Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I had a great day today.
2 not so bad 1 hour lectures.
Lunch with a bunch of happy friends.
Home and nap.
Woke up and wondered.
Bathed and hair treament.
Music box and facial mask.
I thought i am at heaven.
Goodnight everyone!

I MET....................

It was the last day in Shanghai, China.
We will be boarding the DragonAir plane at Shanghai Airport.
Now I know why they always said KLIA is one of the best airport.
Aparrently, Shanghai airport looks kinda old and run down. Their system is slower than KLIA.
Hongkong airport was real plain jane.
According to bro, taiwan's TaiChung International Airpot was also nothing compared to KLIA, even the LA Airport can't beat KLIA.
Haha.....proud eh we m'sian?
My eyes almost POPPED OUT, my heart BEATING so fast, my palms being SWEATY cuz I MET LEE HOM at Shanghai Airport.
Ya allah''' he was standing JUST BESIDE ME !!! Didn't really realise it was him until i look clearly and saw a tall handsome figure with moustache, cap and sunnies and also his violin with a keychain of his name.
We were waiting to get our pass stamped to board to plane to HK Airport.
I feel like killin myself now for not having the guts to go and ask him for a pic or autograph.
Arghh...stupid me!
He must be going to Taiwan cuz the on the night itself i saw him on tv live in the Golden Horse Nominees.
The only pic i managed to take secretly cause i don't think he wants people to recognise him.
I'm such a guai fan hor..

Camwhore in the hotel. I can't figure out where to wear the cap in m'sia.
I wanna go overseas!!!!!
My blog posts these days are sooo sooo boring with the lack of pictures.
I haven't been taking ANY pictures lately. I've developed a slight phobia of bringing out my camera cause i scare i might spoilt or drop it anytime.
Just when i said i'm not gonna feed myself, i ended up having a super heavy lunch today -_-'
I had 4 PIECES of pizza which is equal to A whole pizza, a chicken wing, 2 pieces of garlic bread, mushroom soup and half a cup of Cola.
Oh man........few kilos back to my tummy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Appetite

:( Feeling damn zai now.
It's hell thinking of what food to eat around uni here.
Ta pao-ed my nasi lemak, ate a bit and now i don't have the appetite to eat up the whole thing.

Concerto concerto!!
Rachmaninov? Profofiev? Khachaturian? Saint Saens?

Conducting finals later!!
I will be the first to go. Wish me luck k :P


Something's wrong with my stomuch.
I had no appetite until the extend of having the 'fan wei' feeling when i'm having chicken which is one of my favourite food.
From this momen, i shall probably stop feeding myself -_-"
and i'll be skinny skinny like paris hilton :P

Stupid ?X!X":*&^ lousy internet connection is pissing miss rain off!!!!!! also cannot load wtf!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

13 days!!

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head....lalala
Yesterday's weather was near superb. It was drizzling from afternoon till night.
I did nothing but plain chilling and relaxing at home.
Slept so many hours and watched movie the whole night.
Oh favourite contestant^debbie didn't won the first prize for the astro star quest :(
And there goes my first month of teaching. Honestly speaking, i really prefer teaching adult and higher grade student.

Really don't feel like coming back to condo. never knows that he/she misses home until they left home!!
I really wanna go shopping but just can't find some spare time to go.
I need a new pair of specs and prob some other clothes.

Ohh boi....can't wait for August to come.

13 freakin' days more to BeiJing OLYMPIC !!!! i wish i can go witness the opening ceremony and the sports event there lor.
Here are souvenirs mummy dearest bought for me when she went to Hainan.
The olympic official stores are selling the stuff so fast and it's not cheap at all.
When i went Shanghai, and saw the ladies olympic tee but i didn't buy cuz boy it's almost 80 bucks.
For kiamsiap people like me, i'd rather just buy some fake one larr...who cares hor am using this now! Nini


Friday, July 25, 2008


A week of hectic + unhealthy lifestyle is finally over.....
As you know i got sick and food poisoning. Almost 4 days eating NON-OILY food almost made me wanna puke.
I think i'm really sick of the food available around here which is within walking distance.
Haiii...don't know what else to eat next time. No transport, what to do :(

2 more weeks to go before the orchestra performnce. Can't wait!!

Was chatting with one of my old old friend which i'm not close to.
Ohhhh....and he said something..............the word i haven't heard since forever or maybe never.
Haha that brightens up my mood a bit

:)) --my smiley face with double chin !

Tomorrow going to midvalley with yvonne. Haha like finally....i haven't been to shopping malls since ages ago. Shop Shop shop.........!!

A piece of me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My phone alarm rang at 8am today. Woke up reluctantly and i saw a msg in my inbox.
No group class today!
Back to sleep for 1.5 hours. I'm feel very awake and ber-semangat now!!!
Waking up with a cheerful mood, that's really rare and it felt great.
Studied a bit of my psychology and now i'm happily blogging :)
Have a great day ahead peep! Luv luv O-0

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm a Weak Kid

Forced myself to walk to uni because i thought that there's quiz for piano pad.
When i reached there, i was half dead. I can't even stand up and talk properly. got me, there's no quiz!!!!!! Arghhh......

Skipped psycho class and came back condo to rest. I slept for so many hours. Got a bit fever summore.

Thank God i'm feeling better now. I hope i'll recover by tomorrow.

Tomorrow gonna be a super hectic day. Need to work for the graduationg thing from 1pm to 5pm. Worst is having orchestra till 10pm.
Aww man........................i hate night classes!!!!

Time for a good sleep. Luckily i won't be having major tomorrow. Goodnight dears!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Woke up 6.30am this morning and went to toilet.
I got food poisoning AGAIN!!!
Went to toilet for the second time and i felt like going to pengsan. I vomitted as well.

Haiii...don't know how am i going to walk to school later for quiz.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My life these days

Finals coming in 2 weeks time.
Starting from tomorrow imma gonna be so busy especially when orchestra extra rehearsal with the upm will be starting this week. To be honest, i'm not really enjoying it. MI2O or OIAM was so much more fun.
It was great to have spent a weekend with the family. Genting weather was really cold on saturday and i was basically freezing to death inside the cinema. Oh crap...i got stopped by the guard for the first time when i was following the family to casino. Was quite pissed lor but nvm cuz i went in through another outlet.
Talking about teaching, i am still not really use to it. Plz give me more passion towards this because it's gonna be part of my job FOR SURE in the future.
There were times that i thought of working in other industries instead of music. Radio station, media company etc.

Am worried now cuz i didn't really practise piano this weekend and i'm still stucked with memorising Liszt. Those continuous big chords are killing me especially my fingers.

Another quiz for piano pad tomorrow -_-"
I am facing problems on concentrating on doing stuff. I can't practise long, i can't study for hours...which seriously gonna affect my studies. How how....

The mega sales' on but i still haven't got the chance to go shop. I wanna have outings with friends. I'm gonna be so tired forthis week especially tues - 9 to 10am then 1pm till 10pm. wth...can die like that larr. Hate night classes!!!

Was browsing my pc. Here are a few random pics.
I joined a choir group under Aunt Chow and we always get to perform during the chinese new year's ying chun wan hui. Me, jun, kerxin, tika and xianbin in the pic. I miss those ppl.......

Half way doing the pic slide/movie for kerxin as her bday gift last year. Spent so much time on this thing man.

I love this necklace cuz it's really to say.....yeng. Haha...but i seldom wear it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Looking Forward

Tomorrow will be going up genting again. This around its a whole family. I love going vacation with family!!

Am alone at condo tonight cuz my 2 other housemates dumb me and went back to their home sweet home.

My August Rush dvd has been lying around beside my lappie for ages and finally i finished watching it just now.
It was amazing, awesome, wonderful, touching..............
From now on i really need to focuz and rethink of my target. I've got so much things to learn....
Drum lesson tomorrow!! The lesson i love most. My lecturer's a good teacher and as well kinda like a friend. Well.....we talk a lot in the class.

Seriously i can't wait for this sem to be DONE. 1 more month to go........can't wait can't wait babey!!

Goodnight dudes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think airport is a real cool place. It will be so nice if i can work there someday huh?!

I miss Shanghai's sunrise. Probably someday in the future i'll spend a few months in the beautiful city where everyone speaks chinese.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh Crap!

Today is a crappy day.
I missed the sh*tty quiz cuz i skipped class.
Worked for 2.5 hours.
I don't really get what was the psycho lecture talking about and i NEVER did.
My back aches came back. I had this bad habit while playing chords my shoulder will be tensed and the pain increases.
My eyes felt damn itchy by the time i finished uni stuff.
Now i'm down with swollen eyes.
Aww man.........very emo lor
Another weekend gone by :(

Thursday we had a stay over at Tiff's crib because of the xmas carolling rehearsal going on in new era coll.
Haha...the feeling is juz very weird to sing xmas songs when xmas is so man months ahead.

Had my 2nd lesson with my student yesterday.
Gosh...i felt so old student who's 2 years older than me called me 'lao shi'!!
Okay....i don't really hate teaching is juz that i'm lazy.
Wonder how am i gonna survive teaching 5 more students next month??!!
Weekend's not gonna be days for me to relax already by then :(

The lazy me is gonna skip tomorrow's piano pad :P
Okay...i ran out of things to blog about these days till then bye!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm going to genting later again.'s almost like my 3rd home after condo already.

Hmmm next month onwards i will be darn busy lor...cuz i will have 5 more students.
Should i consider it as good or bad news eh?

Off to gtg Buhbye!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Boi

Introducing you guys my new boifriend!! I lurve him so much and i'm crazee about him!!
Ain't he hot??!
Haha. I'm done doing mask and feelin great right now. Goodnite peeps. Gonna have my beauty sleep now.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


yea....what the crap!
Today's psychology was just unfair and ridiculous i felt.
Damn i hope i don't flunk this subject.

Going Kajang tomorrow for xmas carolling rehearsal!

And here is my tag:

-If your lover betrayed you, what would your reactions be ?
Kick him on his balls!!!

-If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Money falling down from to sky to me

-Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?
I shall say i'm learning to appreciate things in life........eventhough there's good and bad times

-Are you confused of what lies ahead of you?
NO!!!! I love being adventurous!! hehe

-What's your ideal lover like?
erm......somehow who will shower me with gifts.... someone who loves sport brands like me......someone with looks like Enrique Iglesias!

-People always say, Being loved is happier than giving love.So, my ideal lover shall be someone who will
give the same amount of love like how i love him?? holy crap...really no idea

-Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

-What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?

-How far will you go for the one you love the most?
5 kms....haha -___-"

-What is the most important moral value you learnt from your previous lover?
remember to love yourself more than him.....and the world is not just only on HIM

Okay. Done with my tag and i shall tag no one. Hallelujah!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Aww man......seriously don't feel like studying for tomorrow's psycholody midterm -_______-

My soul is not around this week. I did things and i can't really remember about it and don't care to recall things back.

Haiiiiiiiiii.........................was quite down and disappointed with myself because i did badly for the psycho test. I felt misery.

It's ok. At least today's major class went well. Time to decide for my concerto piece. Really no idea what to play.

Ate roadside burger plus mcd's fries. I feel like puking right now.

And i miss clubbing especially when i smell alcohol. It just reminds me of clubs but drinking is not my thing la. I just wanna dance whole night!!!!!!!!!

Time to mandi and continue with my last minute study on psycho before i turn psychotic.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

They don't deserve it

Does one who has been sentenced to death deserves to be kept in the prison for 15 years before the execution day take place?
Man...i seriously can't imagine how the person will need to go through the mental torture for even 1 day after that person knew that he/she's gonna be executed soon...
Darn cruel. That's what happened to a couple who got convicted in drug trafficking and were sentenced to death.
I am asking why? Why to keep them in prison, why not just straight away execute them?
They certainly don't deserve it eventhough they have made mistake.
Okay. Enough of my rants. Tomorrow gonna be miss rain's first day of teaching.
She's not gonna teach a beginner but a g8 student. Oh holy mama......
Bless me.....i hope i don't go like during conducting class " errrr.............errrrr........speechless"
Night ppl :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

心动 Tempting Heart

Years ago when i first learn to surf the net and icq was the 'it' thing among friends.....someone sent me this video. It has been one of the songs of my all time favourite. The lyrics and the slide in the video really touched my heart.

Those were the days. I still vividly remember what a immature girl i was during that time. I am now changed.

Gone are my money :(

I've got a few bucks (prob 4 bucks) left in my purse today.
And i was force by one of my classmate to donate out my few bucks left.
The person just stand there until i donate. sad i'm such a poor kid :(
Hmm maybe i should think that i've done something good by donating to the myanmar cyclone victims?

The Fish Farm

Wondering when am i getting my pay from dad heh..

Oh...fishie fishie.....

This lil' dog is so cute....and it lives peacefully with the mother dog and the chickens around!
Macro Shots

Juicy rambutans

Lil' fish and the wild plants

Xiao huang hua

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

jin tian xiang ku que ku bu chu......

wi xiang wo gai si le suan le bah......