Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pai In Love

Pai. in love pancake.

I can't tell how much I'm in love with this little town.

A friend asked me what makes me like this place so much and after thinking I said 'for no reason'.

Can't wait to go back there again.

Thursday, October 04, 2012








Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Recent Updates

 Pictures taken from my Ipod.

Received a postcard from Mariko, the Japanese girl I met in Thailand all the way from Korea. We were supposed to meet in Korea again but because of some reasons I could not make it ;(
I have no idea what does the words on the card means though ; /

Yesterday's evening sky at my hometown....pink and violet in colour

Mooncake for the Mid Autumn Festival. Missing those days when we were still young and used to play with candles and lantern with the neighbours.

Baked apple crumble. This time I used green apples and turn out the apples were too sourish for it. 
Failed ;(

Beautiful lightings of Sultan Abdul Samad Building opposite the Merdeka Square, KL. 

 Leaving footprints on my Taiwanese friend's ~Goodbye book. Hosted her for 2 nights at my home. Got to know her at Chiang Rai, Thailand because we were staying in the same dorm room ;)

Went to Doppel Kafe @ Central Market to support my friend who's performing there.

 Capoeira performance at Central Market. I used to watch this movie about Capoeira years ago when I was a kid. Till today I'm still very amazed by this Brazilian martial art.

One of my top favourite Malaysian food - Roti Canai...looks abit like the jail food though because its being served in a metal plate like this ;P

Went to Muay Thai workshop blogger event with Elwyn @ Jalan Alor, KL

I'm addicted to Thai Iced Tea.

Monday, October 01, 2012

My Favourite Cafe in Chiang Mai ~ The Coffee Bull

After visiting Chiang Rai I went back to Chiang Mai. Mariko, my japanese friend joined me there a day later. One thing that we share in common is that we both love coffee. Every morning, we'll walk around the city and hunt for a cup of coffee.

The Coffee Bull is one of the place I found that serve really GOOD and CHEAP coffee as compared to the rest of the cafe in Chiang Mai. Another extra point is that they have free WIFI.

It is located at the old city of Chiang Mai at Ratchadamneon Road if not mistaken which is very close to the famous Wat Chedi Luang.

Thumbs up for the service there and super friendly staff. The next morning, we went back there hoping to get our coffee fix only the found out that it's closed for that day. Ahhh...

The outlook of The Coffee Bull

 We were asked to leave some comment on the book

Some vintage collection inside the shop

Its a small cafe where there's only like 3-4 tables there

The bar

Our table facing the road. 

My Thai Iced Coffee (25 baht = RM2.50) which is probably one of the best that I've ever tasted. 

 With Mariko, my travel partner for a week. Had a hard time communicating with her at the beginning because she speaks limited English and I can't really speak Japanese but we both got used to it eventually. We used some hand signals, translator on my Ipod and also guessing what each others is trying to say! LOL

 Cheers !

Spent the afternoon there watching the hustle and bustle of the town ;)