometown friend once said that i've got Mariay Carey's hairdo -_-"

Ps: 6 more pages to go :( i was so emo yesterday night cause i ran out of ideas what to write for my thesis.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 Hours More the time of my life.

Wish me luck!

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.2, 3rd movement, i'm gonna Rock it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Choir video

Here's the African song!

Dubula Part 1

Dubula Part 2

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Last

1 last week of battling with time and stress.

It really drained my energy after these few weeks of hardwork, try to imagine those who worked 10 times harder than me.

Seriously, i really salute them!

Time to start working on my last thesis paper of this sem now.

I'm in love with this piece of art in Starbucks Genting and i can't help staring at it all the while i was studying there waiting for the parents.

Nah...i'm not an architecture student and will never be cause i just realized how much i suck at it after trying to read through a stack of notes for my thesis paper.

Anyone care to ask me out for a cuppa coffee now?

I just wish that everything will be fine.
Please let it be.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


The choir concert's over and it was really awesome!!!!!

I guess this is the first time i felt that singing in a choir is not boring at all.

Partly thanks to the great lecturer as well :)

Didn't bring my camera along so no pics taken.

1 more sem of choir and i'm done with it. Yippie!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


2 papers down, 2 more essays and jury exam to go....

Freedom is awaiting me!!!!

Am currently blastin the speakers with Snow Patrol's songs!
Oh my gawd.....they're freakin awesome!

By the way, we're singing African song tomorrow!!!



Ucsi School of Music is having a FREE choir concert on this coming thursday 9th April 2009 at 8pm at Block C 3rd floor Recital Hall.

The chamber choir, senior choir and junior choir will present a variety of songs.

Do come and support us ya!

Oh by the way, our school has the biggest choir members in Msia!

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Visit to Mpo

We had this great opportunity of visiting the instruments room inside Mpo, KLCC few weeks back.
It was really an eye opener to every each of us.
The room temperature must be 22 degree celcius all the time.
If ever my dad strikes lottery, i'm gonne make him buy or i should say invest in one of these instrument!
Musicians are crazie.
The instruments that they invested in cost a bomb and sometimes even more than the costs for a double storey house in kl!
Haha...probably i should sell off my violin to get a LV huh!

The Organ with lots of stops and pedal. master this you gonna have really good coordination between ya hands, eyes and legs!

The chamber organ which is much smaller in size.

This is d bomB! 660k Steinway and Sons!

The touch is light and yet so rich and delicate!

Yvonne, me and Alice

The mechanism of the celesta! The sound of it is totally like those music box!

Us again and the celesta:)

Harpsichord, the 18th century instrument but it has been developed now where one can change the texture and pitch of it.

Trying out our Bach's French Suite on it to learn more about the authentic sound.

Behind- the mechanism of the piano Front- mechanism of harpsichord

Daddy i want this for my 21st!