Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Koh Phangan, Thailand NYE (part 2)

Continuation of photos in Koh Phangan.

Reggae Bar with some other Msians and Uk people

Small and cosy club....awesome night, the guys were dancing crazily along with the music

Walked around, makan in the day time (nothing much to do cuz the island is only alive during the night!)

Mari kita sama sama camwhore =p

and finally the NYE party
first round we went to the pool party......was drizzling when we went there =(



People in the house
Headed to the beach party
Forgot his name
Met a jap gang....Asians reunited. Haha its so hard to see yellow skin people in the island

Crazy people went in cow custome....mad funny
gonna miss this place

Someday. You & I

Monday, February 21, 2011


There are suddenly so many things that i feel like doing now outta the blue but am feeling a little helpless to achieve it.

It's like the world is revolving around me while i'm still standing at my very own point without moving a bit. Sometimes it freaks me out.

Ya that's me when i get too free i tend to think a lot, dream a lot and wonder of my mind.

But when i'm too tired working on my stuff, i complain.

2011. I promised myself it's gonna be different and yes it will.

Trying to look things at a good way. Be contented.

The process of waiting might be a lil torturing but i guess its better to enjoy every moment of it rather than thinking the other way round =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011






Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feed. my. hungry. soul

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cny Part 2

Happy V-Day people!

May everyone be showered with tones of lurve ;}

Continuation of Bunny year Cny pictures ;)

Me with josh's spec!
Introducing my supermodel bestie KerXin who's almost a head taller than me!

Close friend since primary all the way till high school. First got to know her when i attended voice lesson when i was standard 3.

I'm the noisy one while she's the one who's always listening. Hahaha

With Hoey

Outfit for chu 1 night

the Bukit Tinggi boys

Visiting houses

Kx gotta bend down so that i won't be too short beside her! haha

Conting our leader since forever


Highschool gathering during chu 1. We had this EVERY single year without fail since we graduated which is damn awesome.

Fa. mi. re. do

The highschool gang =)

Chinese New Year is evil.

I ate sooooo much food and gained so much calories!!

Skipped gym for 2 weeks and probably stuffing myself with all those sinful delicacies everyday >_<

And so i decided to go hiking/jogging with dad in Lou Fu San (Tiger Hill).

Almost died halfway through the steps....and my superfit dad was way ahead of me, he kept coming back to me to check whether if i was okay.

Haha....guess i still need lotsa work out. The layer of fats accumulated around the waist is such a scary sight, i feel like killing myself now!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

-< Happy Bunny Year >-

May everyone be blessed with health, wealth, love and luck.

It's gonna be a challenging yet exciting year for me where by i'll be doing something i've always dreamed of.
The day before first day of Chinese New Year we pray and prepare offerings to Gods and our ancestors. It's a tradition that my family practiced every year without fail.

Nian Gao
only get to eat this once a year ;) super sweet student gave me gifts

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!
Few more days to go before the CNY celebration ends and may you all get more and more Angpaos and Win more when you gamble =)
This Chinese New Year has been sweet and short. It's the time of the year where family and friends get together. There are a few friends of mine which i only get to meet them during cny.
I cherished you all.

Monday, February 07, 2011

I Dream

Save up. Quit my job. Pack. Leave.

~Santorini~ Greece
* deep blue sky, pure white houses....saw these breathtaking pictures by a couple and decided someday i must step on this beautiful island and witness sunset with the love of my life

Jeju Island, Korea
~ Hallasan ~
* Been to Jeju do but was stuck in the resort because we got quarantined for suspected case of H1N1. The place where we get to see it everyday in the resort but never get to step foot on and also where Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo went to for their final episode in 'We Got Married'
Gonna hike the mountain, spring time would be great ;)

~Prague Castle~ Czech Republic

The country where Smetana was from and who composed one of my favourite classical piece "Má vlast"(My Country)
* To listen to the piece in the land where if was composed would be dream comes true
Rome, Italy
~ The Colossuem ~
* of Eat. Pray. Love

Rome at night

~Tokyo Tower~ Japan

* Japan is never on top of my to-visit places but fell in love with this after watching a Jap series

~Eiffel Tower~ Paris

* the most romantic place ever
Just a few of CNY pictures update.

My camera sucks so much i can't wait to get a new one ;)

Moi and Kheng the petite girl

Went up to Genting middle of the night during chu 1.

Freaking cold. we were all shivering. drinking.

Crazy night