Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy merdeka day!!!

cheers!! M'sia's now 49 years old :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

For the Merdeka sake

ya....juz for the merdeka day sake my school were proud to be chosen to organised the carnival patriotik day celebration in out school. Worst, all the scholarship students need to go back to school to help out eventhough we're still on holidays !!

We gathered at the student affairs office at 12.30pm and there's briefing by ms.peiboon . As i was working in the admin section i was required to work at the MPH hall as usher.
Gosh...this was my first time working as usher. Everything seems so blur to me and even my friends. Our job was to lead the guest to their sits. Here i was, confused and a bit scared out leading them to their sits. I got to know a few new friends @ seniors . Their really nice ppl.

The front part of the t-shirt that all of us wearing durin that day and it's so ugly

Aku patriot?? I don't think so..lame t -shirt

The t-shit from behind

My tag~ my seniors even asked me to give them this tag but i didn't

Friday, August 25, 2006

M'sian or Un-m'sian

Congratulations rain, you are 53% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

:p Wow...i'm so un-m'sian.....guess tat i need to work out and next time i'll be close to 100% M'SIAN ya..

Moral sux

It sucks to score under the required marks for a scholarship student.....

Gosh....i'm juz 3 marks away....damn it!!

Wondering which part that i did real badly....i guess it must be the objectives that kill me.


Scared now....will i receive a warning letter?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

PD 2

Saw this tiny cute creature at pd..

Me & Mum~

I wish i don't have to leave ....

Uhuh...doin some shady business

Mr.Banana...wanna have a ride???

It's Mr.Batman !!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Holidays at PD

My family and i went holidays at port dickson since my parents' not working as well...

Started out journey at 9.30am and we headed to pj to meet up with my eldest bro to get the digital camera from him. Somehow he didn't went along with us . Then, it's way to pd. It took us bout 2 hours++ to reach there.

Dad and mum ~~on our way to PD

Checked in our hotel--Ancasa hotel--...and it's actually a suit unlike those hotels that we're used to in big cities. It's kinda like a apartment. Hmm~~our room's facing part of the beach and the tropicanal bali garden.

Bali Garden

Nice view~~

The scenery's really awesome.....

Somehow i'm a bit dissapointed with the beach at PD. It's polluted and there's rubbish everywhere around the seashore....the reason for it--it's open to public and ppl picnic or camp there. Before leaving they'll juz throw the left food or other stuff there without noticing it's their responsibilites to keep the place clean.

There's a lot of hotels in PD.....roughly bout 20 over !!?? Wonder whether some of it izzit were isolated..haha. You'll be able to see lots of restaurant around the street but it's mainly chinese seafood restaurant and malay restaurant selling tomyam or either ikan bakar.

When the sun goes down...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Time seems to goes by really week more and there goes my holidays.

Went shopping around with tikah yesterday.
Our first station was mid valley....met up with her there. She looks great as usual..hehe
Happily, we went around the shops searching for real cool stuff. OMG...both of us felt in love with a adidas pink colour singlet the moment we saw it...wanted to buy but the price for it can cost me bout 6 cups of starbucks coffee * sadly we can juz admired it :(*
We went to FOS as's a new and bigger outlet at another corner. Gosh....there's lots of new stocks there....many t-shirts brand that i haven't heard of though. Tried out a few outfit with the two of us in a fitting us*crazy*. We'd even took photos in the fitting rooms in our new outfit.

After spending a few hours there , we headed to !!
Hmm~~maybe's it's because we're a bit tired and our spirit for shopping sort of went down. We went to another adidas outlet at bkt bintang, hehe...and i bought a cherry pink colour reebok t-shirt there . Then we went to the roxy outlet...tiekah tried out their jeans and it's real nice.

Wanna watch tv be continue
going to port dickson with my dear family tomorrow !! happy,can't wait to go there.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

KeN HiRaI *the goddess*

OMG...i'm goin' crazie for this guy , fallin' for him , dreaming of him day and nite ..

Ken Hirai--my prince....
Mind you i got to know this guy not through his handsome looks but it's through his really great music !! Handsome + Talented === 100% Rain's choice ^_^

I love the theme song for " crying out love in the centre of the world" sang by him .

I wonder if i could......
meet him? @#$% (haii..better stop dreamin)

Let'S DreAm

Hold fast to dreams,
for if dreams die,
life is a broken-winged bird,
that cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams,
for when dreams go,
life is a barren field,
frozen with snow.
Langston Hugbes.
America, 1902-1967
@_@ panda eyes...can't sleep well these few days. Don't know why, everything seems like bothering me. My brain juz can't stop thinking when i'm about to sleep. Worrying all kinda stuff---pieces that i'm gonna play for jury,recital,my voice minor & bla bla bla.....

Arghh....wish that i can juz let go and not to think much bout my worries every nite :(

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's PinK blog is now PINK in colour..

luv it~~hope that my pinkish blog will brighten up ur day !!!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Best Friends*** of my dearest best friend since primary school*standard 2* Though time had passed,we remain best friends and the most important thing is that in this 11 years of friendship, we never quarrel and have misunderstanding between each other . ^_^
Leng lui playin piano
HOT CHICK !!! Too bad it's not mine ... it's tiekah's

Haha...everything's like so red ( izzit chinese new year now??)

We luv PRINGLES !! & TV??!!


Peace !

Hope that our friendship will last forever !!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The gurls goin' craziee~~

Me & Dear TieKaH~~~ luv ya gurl

Actin' cute **forgive us for being childish

Aaiikkss....tiekah kena tumbuk??!!'s actually my stupid idea :P

Weee....Watch out for --The Bond Gurls-- Their Hooottttt...

Yummy***mouth watering fruits. Both of us goin crazie for it!!

We're traditional minded gurls.....guys,interested??

Huh...wat is tis??? weirdos%%$%

Jia Zhuang

I happened to hear this song on the radio last sunday when i'm studyin' in my room.
It's Jolin Tsai's --- JIA ZHUANG~~
Don't know why , the moment i heard this song i fell in luv with it.
The music's nice yet simple....
Jia Zhuang meaning pretend...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I_LurVe_SeM_BreaK !!!

Guess what...I'm on holidays now !! happy can replax and enjoy my 20 days sem break !!! Juz reached home and i can't wait to switch on the pc to blog....

So what am i gonna do durin this wonderful break.......


and i'll become like a piggy... :(( movie??

the click!!! want to watch this movie tis friday!!!wonder how lucky i am if i can get a remote control to control things happenin' around me and maybe my fate as well..

3.practise piano??

guess tat i need to practise more cuz next

sem got jury and those seniors all so 'geng'....

want to take ltcl exam but dunno when....haii...

4.practise violin??

ya..maybe i should spend some time on my violin...if don't practise sure kena mr.lee scold...

really hope that i can get to join the orchestra as soon as possible.. some house chores?? if i'm mummy's gurl...

6.or simply juz relax and do nothing?? way!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Welcome To My 2nd Blog~~

Hey guys and gals, for ur information this is my 2nd blog. I've decided to switch from the friendster blog to this,reason?? wanna try something new and different, i guess.

Today's moral exam kinda sucks. The MCQ questions was much more difficult than the essay question. There a lot of questions on those which wasn't taught by our teacher...had no choice but to shot one of the answer and hoping that i'm lucky enough to stike the right one. Hehe..

Tomorrow's Jim Brickman's concert at Genting !!!!! Sad.....cuz i'm not able to go for his concert :( How could this happen to me??? Gotta blame for our final exam !! Need to study for m'sian studies and film exam....(i regret that i didn't started doin revision earlier and now i need to burn da midnite oil and sacrifice my dear JIM BRICKMAN"S CONCERT) dad's still askin' me wether i want to go or not...and i'm struggling . Been to his concert twice and his performance was really awesome and i managed to get his autograph signed on my cd!!! really enjoyed listenin' to his music pieces and his mellow voice as well--makes me feel so comfy and relaxing.

Jim Brickman and his piano~

I should be studyin' now....but wasting up the time for blogging'.....havin' a sense of guilty. That's all for my first blog here. Gudnite ! Ciao !!