Sunday, December 31, 2006

bye 2006 and hello 2007

OMG, can't believe we gonna say goodbye to 2006 so soon!!
by 2007,
i'll be one year older....(hate this fact)
i'll be in studyin degree level~theory,aural,history(sux)
i'll be movin to another place~(bless that i'll luv my new crib)
i'll be goin home not as frequent as when i'm studyin foundation(arr...homesick!!)
i'll be slimmer (will i??) haha
dad's gonna buy me my first laptop (hurray) !!
ish ish...i can't wait for the new year to come yet i'm gonna miss the sweet moments in 2006!!

anyway, i hope i'll have a wonderful year 2007
peace for the whole world

AdioSsss@ hasta la vista
~~~******~~~~ Rain ~~~~******~~~

Friday, December 29, 2006

Haii...feel so sad angry and pissed off by one of my lecturer.
How come she's always slower than the others lecturer to book the rooms???
And now she asked me to come for the lousy time which i can't really make it.
Imagine having to stay until 6pm on friday in juz sux man !! I no need to go home lor like that...i will be like sardines in the bus !!
Suddenly i felt like changing to another lecturer.
Studying music's really not easy.....everyday u need to at least practise for one hour but 3 hours will be the best to satisfied your lecturer. Since i don't have a piano in KL i need to stay at the college until 7 or 8pm juz to practise!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Penang Trip

Here's what i got back from my penang trip...
basically i went to penang to visit my grantparents and other relatives plus SHoPPinG
I the one who bought the least compared to my family i guess..

Shoes from one of the shops at Batu Ferringhi>>it's purple colour again this time

i got it for 70%..and it's size eight and a half(fuiyo..i got giant feet or happy feet)

Pyjamas from pasar pagi at Jelutong...the paterns' so cute hehe Earrings from a stall at Prangin Mall~i luv it and it's quite cheap

That's all from penang.

I luv the food there and i luv listening to those aunties and uncles chit chatting in teocheow slang

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Special Lunch~Special Day

I was suprised that the ex-prime minister called me up one day and asked me out for lunch.
The date was 24th Dec 06. I decided to bring my family along since their've never meet the ex-pm before.


Felt great for having the chance to meet them...
Tun Mahathir asked me whether i can perform for him during his next birthday celebration and i agreed. He told me not to forget him when i got famous someday..

hehe i'm juz bluffing. I did met Tun Mahathir and his wife but its juz coincidence :P
Never dream of meeting him at KFC in one of the rest area when i'm on my way to Penang.
I wonder how come he's havin lunch at KFC since he got some heart problems and its fried stuff's bad for his health.
I got so excited for the whole day after meeting him.
I was thinking someday i might as well bump into Pak Lah...haha

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Xmas is yet to come but i've already received my first xmas gift!!!
Tq Kx !! muakcss..
Well, i'll be in penang during this christmas to visit my grandparents , uncle and aunt.
Miss penang a lot..
hmm~~still wonderin what will it be like there during xmas and how am i gonna celebrate this season there
i'll be giving out the presents to my friends tomorrow since i won't be around during xmas
so watch out for my pressie!!
santa claus is comin' to town

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shopping Spree

Merry Xmas !! shopaholic n sister
Nice xmas decor
me n the huge fake candy
Candy House and leng leng tika

Tika called me this morning asking me whether wanna go to kl with her...
since i got nothing to fo at home so i agreed to go with her
At first she's thinking of going to meet her friend and ask her to help her out in accounting.
When we reached kl and her friend messaged her to tell her that she can't make it !!
gosh...if it's my friend i'll surely get very angry lerr
So we went SHOPPING at Mid Valley !!
Haha...both of us really enjoy shopping and i really like shopping with tika~
Though i didn't buy anything but we did take some pics!!

I luv the smell of CLINIQUE's perfume~ Clinique Happy makes me feel happy ^_^
My results' all out--passes everything and i'm gonna work hard for my degree course!!
Happy Birthday to my dearest daddy!!
luv ya dad

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Went to the hospital today for my dental appointment
Well my appointment time was due at 2.10pm and so i reached there on time.
Know what?? I waited there for like hell's always like that
I've even experienced waiting there for 1 HOUR ++
their working(malays) attitude's drivin me nutz..
late to work, bad service attitude, "yong sui" and more
If i'm the goverment i would have fire all of them.
Those malays should go home and take care of their kids or wat so ever....!!

Paris Hilton~Stars are blind
Malaysian~Malays are nutz

Monday, December 18, 2006

Time to say goodbye to 2006

Few more days we’re going to celebrate the coming of year 2007. Time passes really fast that I felt like I’m still living in the dream of my world in the year of 2006.

As I’m blogging about this, I’m slowly awaken…bits by bits
Looking back thing’s I’ve done or achieved throughout this year….so many unexpected things and new things I’ve overcome and been through.

I bid goodbye to my dear classmates of 5 years and headed KL to study what I’ve always wanted to….though we’re not together now our friendship still remains.

Sometimes I do think about going back and study form6 with them..haha. I miss them deeply when I’m alone in KL having no one to share my problems.

I learned to be more independent and also to adapt to the life in KL.

Got to know lots of new friends in college and some of them are really nice people.

Had a new piano teacher and her style of teaching was sort of totally different from my previous teacher in my hometown. Somehow both of them are great and kind enough.

Not to forget, I also had a new violin teacher who i'm really scared of during the first sem but now we're like friends. He teaches me and really make me improve.

Mum's so kind to sponsor me for the rebonding of my hair which cost like hell (ehem...300++,sorry my friends I cheated you guys by saying it cost me 100++ :P) now i've got straight hair. Tq mum!!

I own another new baby(my violin) now thanks to my dad and david. It sounds so much better than my previous baby. I really love it.

I’d even experienced working for the first time and it’s mainly office jobs which kinda sux for me but I have no choice but to work since I needed their scholarship. (gosh I’d died working there for the rest of my life)

Being one of the lucky ones, I’ve got the chance to accompany for the OIAM(One In A Million) For the second time I met Aubrey Suwito and he’s such a great musician and I as well hope that I can be like him someday.

I’ve always been afraid of performing alone up on a stage in front of everyone and there you go,

I had my first piano recital in the recital hall of my college. ( Geez..i can still feel the nervousness when I think of it and yet I need to learn the way to overcome this fear factor)

Glad to say I pass all my foundation subjects and I’m safe to proceed to the degree course now. I pass my jury exam (piano exam) with the result I aimed for. Yet I still need to work really hard to be even better. In order to be successful you need to be the best or even great or else you be just like the others….left out from their world. Things gonna be much more difficult and complicated for degree.

Last and not least I met Tun Mahathir and his wife. Meeting someone who had done so much contribution to our country really inspired me.

So many unforgettable moments in year 2006…I'm more confident now !! (Music playing from the sound of music* i have confidence*)

I'm looking ahead for year 2007 and i'm really excited the challanges i'm gonna face next year.

Bring it on!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Babeee i'm addicted..

Oh noo...i'm addicted to pc games !!!
It's like taking drugs and juz can't stop thinking bout it even when i'm goin to bed
Watched Il-divo's concert on chanel-V juz now...gosh they're brilliant !!
Happened to watch K-Fed performance during the Teen Choice Award as well.
eww.....he's the worst rapper i've even seen and Britney's so so fat
Today's the birthday of one of the best composers during the classical period~~ Ludwig van Beethovan.
Imagine if he's still alive now and people(including me of course) get to attend his master class .....and i wanna be his 'tou dai',isn't it great?
wow,i'm getting out of mind :P

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

GuesS What

~Sexy Perfume~

Went shoppin' at Sg.Wang with mum today
While i was walking past the cosmetic booth at metrojaya i happened to stop at one of it which was sellin perfume~
I tried out the GuesS first i thought it was okay but after sometime i happened to luv the smell of the perfume that the sales gurl spray at my wrist.
Arrghhh.....feel like buying it lerr
Shit...i've spent so much juz for today.
Anyway i'm happy cuz i got wat i want and bought a pressie for my friend as x'mas gift as well *_*

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

De Party

Oppss....sorry i made a mistake while editing this photo ~ the date's actually 11 DEC 06

Attented another birthday party today
It's conting's birthday !!
We're invited to 'double happiness' restaurant for celebrate her
The's restaurant's really crowded with tables of guests obviously there's a wedding dinner happening there as well.
The food's awesome and the quantity's quite a lot ~can't even get to finish it up
Headed straight to shirlee's house then.....
They played mahjong there and so sad i don't even know how to play
Sang b'day n cut her cake at sl's house. Really had fun !!

Well wanna wish CT HAPPI BURFDAY and all the best for her !!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

miss u

I miss all my friends.................i wish that i can see them everyday
cuz i'm felt so boring now
Sat infront of the tv whole day and i'm getting more dumb and numb!!
Wanted to edit some photos but can't becuz someone actually uninstalled the program in my pc !! *%^&$...

Friday, December 08, 2006


~ My Lil' X'mas Tree ~

** I need some gift donors ** :P

Hmm...i spent my time on this since i'm having holidays and i got nothing to do.

Ohhh...i really luv it !! Felt kinda happy everytime when i'm sitting in the living room admiring it~ cosy feeling
It's my 1st experience of having a x'mas tree in the 18 years of my life
Though i'm not a christian but for no reason i really like this festival. Well, it'll be superb if there's a gift from santa claus..muahahaa
Have a nice day @_@


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yay...exam's finally over!
Pheww..i got there late and the exam's started bout 5 mins earlier
I was so blur that i went in to the examination hall without my pencil box and i had to ask for permission to go out and take it.
Dad and mum came and fetch me after that. Went to condo to pack my stuff again.
Poor mum n dad~they had to make a table for me
dad's like saying~~~i'm retired now and i can me carpenter already !!
Had lunch with tiff and raechen at McD...was talking bout laptop and i'm gonna get one soon
Headed to Mid Valley after that.
Thought that there must be lots of parking lots since its not a weekend but we're totally wrong !! The place was fully packed and we had to go round and round for half an hour until we found a parking lot !

Really regretted for not bringin my camera along cuz the x'mas decoration in mid valley's really awesome !!! Haiiizzz..
Went window shopping around with mum while dad waited for us at the bookshop
Saw a really nice blouse in FOS but ended up not buying it cuz i looked kinda fat with that blouse on. Somehow i really love it.....slim slim slim !!
Bought a lil' x'mas tree in carrefour.....hehe gonna decorate it nicely *_*

I want the Roxy handbag for x'mas present!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tq :)

My dear kerxin came to my house and she brought me a box of penang tau sa piah and a cute lil' bag !!
Felt so touched...everytime she went to visit places she'll sure get me something!!
Hmm~~gonna give her something big for X'mas i guess **any suggestion??
The biscuit tasted really nice and i luv it so much! yummy~don't care if i'm gonna gain weight :P and the bag i luv it so much as well !
Thanks for everything and u're a super great great friend .
Love ya...muacks !
Sick again...
Exam tomorrow....and i'm still wasting my time to online and blog!
Arrhh...wish me luck la okay?
hope that i'll recover by tomorrow if not i might fall asleep in the examination hall and kena kick out of da place!!

luv me !~

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006' around the corner
hmm~gotta go shop for gifts since it's mega sale now
dad's scared of taking me down to kl cuz i'm a big spender and a shopaholic!! haha
It's munhou b'day today
wanna wish him ~Happy Birthday~

Home Alone

Alone at home for the whole day~
Felt really boring and so i switched on my pc to blog
I wasn't aware that i actually have this song in my pc.'s the song which i fall in lov with when i first heard my senior ryan singing this song during a concert in my U.
The lyrics' juz like what i felt~ hard to describe


There's a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Peace and quiet and open air
Wait for us somewhere

There's a time for us
Some day a time for us
Time together and time to spare
Time to learn, time to care

Some day, somewhere
We'll find a new way of living
We'll find a way of forgiving

There's a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Time together and time to spare
Time to learn, time to care

Some day, somewhere
We'll find a new way of living
We'll find a way of forgiving

Hold my hand and I'll take you there
Somehow, some day

~ Super Hot Shots ~

We're bringin sexy back ! face is super red

Presenting the HOTTEST CHIC in town !

Tea Plantation Farm~he must b the luckiest guy in town!

HotSpring babes~boiling the eggs in the super hot water!~Astro's shooting film there i guess we might be on tv!! hehe

Gua LinSeng,Perak~infront of the temple
I pray to God and asked for forgiveness~

Royal Selangor Piuter Factory
Imitating the monkeys act..haha

Inside the piuter factory

We lurve piuters??!!

Love this pic so much!! thumbs up for my lovely rommies~

Goin crazy in the hotel room~ Girls Out Loud

Another day at Cactus Farm

We've finally reached the top~ Gosh..MunHou's posing as if he's dancing The Swan..lolx

What a suprise birthday~~Well happy birthday to weihon!

Sacrificed my lunch time to upload these photos!! Hope u guys like it :P

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Been addicted to chocalate these few days....
gaining weight....
haven't start studying for mah comin' exam~
still facing problems uploading d photos!!
frustrating life !!
sucks !


Been addicted to chocalate these few days....
gaining weight....
haven't start studying for mah comin' exam~
still facing problems uploading d photos!!
frustrating life !!
sucks !

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cameron Highlands Trip~

7am sharp 29th Nov 2006

I was awaken because of my running nose~ went to the toilet
My phone rang by 7.07am while I’m still in the toilet, I knew that there must be something bout’ the trip
Unsurprisingly, it was Bobo who called asking bout my whereabouts cause I should be in bus station by 7am for the departure.
I was shocked by this, cause apparently I thought that the trip’s on the 30th Nov !!
Luckily I’ve already half-packed the stuff that I wanna bring…so I decided to go for it !!
Went to knock on my parents door (they’re still sleeping that time) and told them bout this shocking news. My mum was like mumbling me for not making sure about the whole trip’s schedule. I packed all my stuff in a few minutes and went straight to wait for the bus at my tmn’s bus stand.

When I boarded the bus, everyone’s like staring at me and someone(bobo I guess)clapped to welcome me, eventually the others clapped as well…..
Felt a bit embarrassing and happy to see all the of them..haha

There total 25 of us including 4 f4 students joining in.

Had breakfast at Bkt. Tinggi. I ate a bowl at wantan mee. Gosh, the mee’s so hard to chew that I didn’t even finish half of it I guess.

Headed to visit the Royal Selangor Piuter factory after breakfast. The girl who’s incharged of explaining about the whole process’s from Bentong as well (what a coincidence). Saw lots of nice piuters there. Saw the Lord of The Rings set of piuters as well as the Winnie the Pooh ones (oh I love them so much!) Really felt like buying but then the prices are friggin’ expensive.

Then it’s all the way to Ipoh,Perak. We reached there just time for lunch which was about 1pm. Like what Bobo said the food served by the restaurant was Not My Cuppa Tea. Haha…when it comes to food, I’m seems to be very choosy. They served pork (seldom eat pork), lamb (scared of the ‘sou mei’), prawns (it’s a bit too salty), soup (those who tasted it said it was sort of like pepper soup)….

Next it’s way to visit all the famous Gua in Ipoh. First “ Pi Li Dong”(Gua Perak?). The granit stones there’s really nice. It was Gua Lin Seng then. The weather’s really hot so most of us decided not to clim to the top of the Gua.
We also went to the shop which was famous for its biscuits to buy biscuits. I’m once again not a biscuits lover so I didn’t buy anything. Anyway MunHou treated me chocolate ais-cream(well gotta thank him for that). SiewZhi and SookYee even bought pomelos. While I’m still empty handed :p

By 6 something we finally reached our destination---Cameron Highlands. We stayed at Jasmine Hotel which is located in Brinchang. The hotel looks more like for backpakers..haha. 5 of us ** HuiZhen, MunShan, PohYee, XiaoYun and me** shared a room with 2 twin beds inside.
Gotta say that I didn’t even regretted choosing to stay at the same room with the 4 of them cause they’re so nice and awesome and adorable !!!
It was raining outside when we’re going for dinner so we had to run with my jacket covering my head to the restaurant. It was steamboat for dinner. The food’s tasted juz nice nothing special bout it. We had no choice but to head back to our hotel rooms cause it’s still raining.

We were told that apparently that day was one of the guys’ birthday. The really warm-hearted Conting went to Secret Recipe opposite our hotel to buy a cake for him. Then all of us secretly hide in his room before he came back to his room. I can tell that he’s really shocked and surprised by us with his expression. Yeah, it was a surprise b’day party. How nice that I wish that someone will throw me a surprise party like that. Sang b’day song for him. If it’s me I think I might have cried and feeling so touched by it…haha

When the rain stopped few of us went for a walk around the streets there. I can feel like cold and fresh air there. It’s so refreshing that I wished that Bentong’s air like that as well.

7.30am 30th Nov 2006

Woke up and prepare for explore Cameron. Too bad it’s raining outside and we had to postpone our journey.
Went to visit a temple there. I prayed to God and made a wish.
Next it’s cactus farm. Lots of nice cactus and beautiful flowers there. Ohhh….i lurve the flowers!!
Visited the Rose Garden as well in the evening. There’s all kind of colours of pretty roses.
2 days in a row we had our meals at the same restaurant. :?
Once again, it was raining at night. Kinda disappointed for not been able to visit their pasar malam.
We gathered at Bobo’s room and played True or Dare. Right after it we switched to my room to watched a canto movie which was about zombies~! We bought lots of tit bits and junk food to eat while watching the movie.

7.00am 1st Dec 2006

A new day has come…..the day when we need to head back home.
On our way back, we stopped at the tea plantation farm and waterfall. Nothing much except that the view’s really nice.

Had lunch at the highway rest area. I ate 2 Dunkin Donuts and a cuppa Iced Latte.

Our last destination’s the TRAP(Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Sungai Klah). The water’s there really hot!!! We even got to cook hard boil eggs there.

Lastly, it’s really time to head home. It took us 3 hours to reach my cosy home.

p.s.: been trying to upload the photos for million times but couldn't..sorry for that :(

Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm back from Cameron Highlands!!!
It's a awesome trip !!
I love u guys....muacckksss***
I shall be busy bloggin' bout this whole wonderful trip when u're readin' this

So here's a sneak preview of my trip to Cameron with my dear friends~