Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last week of April

And this week's gonna be 'long sleeve top' week to cover up all these ugly red spots ;(

Was just so upset with this thing that happened fearing that it might leave scars on my body.

fml if not for this, i'll be having such good mood ;(

Things have been going on quite okay I'd say.

It's towards the end of April and next month gonna be my bday month.

Not really excited about it....a quiet bday for this year will probably be good.

The friends' graduation recitals are finally over.

Am really glad for them.

Looking forward to kmt gathering now.

Can't wait for this weekend to come, cuz I no need to work on a freakin saturday!!!!

I wished there's more public holidays which fall on a saturday ;P

Ahh.....such lazy person i am.


Another typical lazy monday.

Doing nothing except indulging myself at the comfort of my own home.

I was browsing through some other people's fb page and stumbled upon a few of my primary school mates fb account.

Added them but i think that they probably wouldn't even remember me ;P

Haven't meet them in like ages.

Guess what...some of them are married with kids!

I trying to imagine me having kids now at my age...welll hmm i might be a good mum eh ;P

And there's this two primary schoolmates who's now husband and wife.....the wife used to be my bestie in primary school.

But i guess i won't have the guts to greet her if ever i bump up with her.

Well maybe i should start looking for a husband and get married and be a good housewife.

Hmm....that sounds pretty interesting isn't it?

Monday, April 26, 2010

: S

Got a jab yesterday night ;(

Off to see the doctor again tomorrow.

Please let me get well.

This thing is driving me crazy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fragments Of Life

I'm counting down days to holiday now.

Really need something to spice up my life now.

I hate routine lifestyle.

Like how you eat at the same shop everyday, wear the same few clothes that you're most comfortable in, always eat the same thing at the shop.......

There's just too many things outside which are different and interesting i believe.

I wanna go explore.

But if ever i have the money to do so -__-

Missing my bff a lot ;(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dan Shui (淡水), Taiwan

While we were in Taiwan, we visited Dan Shui (淡水).
The must go when places there are definitely the Dan Shui Old Street (淡水老街) and Fisherman's Wharf ( 淡水漁人碼頭).

Quite unfortunately it was drizzling most of the days when we're in Taiwan.
It's so inconvenient to walk around or shop taking an umbrella!

淡水老街 is a street selling different kinds of food and some souvenirs.

Whoott.....spot smelly tofu! My favourite! Their version of smelly tofu is different from the ones here in M'sia.
I had this and it was nice! Stomach growling now ;(

Here's one of the icon of DanShui, which is the Tie Dan ( 鐵蛋).
It's black in colour, sorta chewy like rubber ;P
Majority of us don't really like it.
And the ones i bought is still lying in the fridge after so many months!

Lee Yu and Xi Yong trying it out

Fong Ying and her Ah Gei (阿給).
Aiikkssss....regretted that I never get to try this out ;(

副团长 initially wanted to treat us this ice cream tower but the shop was closed on that particular day. -______-

Fisherman's Wharf ( 淡水漁人碼頭) picture from google.
We were there at night and it was raining heavily with thunder storm.

The wind was blowing crazily.
All of us braved the storm and walked up till the middle of the bridge.

Got called back because it was just too dangerous cuz it's so slippery and people who's smaller size might just get blown away.
Try to imagine that.....crazie shit

Everyone with their umbre-ella.

A lousy pic we managed to take ;(
So gonna go back to this place to have a good look at it.
The aftermath.
Umbrella became astro antenna

They look so cute in this pic!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Post No.938

戀人 的眼睛(一四零)【記下】


勉 勵自己只是其中一種方法,

躺著不開心那 就趴著


Credit~ amijan

表面上看起来很好, 其实我只是把心里的恐惧掩饰得好.

其实心里面是害怕的, 可是我无能为力.....唯有装作坚强.....硬着头皮去面对事实

Unaligned burgers which sorta spoilt my mood for lunch the particular day! What's wrong with McD?
Tonight, i crave for you...your voice, your every single moves, your everythingThe condo unit that I visited few weeks back. What a nice heart shaped lake view they had. I bet people who stay there has lotsa lurve!

PS: I survived 2 weeks of not splurging on shopping. I wished I can continue to be like this.....and not get psychotic by the end of the day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crap man! Why are all these parents not picking up my phone!!!

Or they do take phone breaks on a lazy sunday?


Friday, April 16, 2010

Wangsa - Subang - Wangsa - Bentong - Wangsa

Going back kl later...aiikss

I need more students! I need more ca$h!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hoho...chatted with my bff last night and we promised to each other that we shall be more optimistic instead of thinking too much all the time.

By the way, i had this super weird dream this morning, one of my bestie and another not so close friend were in the dream....ahhhh it's just hard to describe this whole weird dream.

I woke up with lotsa ???? above my head. Haha

Boohoo....gonna get my ass back to KL tomorrow. No internet -___- boring sial

Anyway i'm gonna go explore pj area this thurs by mah self!!! Omg....this is just unbelieve. I'm freakin excited yet nervous cuz ya'know my driving skills ain't that awesome yet. I hope the GPS is gonna work if not i'm sure gonna get lost in somewhere.

Please bless me so that i can have a save journey ;)

Okay....exactly one more week to my uni gang's grad + reunion! Mad excited! Practise hard gurls .

I'm in such a good mood now i wished everyday is like this.

The computer shop's uncle never charge me anything for helping me to check my problematic lappie!

And i can't wait for papa to be home so that i can my hands on the souvenirs!!!

Nite ya'all!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beyond Words

My beautiful hometown.
Home is where the heart is. I still love this place despite it not having much entertainments here.

Lunch on one of the working days. Alone....how bad could this be.

Another day. This thing is seriously spicy
~ Am i weird or what.....i'm having all these crazy thoughts like :

+ my lappie would suddenly crashed
+ what if i got into a serious accident at thisparticular road that i'm driving at
+ what would happen if i were jump down or accidentally fell from the balcony
Hmmm....probably it's some hidden thoughts in my unconscious mind...Freud's theory eh? :P

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home sweet home

Yay......am finally back home.

I almost died of boredom there cuz internet's not available yet at the place i just moved in.

Hours passed through like forever.

Finished up my book in a day.

I've been a goodgirl so far......not spending on un-necessary stuff and i've been eating less!

Haha to look at the brightside, probably i could lose some weight eh ;)

Okay.......gonna be positive minded. Not gonna complain much, at least the place is better than Angkasa!!!

But i'd just wished that Ann and roomie would come stay with me ; S

Ps: emo emo emo....daddy's at Taiwan now....so sad that i can't go with him!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


No no....not this blog.

But I'm moving back to KL again!

It's back to life with all the freedom (it's not like i don't get any freedom at home ;P), living alone no more roomie :( , cooking alone, eating alone and much more to come.

Am i excited? I would say no more than a yes. I'd love to have mummy's cooking everyday. But in KL i gotta start thinking what should i eat for every meal :(

Aiiksss.....so many things to pack.

Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow *the management ppl won't give me any hassle

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Good or Bad Start?

Back when I was almost done with my studies, I was thrilled on the thoughts on embarking on a new journey of my life.

But those feelings are gone.

Finally settled the room renting stuff and car park thing.

Just like every condo, I EFFIN hate those management people!

They're always the ones who creates problem by having all these stupid rules.

Paid everything at one go. I'm totally broke now :(

I really need to chill, think and plan everything now.

It felt so unsurreal, i always thought that no matter what my parents will solve everything for me.

Never did i realize that i'm a grown up now. I gotta be independent.

An agent even asked me whether I wanna purchase a house today when I went room hunting.

I couldn't stop thinking about what she said.

Probably she's right.

My aim is to earn more, save up and probably start some investment plan.

Aii....gone are the mood to further my studies.........it would probably be few years later.

Who knows ;)

I'm on shopping ban now. Damn and i need to stop dreaming on traveling as well.

Taiwan taiwan taiwan. Someday i'll shall be back!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


RM150 for a carpark space?

I'd better go kill myself now.

Effed it.....everything's bout $$$$.

I got a good slap from this freakin reality.


I wanna hide and get lost from this place.

Someday. Perhaps. Someday....

Friday, April 02, 2010


Thursday, April 01, 2010


Migraine migraine migraine migraine.

I feel as thought my head's gonna burst anytime.

Would you please help me solve my worries?

So damn freaking hopeless now.