Monday, November 29, 2010

花蓮怡園 (Taiwan)

Pictures of last year december.

When we were in 花蓮, we stayed in this place called 花蓮怡園度假村. More info check -->
Yi Yuen Resort

The resort was really big with lots of different types of room for rent.

When we reached there, the sun was down so we didn't get to take much pictures of the place in daytime.

Me and my soulmate during this trip. The best partner i ever had =)

Us. Chilling
Our room for 6 persons. Modern japenese style room.
Really spacious, nice and clean.

With a coffee table

The bath room. Spot the super cool water tap
Our room number

Along the pathway
It looks really simple from the outside, but it's actually much better than we thought

Some other groups of people who's lucky enough to get this room with such a grand hall *our room doesn't even have a hall

Strolling under the super nice weather
2 sopo

Headed to the main area cuz everyone's gathering there.

Chinese style
People doing the Alishan dance *if i'm not mistaken

Ning and earth

Mad happy kids

See the smile on everyone's faces =)))

The guys

Mr.Lao Dou

Moi, Kaining, Shin and Youyou



Sky lantern

Write your wish on the sky lantern and it will come true * i hope ;]

Up it goes

Please make my wish come true

Missing every single of you.

10.04 pm

Leigh Nash
~+ Ocean Size Love +~

Song's which brought back lots of memories. First heard this song years back and time's passed. Another kind of feeling when i listen back to this song.

~+ If It's You +~

My secret crush on this korean singer/actor after i watched this korean reality show *We got married*
Aww....he's soooo sweet and he can sing!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holy Moly = {

...there goes my specs *sobs

Haven't been to the sauna for like 2 months and out of the blue moon i decided to hit the sauna today after gym workout.

So i took off my contact lenses and wore my specs into the gym. Had a chat with this random lady from Utopia (was wearing my specs) and wondering how come i can't see her clearly.

Turned out that one side of the spec kinda melted or i don't know what (because of the heat in the sauna), the lense turned out to be blurry.

FML nao i gotta wear contact lenses at home :(((((

Anyhow i'm trying to make myself feel better by thinking that yea maybe it's time to change a specs.

I got this pair of specs when i first starting working *part time when i was in 2nd year of uni.

Well...Life goes on. Things changed.

Damn am planning to get this holiday(xmas) set of make up/facial care products with the money. Now i gotta fork out more.

I'd better chew on rubber and starve myself a lil' this month =[

Monday, November 22, 2010

Arghhh...The MAXIS broadband suck so bad. Paying for it and not getting the service. wtf

Anyway, we discovered our new favorite makan place~!!!! Happy max ;}}

~ Room Eighteen ~
a lil' pricey but nice food ;P
Yvonne and her mango sago ice blended

Mah soursop ice blended....i don't geddit why my soursop fruit is in green colour? cuz i've only eaten those white colours soursop saja

Chili cheese fries from Carl's Jr. Bleh the chili tasted kinda indian-ish, not my cuppa tea.

Back to taiwan!!!!! my fav place on earth =D

Late night gossips till the shop's almost closed

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Was down with food poisoning yesterday.

Had to cancel some classes ;(

I survived a day almost WITHOUT eating anything yesterday *miracle!

Thankfully i'm feeling much better today.

In fact, we (me and Yvonne) went for movie and shopping today ;)

Harry Potter was quite a disappointment, was kinda lost with the storyline *i guess you gotta read all the books to have a better understanding

Discovered a great place to have meal/dessert, though the food there is a little pricey.

Cheers =}

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visit to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Met up with Shima and her friends during Deepavali last Friday.

Had dimsum for lunch and walked around kl by foot (sight seeing with some other CS mate from overseas)

Definitely my first time doing it. (m'sians do not like walking under the sun)

Ampang park - KLCC -Bukit Bintang - Petaling Street - Pasar Seni

And this is my first time stepping foot into an Indian Temple ^o^

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple located around Petaling Street

Main entrance

No shoes allowed in the temple

Interior design of the temple

Loving the colourful interior

Shima@ Cs friend ~tour guide of the day
Fellow CS mate Philip

Monday, November 08, 2010

Excursion to Carey Island with CSer

It was my first time joining CS(couch surfing) gathering.

For this gathering, we went to Carey Island.

Around 40 of us in 10 cars.

Eve, Shima, Ari(Buenos Aires) and me were in the same car

Got lost middle of the way, thankfully for Gps we managed to find our way there.

Welcome to Carey Island

Some of their handmade wood carvings

Aww....the dog's smilling to me

Project Tompok Topoh

Old lady weaving

Bookmark for sale at RM2

Kampung house

Headed for lunch at Restaurant Kang Guan

Hello, tablemates

Camwhore time ;p

Partner in crime ~ Eve

Salted egg yolk crab
Thumbs up for it cuz it was finger licking good

Butter prawns. love it as well

Didn't managed to take photo of other dishes as everyone's really hungry. The food was really nice and at reasonable price. Will definitely go back there!

Us four in the same car ~moi, shima, eve, ari

Pic credit to some other CSer.

Overall there's nothing much to see in Carey Island except the handcrafts by the Mah Meri(orang asli) and seafood.