Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Crap..i got stuck from going into my condo this evening cuz my keys got broken when i'm about to unlock the wooden door.
Damn pissed off...had to walk back to the sucky college and borrow the keys from my housemate.
I walked a lot today. I'm SLIMMER now!!!!

My whole body's like the dead corpse. Viruses are attacking all my veins.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I need strength

I'm certified SICK.
My whole body's numb and my mind is blur.
Can anyone work the rest of 25 hours for me??!!
Intro to music history mid-term coming on this fri and i haven't really started to study.
My recital piece is also half way through.
So many things to memorize. Somehow nothing seems to get into my mind even when i study.
Is my mind trying to give me clue that it needed some rest or what?
Nothing seems to be in good condition now
what to do?

shen ar jiu jiu wo bah ^()^

Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY~ moments with friends

I can't stop myself of eating this CNY and it's more fun coz i got to hang out with my dear friends. Jaay-P aka Mr.Sean Paul came to Bentong and hand out with us. Haha he's much more taller by now (unlike the lil immature kid that I used to know) .
Basically we visit houses by houses and gamble as well until quite late . I guess that's the reason why i got sick cuz my immune system's low.
We had our first gathering for 5-Beta.

Wei Heng house....MH tq for taking this pic and sacrificing urself not being able to be in photo.

Pretty woman

It's K time at Wai Teng house. I don't really like singing karaoke before this somehow after mixing with them quite oftenly me myself starts to enjoy singin K.

My house. With the other 3 angels ~ConTing, Jun, and PeiShan

Dinasour invading my house and joining the 3 angels.

18 SX .The 2 ham-sap gay partner. Ewww.....dirting my sofa.

Mirror mirror in da wall who's the fairest in the world. The answer is MIiiiii :P

At the restaurant.

So which one is your taste?

The 5 Beta guys.

See their enjoying themself. Lou Sang

The gathering for ex-5Beta students was fun though some of them can't make it. Thanks Kerxin for organising this gathering which was so memorable.

Ishhh....blame the camera man. I'm not ready yet.I got mata sepet !!

Lou lou lou....................Fatt ahhhh. My first time lou-sanging with friends. Hehe

Happy moment.

Jun CT and our dailou~Ah Hong

PeiShan offering her kiss to u guys..haha

First station~~ Conting's house.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Viruses plz stay away from me!!

Ohhhh........haven't fix my laptop yet
arrghhh can't imagine life without computer in KL
Hope that u"ll (my dear laptop) will get well as soon as possible.

The celebration for Chinese New Year is finally 90% over. Gonna go back to college next monday, wake up early every morning, work, assignments, orcestra.

I've opened up all the Ang Paos that i got and counted the total amount that i got for this year.
Well...i got the most money this year compared to the others past years thanks to my parents.
I gambled with mah friends during the last few days. Won 5 bucks little but enough to make myself happy. I got kinda addicted and can't get enough of it. Sadly there's no-one to gamble with me now :(

Ate lotsa junk food. The weird thing is i don't like to eat most of the CNY biscuits so i ended up eating Julie's biscuits, Indian's Muruku, Twisties......haha.

My voice is hoarse now, coughing, having flu and feeling a bit dizzy. Ohhhh all because of this season. Geez...i hope my weight won't increase cuz one of my primary school teacher+best friend's mum (Yang lao shi) said i've lose weight when i went to visit her house.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year Guys and Gals !!! brand new laptop got struck by the virus and i can't use it!!!
haiiii....gotta be more careful next time.

Had lots of fun during this CNY.

Gonna post up the photos by next week. Watch out for it ^_^

Cai Sheng dao....woo hooo fattt fatt fatt- fat fat fat

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hurray.........mid-term's finally over !!!
Really happy cuz i'll get to go home and celebrate the CNY with my loved ones.
I wanna eat lotsa lotsa CNY cookies, tit bits, and drinks lotsa Soda drinks.
Woohoo...gonna PiG OuT ( somehow i don't wish to gain weight because of this :P )

Somehow I'll have class on the 22th !!! So sad larrr...cuz need to come back juz for the sake of this 2 stupid classes( CME and Violin). Why can't the lecturer change the time??!!!
Haaaiiii......hate it

Changed my blog template~like it?
Might go out tonite to yc with friends..hehe

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning Guysssss.............

Its Valentine's Day !!!!
A day full of love
Plz don't disappoint your love ones !!

Not goin to work too. Lazy lazy
Amanda leaving today. Feel so sad :( Gal remember to keep in touch when u reach Aus k?
2 more subjects to go and i'm done!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hungry for blog

Miss my blog....
got nothing much to blog or i should say i don't know what to blog about.

Let's juz talk bout my college here..
well i went to work today and haiii...need to re-do printing stuff cuz i paste it upside down without realising it. Oh ya when i helped miss huey kwan to pass the new year card to 3rd floor( the vice chancellor+ chancellor ) there's one really "babi" woman. Asking this and that and complaining bout me or don't know who. If i'm the chancellor i won't even hire this kinda woman with such bad attitude. She should have thank me for passing the card. Hate this kinda ppl..........

when i finished working i went to block c to practise piano. When i'm on my way there's this african black guy saying :' hey baby girl' . Ewwww.......I don't even dare to look at him and went straight away. All of them are so scary.

Aural singing mid-term's over. What's left is the aural dictation and theory exam. I can't wait to finish up this 2 exam and run home to celebrate chinese new year. Haha

Dear Amanda's leaving soon on this wednesday to Aus. Gonna miss her so much. Wish her all the best in Aus. Hope she get a brad pitt look alike boyfriend. Guess there'll be no gathering for MIO or OIAM for sometime. I'm gonna miss the violin sound from ur house when u're practising the violin..........Not to forget~ wish ya an early happy chinese new year. Ehem...don't be sad cuz u're spending ur valentine's day on the airplane cuz who knows u might bump into a HOTTT guy sitting right next to u or whatever. Miracle does happen sometimes :PP
Don't forget me yaaaa

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stupid like this

I'm sad cuz ppl don't really trust or believe in me.... :(

I"m stupid like this.............
~daniel powter

Nothing much to speak about. I don't like this sem
no mood so many things to worry about.

Nite. gonna read the newspaper now

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Contrast between places

I'm back in KL. The sun's burning hot over here while i was waiting for the taxi this afternoon and i was sweating like hell. Hate this kinda feeling. It makes me miss home(hometown) a lot.

While i'm back during the weekends the weather in my hometown was suprisingly cooling. I guess this is the first time the weather is so cooling and nice in the 19 years of me staying in Bentong. It's like we're at Cameron. It's even cooler compared to my 24th floor condo's temperature. I love the the weather, the atmosphere and the air of Bentong. Well well i'll be hoping that the weather will remain till Chinese New Year...muahaha.

Went shopping again today with my roommate, roommate's friend. Later i met up with my cousin whom i haven't see her for at least 2 years i guess. I used to be taller than her but now i'm shorter :(( so unfair hor....

Can't fight the temptations of buying stuff. Hence i bought a denim shorts and a bag (10 bucks only eh how can i not buy hor). Now i feel satisfied yet guilty for spending parents' money.

My mind kept reminding me ~~ MID-TERM IS COMING....MID-TERM IS's bugging me all the time. Damn this coming mid-term is really spoiling my mood for the Chinese New Year. point complaining here i guess i still need to face the music and work my ass off to achieve results that satisfied everyone. ~(

Friday, February 02, 2007

Bunch of scores

Some modern piece by Joe Hishashi~luv it

Bach. Fun and easy

Beethoven symphony~Egmont. Going to MPO next sun to watch this performance

Grieg piano concerto score. UCSI's orchestra gonna perform this piece around in the middle of march.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Broke Once Again

It's the Thaipusam holiday in KL and so i went shopping with my 2 close friends( Jiun & Tiff)
Reached our destination~Bkt Bintang at around 10.40am.
We went to Low Yat first since i need to buy a optical mouse and Tiff wants to buy the web-cam.
I got a white colour mouse which looks simple and good to use i guess and Tiff got what she wants as well ~a 1.1 mega pix web-cam with mic.

After that we headed to Sg.Wang. Juz as what we've expected the place's really crowded with ppl. Had to queue for like 10 mins juz to try out the clothes there and it's like sandwhich inside some of the shops. From the shop which i queued up such a long time i bought a skirt which is cheap and nice.
I was hesitating whether to buy the simple colar-tee from Parkson and somehow after being persuade by Tiff and Jiun i decided to buy it. Haiii....spend spend spend!!!!

While we're shopping around at Seed we saw Kelly and 2 more seniors of ours. They're there as well to shop for new year clothes.

Went over to Times Square at 6pm. By then our legs' getting tired dy. We walked for some time and I got another shorts there which i think the price's too reasonable for me to buy. Haha....else where they're selling at almost double the price.

Had our dinner at the food court. There we talked bout working. Tiff said that she's earning RM900 ++ per month part-time. Which means that by the time we finished our degree program the price for learning music will go higher and if let say we work full time we'll get bout 3k per month. Not bad rite..........the salary's even higher than those engineers!!! Kaka..

Ohh ya ...i saw one of my mum's friends' daughter (same age with me) with her bf. Felt kinda shocked (not gonna state down the reason)

By the time we reached our condo it's already 8.30pm.
Bathed and did my assignment.
And now i'm blogging which means that i'm not using my leisure time to study. I'm sooooo lazy......and tomorrow there's a quiz for aural. Die lar...


Would ya buy me these??
A pink violin case which will be perfect to show off whenever i take my violin around

Pink electrico 6 strings violin ~super cool

I wish i'm a princess and have my own castle with a little pink baby grand piano inside