Monday, March 30, 2009

Barely Alive

I feel like banging on head on the wall now.
This is the first time i'd ever felt so freaking stressed out.
I'm done with the programme notes and PS2, what's left are self-reflective essay, amus summary and PS 3 :(((((
Booo.......i just realized that i'm so weak in handling stress cuz i'm having this migraine kinda pain, my mind is constantly bugged by all these to be finished stuff.

Anyhow, Happy 20th Birthday to Miss Yvonne!
Grow up girl, you're no longer the bok bok chui 18 years old!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Multi tasking many things to do now.
And the internet line suck so much this week.

Luckily, i had a great dinner at Nandos tonight with some of the people whom i've not close too....
but we had fun chatting with each other.

Their performance today was quite interesting!
First time hearing live performance of Piazzolla! Hmm i think they need more oomph though!!
The 2nd part of brass and wind instruments was an eye opener!
Imagined creating music using a cup! Ahhh.......such creative ways of composing !

Back to reality. I'm having headache now thinking bout all these to be completed assignments :(
Sorry i've been procrastinating a lot these days.....gimme some time and i've be back to the hyper and happy go lucky me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Futurism vs modernism

The topic which will be stucked on my head for the coming following weeks.

There's whole stack of handouts to read and summarize :(
Haven't even heard of the composer's name whom we're required to write about which is worst.
Like what Rae said, futurism in art and architecture? I thought i'm studying music.
At this very moment, i feel like breaking down.

Was it destiny or what i got chosen for this topic.........Arghhhhhh.

Going to Mpo tomorrow again (free tics yay!) to support that alice hong.

Monday, March 23, 2009

GREAT News.....i just found out that i got my 2nd choice for my thesis paper....which i have zero ideas and knowledge about the topic o_O

The start of another stressful week......
We visited the mpo this morning and got to touch the instrument inside !!!!
Will blog more bout it soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yamaha Concert

Pictures of last week's concert.
The program went on a bit kelam-kabut but i still gotta salute my boss for having this concert and giving a chance for the kids to perform on stage.

I used to perform on this very same stage during primary and high school time.
I was in the choir group and every Cny we'll get to perform and the last perf i guess was the singing competition which we won.

Kids these days are damn lucky, parents are rich and they get to learn all kinda instruments. Here's one of my student (who's learning piano, organ, electric guitar) on organ with the singer.

Student No.2

This kid sang Jay Chou's song and i think he's damn good for his age.

When a guy knows how to play an instrument and also a perfect scholar in school (12 As malay boi) which make those girls go gaga over him.

This guy on his guitar. He's freakin hawt!!!!!

My boss's band. Can't wait for them to get a drumset in our music school!

Counting the calories

I've gained so much weight this few months and especially on my tummy part!!!!
Blame it on the stress of the final year subjects.
I'm thinking now whether if taking MBA after i finish my degree is a correct choice or not. Thoughts on assignments and research papers really drive me crazy.

Anyhow, off topic now. I saw this gorgeous pair of heels in one of the shops in Gardens, MV.
Totally in love with it!!!!!!
Hmm......i think i need this pair of heels for mah graduation recital, don'tchu think so?
My legs will be sparkling shiny and everyone will be looking at my feet, the juriers are so amazed by my super shiny heels and they decided to give me an A.
Hahahaaa....such wondeful dream :)

I Heart This!

Ps: Am super broke this month :( 3 bdays, concerto book, outings, awesome food....and there goes my $$.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Pics

Here's some of the pictures on Tiff's bday at 3rd of March at Midvalley.

Su Ann with the flower we bought for Tiff from Toys R Us

She came outta La Senza and was suprised by us with the flower!

Joe, Jiun, Su Ann, Tiff and Raechen


Chillis's people singing the bday tune to her

Her 21st

Great performance today :)


Joe, Tiff and Ann

Siaw Jiun, Joelin and Tiffanie

Ps: was singing with rommiethe tune of Michael Learns to Rock - That's Why You Go Away and Boys to Mens - A Song For only i found out that we actually listened to the same type of songs (boyzone, bsb etc) when we're young. Reminisence of those days....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phewww....Amus 1st thesis and my concerto's finally over!

Crap i screw up my sad :(
Wonder why my mind always wonder away from the score middle of the piece.

Anyhow, we're having pizza party tonight :)

Tomorrow's The Day

Nervous + excited are the words for the moment.

In less than 10 hours time, i'm going to do a presentation on my thesis paper and 2 hours later playing my concerto in the recital.

Goodluck to those who has the same fate as me :)

Ps: Thanks rommie for the concerto book! 90 bucks well spent on a book :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 more days

Or should i say 1 and a half day to very scary recital and presentation. I've yet to finish up my thesis, crap i'm so dumb in doing citations!

Had a weird dream on the previous night. I dreamed of this friend who's not so close to me, she kinda pissed me off when we met in the toilet and i actually slapped her. Can't imagine that ever happening in real life situation cause i have no reason to hate her at all. After all, she might not even consider me as a friend :)
I guess i was just too stressed out causing me having such wacko dream.

Gheezz...the Yamaha concert's finally over. Sad thing is there's no holiday next week :(
Pictures up soon.

Had steamboat tonight at Niu Che Sui with the parents and brother. Nothing fancy but I'm really satisfied cause i've been craving it for quite sometime. But i miss Yuen Steamboat more!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Haha..thankgod i'm very much alive.

Just finished watching American Idol and i heart Adam!

I worked on my paper half way - stop - continue - stop - continue.

And i'm blogging now to to rest my mind a bit :) you guys my happy face or sick face or whatever you guys think of.

Back to work now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 March 09

Ahh.....has been rather busy this week.
With my presentation and my concerto happening on the same day next week and assignments going on, i felt as though i was gonna break down soon.

Anyhow thankgod our lectures schedule are not too heavy. There's basically loads and loads of written papers assignment cause it's the final year of uni.

Someday sometimes while staring at my laptop blankly, having none of the ideas for my thesis my mind flew away to the wonder land of Taiwan. I really can't wait to visit this place. A place where i've learned so much through books and movies but could not touch and see it with myself. It is so far yet so close.

Ps: Gosh some ppl just can't stop bugging me. Can i ask them to just shut up and mind their own business -_-

Monday, March 09, 2009

Mos & Barcelona Pic

So yea here's the pictures of last thurdays night at Barcelona and Mos Euphoria.
Gonna say thanks to Jiun's friend for bringin us there :) Drank the least that night cuz alcohol ain't my cuppa tea. I swear i'm gonna drink more next time!!


Our free chivas. If tasted like cough syrup after we mixed with ribena :(

Siaw Jiun

Joe, Jiun and Karen(new friend)

Tiff with her drink

Me and Joe babey :P

We went on to join my friend at Mos later on.

Billy the shy boi and Joe

Put your hands up!!

Random snap shot. This indian girl is damn hawt!

Tiff and Joe dancing

Siaw Jiun who drank the most that night and Tiff who enjoyed the most that night i guess :)

Ehem...Tiff's partner Terence.

Here's us plus terence and mah best bud of 16 years!

Darlin tiff tiff and me

He's finally taller than me :)

The gurls in da house

Guys in da house


With JP, Imran and Amos

Ps: click on the pic for full size


I wasted 2 nights on just 2 freakin paragraphs....tell me how lah i'm going to finish my thesis paper :(

Aii....i know i know too much of procrastinating would not help at all.
Seriously i can't wait for March and April to be over...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tragic Incident

Just heard about this incident that happened to one of my highschool junior's sis.
The things to make me worried is that this thing happened at my hometown!!!
It's totally shocking to know about it.
The junior's sister got raped and killed at her house. Such a tragic death of an innocent 17 years old girl.
It's the first time i ever heard about this kinda thing happening here.
Damn, those people are freakin cruel.
And i shall cursed them to hell.
I felt as though my life is at risk now :(
There's no longer a safe place to stay at.

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Aftermath

Feeling of sober

I felt like an old woman

ran out of energy

don't feel like talkin

don't feel like thinkin

and the hunger is gone.

Ps: Alcohol makes me emo

Night out at Barcelona and Mos

Yesterday night was da bomb....
It was great meeting up with JP and a bunch of new friends.
Went Barcelona and later on to Mos. Got a free chivas cuz we went there darn early :)
Too bad the music wasn't much of my taste. I need more R&B :P
The sight of teenagers like 15 years old and so is scary. Don't they need to study??!
I'm having such sore legs now because of those killer heels. I swear if there is next time, i'm surely gonna wear flats!!!
Pictures up soon.

Time to back to the reality.
The thesis and group assignments are killin me!!
I'm prayin that i won't mess up my Rach 2!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I never knew Debussy's music is so wonderful....
I wanna live in a dream now, and please do not wake me up.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Someone's 21st today !!

Align CenterHappy Birthday Tiff!! The best wishes for you!! Hope that you will have a wonderful, awesome and super high Bday!!!

The next time we go genting, we can get into the freakin casino legally(after my bday la) !! WOohoo..