Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pearl of Orient

Was is Penang 2 weeks back to visit my grandparents and some relatives.

Traffic in Penang is probably twice worst than kl.

And as usual, ate too much everyday while we were there.

Lunch at Tambun.
It's a riverside restaurant. Food wasn't awesome but i love their soft shell crab though

Kuan Ying Ting

Dim Sum breakfast. Their eggtarts tasted heavenly



This old building used to be a cinema long ago and now it's being abandoned.

And soon all these historical buildings will one day be demolished leaving no trail of it like the fate of pudu jail

Batu Ferringhi

My 90+ years old grandparents.
Sometimes i just feel very bad that i can't be there for them and thinking bout the loneliness they felt just breaks my heart.

Daddy's mah man


Wootttsss.......so i guess everyone's busy watching the worldcup eh?

The one thing i like about it is that this is the time where everyone will gather up to watch the match together ;)

Too lazy to update the blog nowadays. I'm probably living in such comfort zone, my brain just couldn't function much at night.

Anyway been following the Hongkie drama again these days. The last time i was really hooked on all these series were during the time when i was in uni.

Here's some backdated pic chas taken during the KMT gathering. Not every single members of our group turned up but nevertheless it was really fun meeting up with those crazy bunch of rockers again.

Youyou, moi and Ah Hen

Ah favourite pic of the day. With my dear sor hen all the way from Taiwan.
We used to joke about this fella when we were in Taiwan despite not really knowing him in person (inside joke)

Headed to 69 bistro later on.

Lee Yu


Thank you this two kind little cute ladies for treating us.

Mr.E with his helmet

Had a date with my dearie.
High tea at Dessert's bar.
Sadly we couldn't finish up this thing.

Mah gurl


I heart chu <>

Counting down 3 more weeks to go : -)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodnight Baby

tonight imma gonna see you in my dream
; )

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'd Wish.....

I had to the most wonderful dream last night.

Till the moment i woke up and start questioning myself whether it's reality ;(

The truth is *reality gave me a big slap.

This ain't real.

According to Freud, dreams are the suppressed thoughts of us in the unconscious mind.......which is probably so true for my case ;(

Sigh oh well.....at least i get to have a good sleep and a nice dream ;P

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midnight Crap

Have you experienced a sudden pang of adrenaline rush to do something crazie?

Well, it does happens on me. Right now.

Having the same old routine day by day ain't me.

Girls are fickle minded. This is so true.

Bizarre bizarre dreams. Monster, animals, fairies....all were present!

Bahhh....the night is no longer young.

Off to dreamland nao!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


....is a grumpy day for me.

While everyone's having a break from their studies or work, happily out in the malls.....i would be stuck in my lil' room working >_<

Went to gym again after work. Drove home right after that.

Felt so freaking tired, i had nap and woke up feeling so damn freaking numb.

As if the time just stop at the moment and i don't have the energy to do anything at all.

Here goes another weekend. Time to relax and recharge my batteries.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happiness is....

.....when you were at the retail shop,
trying a pair of jeans the usual size that your wear
and to realize that it's too lose for you
and you can actually fit into a smaller size jeans ;D

That's the end of my one week off holidays.

Time to get my ass back to work today.

I shall have a positive thinking towards it.

Ahh.....time to face those naughty kids ;)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Whee....It's Holidays !

Sigh...my stupid lappie's grumpy......after a million times of trying then only it will be normal again. It's time to service it i guess......$$$ O_o

Met up with Amanda and uncle this morning.

It's been another half a year since i last met them.

Today was the 3rd time in a role i had dessert from the famous shop...thinking bout high sugar level :P

It was fun catching up with each other

Pic credit~uncle
Camwhore with uncle's imac.

Eeeee......i love this one!

Hahaha.....bloated face and uncle's super freakin happie face
The ~ I want a skinnier face pose ;)

Teehee.....nice day hanging with them. Till then all the best to Amanda who's starting her job next week and uncle who's heading back to the States soon.

Heading off to Penang tomorrow ;)

I'm gonna go hunt for foooodddd!!!!!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


The much anticipated kmt gathering's now over.

Sigh....i miss every each of them ;((((

Imagine the feeling of emptiness without them and especially my dearie hl.

Started my gym session this month.

It feels so good honestly but i'm such a sucker.......those aunties/mother have better stamina than me.

Imagine them doing the power dance......it's freaking cool. Someday i'd really love to sponsor my mum to join as well ;)

It's addictive.....i'm still thinking whether to go for the 2nd time for today since i'm quite free ;P

However i got my first ever parking summon from the police today :(((((

fml fml fml......lesson learned~don't ever park on the roadside.

Sigh......it's so so difficult to save money in KL. *sobs

I think i really need to do some financial planning or probably buy shares eh :P

It's off for holidays in Penang after tomorrow ;)

Missing my grandparents a lot

Wednesday, June 02, 2010





Cheers ;)