Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm full-bloated.
I'm staring at the lappie.
My eyes are half hanging.
My mind is blank.
Aww man *quote frm yvonne tan*..............someone please come and rescue me!!!

The never ending buys

Am finally done with the psychology yesterday night..phewww
Another one to go next week.

Bugged dad and mum to fetch me to kl today.
Walked around Bkt. Bintang and it rain like mad today :(
At first thought of having dinner at jln alor but then had to let go the plan because of the "wonderful" weather.

I'm totally sicked of and times square. I don't have the urge to buy or shop there which is somehow weird to a shopaholic like me.
Oh yaa...KL Plaza was having designer sales - tangs, nine west, pierre cardin......but all more mature style which is not suitable for me.
FOS there is having moving out clearance sales as wellso i bought a denim shorts and skirts each for 12 bucks.....
haha sounds like i'm urging you guys to spend as well huh?

Then went to giant before going back to condo. Bought 2 packets of australian choc milk for 1 pac price.....the reason for it was because it is going to expire. Wise wise choice i made heh..

OMG.....i'm buying all these cheap stuff. I'm happy for getting things i like at a cheaper price while on the other side i'm sad cuz i just can't seem to stop buying.
Damn....i hate myself!!

Seriously can't imagine once i start working and getting my OWN salary. My friend used to tell me that once we start working we'll learn to appreciate the hard work of getting money and spend less.
My fear is that i will do the opposite thing by spending more.

Okay okay.....need to brainwash myself starting now onwards of limiting myself to buy stuff and save saVE SAVE !!!

Imma gonna be rich thai thai!!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oppss....lack of updating these few days.
I've finally finished the 2 hongkies drama i'm following.
One assignment to be finished and one more to be started next week -__-"
I wish i can bring mum to kl with me so she can help me with my assignment!!
Went to the fish farm again today. Helped dad to take loads of pictures. time i should charge them for my service. Hehe..

Moi am goin to the very happening
Urbanscapes tomorrow in KLPAC cuz seems like everyone's going!!!

Ok. Time to continue with my assignment.

Ps: Saw this from the start newspaper today. some of the 9,999 american drivers got the carplate which spells 'WTF' what the f**k. One of the teacher who got it only realised it when her niece are laughing at it. The goverment now will compensate them with another carplate 'FOC' free of charge. Soon there'll be another Y carplate coming out which might spells 'YBF' you've been effed!! Hahaha

Thursday, June 26, 2008 of our psycho assignments got cancelled!!
And the one which we supposed to pass up on next monday is now postponed to wednesday.

The person from the music centre sms-ed me yesterday.
I'm gonna start teaching next weekend. so excited yet nervous.
Ooohh.....i can't wait to get my first salary. Money money money babeh...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Was super bored today cuz the internet line is moving sooooo slow. Can't even load youtube.

Thought that i can have a rest after passing up piano pad assignment but i was totally wrong. Herecomes another one!!! Aighhh.....sien. Luckily my group have some smart people and our question is quite do-able.

Here i am procrastinating again. Staring at my laptop but i just can't seems to start off for psycho 4 PAGES assignment. Shen arrr....jiu jiu wo bah!

Really don't feel like going for conducting and orchestra tomorrow :(
Miss home.....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still very emo.....whenever i think about my dear digi cam :(((((
Seriously don't feel like studying this time because i'm not in the mood to. There's still 1 more assignment to pass up by this friday and yours truly haven't even started doing it.
I miss homeeeeeee. Like what my friend said who's back from Russia for hols that home is still the best.
Finally went to the music centre and talk about working there.
I think next time my saturday will be occupied teaching piano :(
I'm getting darker and darker by days cuz i went to dad's fish farm on saturday. The place was super nice. I wish i had a dslr to capture the sight. Plan to go fishing there one day. Heh
My lil notes.....and i wasn't concentrating at all cuz i was reading some bimbo's blog
Psycho is so much harder than bio. I should prob tell the lecturer that i get stress from psycho class huh?

Am listening to the MI2O midi accompaniment track to help me destress. I really cherish the 3 days that we stayed in genting together for that function. Miss you guys lotz.

I am in a bad mood now :(
The party was fun BUT my old digi cam was spoilt.
My friend accidentally dropped it and the lcd screen's spoilt. sad.
ps: no mood to study for psycho test already

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whoot!!!! Party tonight at Hong's crib.
I'm so sad cuz most of my hometown friends are leaving to goverment uni.
I'm so gonna miss playing badminton with them.
Anyway congrats to all of them and mostly to my bestie KX for getting her first choice.

Mum flew to Hainan today. Starting to miss her already :P
Hopefully she'll buy lots of souvenirs for me lah.


Friday, June 20, 2008

I shouldn't be doing this

This is what i bought for the week.
Went shopping just now today with huiting. First time checking out Queens Park cuz there's the giordano moving out sales. Ended up not buying anything there. Ooohhoohh...i saw so many my favourite brands there......wanted to get the Calvin Klein top and MNG singlet but both also no smaller size already. Quite disappointed.
Another collection of Hiyawu from pasar malam. I've got tones of chinese internet novels at home. Haven't been reading chinese books for about 2 years already.

Spag from FOS in Genting, Singlet from Nike ( ori price at 104 and i got it for 22 bucks! ), Cheopo Flip flops....i'm so glad that i didn't dumb my 50++bucks for a Billabong flipflops

By the end of the day, my wallet is almost emptied. 2 bucks kelian!!

I've got so much things that i NEED and have yet to buy it..

-dominant strings

-g8 violin Abrsm exam book

-violin repairment

-new bow prob

-drum set!!

-some piano scores

Tomorrow imma gonna drink plain water, eat bread and maggi mee !!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Day

I walked under the dizzling rain,
enjoying every steps every moment,
Smilling without any reasons,
Feeling warm and cosy inside.

The College Student Who Does Not Have The Normal College Life

Normal college students go for movie or shopping after classes.
I had to stay back and work my ass off for the freakin scholarship.

Normal college students can lie down on their spring clean field full of green grass on a flat ground.
I had to climb up the freakin road almost 90 degrees i felt to reach college.

Normal college students workout - sports, yamcha etc after classes.
I had to stay back to practise until i get my notes done and well polished.

Normal college students sleep late and probably wake up late.
I sleep late and wake up early daily for lectures.

Normal college students enjoy their weekends.
I still had to practise practise and practise.

Normal college students enjoy college and don't complain much.
I kept on ranting about how busy i am, how boring it is for certain lectures, how tiring is it to walk up the hill.

You hear me? Agree not fellas?
Fuck lah..

To you...far away

Happy Birthday.
May you hear all of our wishes over the other side of world.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cindy's Bday Pic

Birthday Gurl with her cake

Salmon Pasta i heart this one the most


Seafood Cioppino - most were empty shells

Classic Carbonara

All of us at Itallianies

Laundry Bar - girls with the jar of Blue Margarita

Darling Tiff and me

Us at Scarlet


Have a good day everyone :)

Happy Daddy's Day

Same as mother's day, me and both my parents went up to genting to sorta celebrate the parent' day on saturday. Haii....both my bros never come back for these 2 days so i'm the only very 'hao sun' daughter to celebrate for them.

Printed a best father certificate for my dad which i got the idea from the people in the office i'm working at. Since i didn't manage to get a card so i decided to print it out which is cheap and easy. Did some colouring and there goes my pretty special certificate for papa.

I'm procrastinating so much lately which isn't good.
I haven't start on my written paper for piano pad and have not started practising for conducting midterm. Oh stresss...
Gotta force myself to start off with my essay by tonight.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scores Hunting

Reached home 2pm today.
Browsed through the net. Was kinda bored untill i stumbled across another piano forum + free score sharing site.
Made me so excited. So next time i can just get some scores there.
Miracly i did practised my piano for about 2 hours today and suprisingly i was able to concentrate. Usually i will play through for fun at home.
It turned out quite well. Next time shall force myself to sit and concentrate and maybe watch more vids of those real young music prodigies' playing to inspire me a bit.

Yesterday was another round of late night.
5 of us went to The Curve and celebrated Cindy Babey's Bday at Itallanies.
So sad cuz i still haven't got to eat sakae sushi.
The food was not bad. Bad service though cause they hired some foreign workers (banglagesh people if i'm not mistaken) who can't really speak well in english.
Went over to Laundry after filling our stomach.
First time being there. Well, the place was just so so...i don't like the chairs there cause i felt as though i was gonna fall when i lay onto it.
Tried the Blue Margarita this time round. Tasted like fruit juice. The salt on the cup makes it a bit too salty which i don't like.
Had a few cups of it until i kept on feel like going to pee. mabuk affect on me or neither us.
Joe mama said we gonna try Sex on the Beach next time!!

Checked out Scarlet before we left. was a real small club. Lousy music lousy people. haha..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Karma

Been breathing in loads of second hand smoke recently. Every night, at least twive the freakin f***king smoker will smoke his cigar.
Darn....while you're enjoying every puff of it, i'm suffering like shit i tell ya'.
What can i do? Can i like complain to the condo management people? Will they bother to listen to me?
Aighh.......i guess this is what you call bad karma.
For the 3rd tonight, that fella's puffing his damn cigar.
I'll try playing like chicken killing violin sound for him next time middle of the night.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Great Escape!!

The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls

Damn bersemangat listening to this song !!!

I wish i got no lectures to attend tomorrow.
So i won't need to sleep early tonight.
I wanna stay awake and listen to tones of happy songs :)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The thing about Con-duc-ting

I've always thought that conducting is a real fun easy bitsy thing.
I was very excited when i signed up for the class. The first class was kinda fun.
And when it goes on...things get so much harder than i can imagine. fun no fun.
Now i don't like conducting already cuz i'm not talented in it. violin techniques' still sucks. Guess i better get back to the -_- choir group. At least playing piano is still so much easier.

Midterm's on next week which means exam and assignment.
Will be having conducting exam, presentation plus assignment for piano pad and another assignment for psycho.

Lalala....i need to cheer up and stop thinking bout those things due to hand up ;P

More videos

A guest handbell recital by Moody Bible Collage at UCSI

Colours of the wind

Medley of 3 chinese songs

Ps: I found the instrument really interesting. Should be fun to learn. Let's hope that we'll have it in m'sia soon.

Shostakovich - Preludes Op.34, No.17 & No. 3

My 5th sem degree recital.

Ps: I felt sooo tired after practising for just 2 hours. Not only physically but mentally as well. I wonder will i ever get to practise as long as 8 hours per day? An old woman trapped inside a young girl's body? haha..perharps so :(

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The No.501 Post!!

Omg...i can't believe that this is gonna be my no.501 post since i started this bloggy!! from my penang trip. I gained weight because of the delicacies of penang food.

Komtar - so sad that it's now a dead building. I used to go there whenever i visit Penang.
At the lorong full of rats. That's where my grandma used to stay at. My ah gong's shoplots are just in front. I miss the place terribly.

Old school kopitiam. Everything is old but the food is nice :)

Chee Cheong Fun

Hor fun which i do not like :P

Har Mee.

Char Kuey Teow. Awesome!!

The most famous Penang Cendol. Definately can't get enough of it!!

Laksa. It was not as nice as last time. I think it's because of the rise in everything so they put it less stuff inside.

La la. The shell were so much bigger than those that i usually eat.

Hay Ko...haha don't really know how to spell it. Tasted like fish.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm done with my recital for this sem :)
Hmm...missed some notes and almost forgot about all those dynamics and phrasing thingie. Let's just make it as another experience for me. Bare in mind next time i'll do better than this time.

Arghh...frus frus frustrated with the internet connection. It's darn slow in kl and even my home's connection as well. I'm so sad cuz i can't watch my dramas.

And pc can't seem to detect my digi cam when i connect the cable. Arghhhhh......everything's gettting on my nerves.

Finished watching The Pursuit of Happiness. A really awesome touching movie.

Ok done with another post here. I'm gonna get some beauty sleep now. Ciao peeps!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time to tighten your belt

Got the news from mum saying that the petrol price went up again.
Recently, the price for rice has been up, food and stuff everything's been going up in price except everyone's salary. It still remain the same.

Is it because the lack of efficiency in our goverment? or not just us but the whole world? i wonder..
Hmm...gotta save more money now. The only way that i can save up is going out less to shopping malls in kl. I have not been going out for about one month already :)

Going back home tomorrow. Need to renew my driving license and also go and ask bout the job *prob will be my first job :(

I don't really like teaching seriously speaking. I just think that i don't have the patient to teach.
Sometimes i do wonder what other things that i can do other than just TEACHING for my whole life after i grad........i don't want to spend my lifetime just on teaching...

Anyhow, i finally went to practise my drum. Quite satisfying but still need lots of lots of practise.

Tomorrow will be my 5th sem recital. No feelings now cuz this time around i'm not playing those long long emo or big pieces that i used to do all the previous sems. I'm playing Shostakovish's 2 preludes. Well, hopefully it will turn out well :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Finally had my drum lesson today after not playing it for more than 1 WHOLE MONTH.
Was kinda scared to go for lesson cuz i didn't practise at all.
Thank God, i managed to pull it off well enough. Haha my legs and hands coordination were good today.

Had my violin class straight after drum. Didn't practise as well for this week for i was away in penang during the weekend. My playing was so out of pitch. Haha...gotta practise more already.

Oohhh....i can't wait to play the drum with the music!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Short Weekend At Penang

Am just back from Penang!!!

Since i got no class on fri, 2nd bro's on hols and eldest bro took leave and the whole family decided to go penang to visit my grandparents and relatives that i missed so much.

Reached till almost 2pm. First stop was Jelutong to visit my grandma and aunty. Am happy that grandma's still lookin fit and healthy at the age of 80+.

Then we headed to Batu Ferringhi cuz i wanted to check out the nike and adidas factory outlet shop. I was so disappointed lor cuz there's nothing much cheap. We went over to the hotel and to the sea side for a walk. It was really quite a nice place to stay over except for the expensive hotel rate.

Dad wanted to make his pants so we went over the Georgetown, the place near Komtar where my grandma used to stay. I missed the place terriblely. We used to run around the back alley full of rats and to my ah gong's shop. Take stuff for free there. Walk to Komtar whenever we feel like. Have char kuey kak nearby. I misss those days......
If i ever get rich i'll buy over that place because it's part of my childhood memories which i really treasured.

Went to Batu Maung after that which is my another auntie's place where we were staying over.

The next day, we woke up early and headed to the pasar. I finally got to have the famous cendol and laksa that i've been craving for!! So satisying was i....

Went to Queensbay Mall as well later that night. Nothing much.

I felt so unreluctant to get back kl ;(

I really really wish i could spend more time in penang and with my beloved grandparents.

Anyway i now have a bloated stomach and gains some weight thanks to the - laksa, char kuey teow, or chien, mua chi, cendol........

Bought a pair of jeans, a denim jacket, funky eyeliner, and a t-shirt there.

No pictures cuz i forgot to bring the digicam cable to kl :(