Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Pain on my nose!!!
I think it's the large fries that i ate yesterday and it causes hittyness now :(
Thought of having KFC today but now cannot make it.

Life Sucks

How i wish i no need to study at this moment for the sake of tomorrow's psycho quiz..

I didn't really had proper dinner tonight because of the lack of time. I've got classes from 6 till 9pm.

And i can smell something like the frying eggs smell. Ohhh.....kill me now.

I'm so freakin hungry and tired.

Went to the xmas carolling audition today. The person was quite nice. Hopefully everything will be confirmed then i will be earning my 1st income in december *shame* haha...

Hungry * Emo * Tired ........ I really need to apologise to my parents for being sooo damn lazy.
Memorising 2 chaps over 80 pages can kill me easily.
Let's see how will i do for tomorrow's quiz :(

Ciao babes!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Drama Marathon

I've been watching tones of dramas these days.
The Forensic Heroes 2, Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni, Feng Mi Xin Yun Chao.....
I've fallen for this particular actor and i can't stop searching for his videos. me crazy.

Broke again cuz i finally bought the psychology book and there will be a quiz on wednesday.
Die many terms to memorise ( restudying biology ) i hate the part about the brain.

Stupid me bought another violin technic that i've already GOT. Haiyaaa.....luckily it's only less than 10 bucks cuz it's the china version.

Major class tomorrow. Stress!!!! This is the first time in my life feeling stress for piano lesson. So it's a good or bad sign?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The list of things that i did this weekend :

1. EAT _mum said i've been eating as though i was suffering hunger in kl

2. SLEEP at 2-3am in the morning and won't wake up before 10am.

3. Practise lor...i played like shit nowadays. Very dissapointed with myself (hate technics) :(

4. Supper with parents.

5. Watch Astro - seriously astro programmes are getting worst. Not much interesting programmes these days.

6. Dyed my hair again!! Strongly recommend CALISTA cuz my hair used to be real dark and this is so far the best hair dye that will change my hair colour.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Of random stuff

My OIAM pass! I miss playing with the gang..

This is where dad works after he retired - The fish farm. I haven't been there before cuz i'm just plain lazy. To be honest, i have the fear of eating fresh water fish now cuz dad always bring back fishes. I don't like the mud smell.

A holiday trip with my family to Kuantan Swiss Garden Hotel. I love beach.

The smiley doughnut tika's mum gave me in S'pore. Yummy ;P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The summary

So that's almost the end of classes for another week except for tomorrow's group lesson -_-"
Nothing much about the week.
Oh yaa....yesterday all the condo lift was not working again when we were going home after going pasar malam. So ann and yvonne very ber-semangat wanted to climb up 24 floors. I had no choice but to follow. There goes all the calories i had for dinner ;)

Just got a msg from miss tiffy. There's a xmas carolling end of this year at genting and her high school choir mentor are looking for people to join. The audition will be next week.
Hmm..don't know what song should i sing cuz i long time never sing (classical)already.

The weather's still as hot as forever. It makes one feel so gloomy. No point staying at 24th floor cuz the wind ain't that much more compared to lower ground house.

I now have to sudden urge to go shop with someone who've got the same taste and liking as me.
Don't know why i haven't been buying much clothes these days. Hmm i want to get more simple tee!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If i'm not mistaken, we (boh kwan, kerxin, jun and me) sang this song - Yue Man Xi Lou * 月满西楼 in the Chinese Society Group Singing Competition at 2001. BohKwan was the one who chosed this song. I've never heard of this before the competition. It the first time i took part in group singing competition. We got 1st for the competition!! Oh yaa...and i accompanied the other group with the piano cuz their pre-recorded song can't be played. It's Xian Bin's group i still remember. He was a great singer.

Haiii.....looking back at those back....only i realise time passes realy fast. I miss those days. I miss singing in the choir under Aunty Chow (mother of YuHeng, the singer). I miss learning piano under Miss Lim. She was the first and till now the best teacher i ever had.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Went to work for 3 hours today.
Freakin lots of things to do - files to put back, tones of papers to arrange according to id numbers, look for n years old file.....

Came home after work. The stupid lousy condo is giving us so many problems. Not once but ALWAYS. It makes u Sosososo fan until you feel like

Haiiii.....problems please go away larrrrrrr
I'm like not having a good start for this sem.

Plus the insomia nights.......the weather's super hot EVER SINGLE DAY. I wish there's winter here.

Time to rest and recharge my battery ciao!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Of ups and downs

Imma's e-mo now...
Lil' things seems to get on my nerves easily..
Arghh....what's happening to me?!
Shoo shoo...all the emo-ness away from me..
I should be enjoying every moment don't cha?
Anyway Happy Wesak Day to dear all.
May all the good things be with you :)
Lub lub @ xoxo


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prayers to the victims

亲爱的 , 如你还活着 , 请记得我爱你。
Dear baby, If you are still alive, please remember that I LOVE YOU.

That's the words from a mom who passed away in the earthquake in Sichuan province.

The baby was soundly asleep when he was found sucking his mother's breast. The great mother was trying to protect the baby. Sadly, the mom could not make it and so she left a message in the handphone with the baby.

I almost cried watching this. In just over one night, thousands and millions of kids became orphans and homeless. Nowhere to go, and no one to turn to.

I have a sudden urge to go there and help and have a look at the condition there. I wish i could help out. i wish

Let's pray for the victims of the earthquake. I pray hard that there will still be people who are stucked under collapsed buildings are still alive.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Had group lesson today. Oh mayne....techniques techniques...i hate techniques
Even my side reading sucks today :(

After my group lesson went to Midvalley with Joe and Jiun.
We had lunch at this Thai restaurant at The Gardens. It tasted real bad and the price is quite pricey for me. Definately no 2nd time there!!

Walked around. Wanted to look out for the Ipanema flip flops cuz tiff told me there's sales. Went to Studio R and Royal Sporting House. Not much sales and not much sizes. I missed out Why Pay More!!! Cuz tiff got her flip flops there...aiikkkssss wasted la my trip.

Then went to FOS. Was hoping find some nice cool simple tee but can't find any. However, i did bought a pair of shoes there :)

Should be going home today but bro and his friend asked me to go for the make up seminar.
I'll be alone there as i'm not bringing any friends and i'm not close to his friend. Hopefully i will learn something useful from the there lah.

Night ppl

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bday pics

Thank you peeps for the oh so wonderful dinner!
Too bad my photoshop skills still sucks. I think i need to go read up the whole photoshop book that bro left for me. wth
Ps: New housemates finally shifted in. The condo is once again in a mess and much more things to deal with now -_-"

Thank U now 20 years old!! *sob sob* felt so old now
Wanna say thanks to everyone who wishes me happy birthday.

My Family - dad, mum, eldest bro, 2nd bro.

My Hometown gang - teng, zhen, bo, ps, sze, conting, ah hong, munhou, kerxin, cyeang, aini, puikheng, caisheng, tika, jaay-p..

My Bunch of Collage-mates - YvonneTAN, su-ann, tiff, rae, joe, jiun, stel, samantha, voonyin.....

UN salon, Ah lee, Amanda, Yue Sin, Msn friend and more.

Thankyou Tiff and Rae for the pressie. I love it so much!!

Thankyou Yvonne, Ann, Joe and Jiun for the dinner. I ate until my stomach almost burst.

I love you all :)

Ps: someone send me a lyric for my birthday. i wish i am the girl whom the lyric are supposed to dedicated for.
Pictures up soon :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have you heard about the earthquake that happened in Sichuan, China?
The deathroll has risen to 19.500 innocent people.
God bless them. Please do pray for them.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's my BDAE!!!!

I hereby declare May 14th as Miss Rain's Day.

Ish hahaa...sound to babai horr...bare with it la. Today its lao niang's bdae :)

Happy Birthday to me mE ME!!!

Omg, i'm so old already.......i thought i'm still the forever sweet seventeen!!

Tq to all my dear friends and family who wishes me.

Luv ya'all. Muackkssss...xoxo

I'm the princess today. May 14 is my day :)

The always lonely girl...haiii sudah umur 20 pun tak de org mau :P

Like oh my gawt...

Pianists out there plz watchout!!! I shall be better than you all one day and i will!!!

ps: tq for my bunch of howntown gang and my siao roommate whom just chatted with me on msn :) Lab you all. you guys really really cheer me up lor :)


rain. xoxo

( the date should be 14th may 2008 instead of 11th may.

Happy Mother's Day !

Wanna say thank you to my mum for always being there for me. Thank you for being patient with such a spoilt girl like me. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for all the things you buy for me. Thank you for being the such a great mum. I love you.

Went to Genting just now to sort of celebrate and also donate money to Uncle Lim. Hehe
We had SushiKing there. Yummy yummy....i'm now craving for more salmon sashimi!!
Went to Monte Carlo for the first time. Wow...big huge chandeliar and different types of games!!
Met darling joe there as well :)
That's the advantage of staying in btg, can go up to genting anytime.
Haha...but many people came back having a penny left in their pocket.

Happy Birthday too to my 2 collage peeps - Raechen Dan and Stella!!!
Love you guys to bits.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dream

Wow..i just stumbled upon this particular piano forums with people(music lovers) from all around the world sharing their thoughts.
There world outside is really big and i am just a tiny lil thing. In order to shine, you'll need to be good, r e a l GOOD.
One more year to go before i grad. I was just wondering what should i do after i grad?
Continue my studies? Most probably...
Julliard School of Music- every musicians' dream to get into this place and i heard that the Master program there are FREE!
Okay. That's the point. Aim hard, work hard, practise hard.
Chopin etudes, scherzo, Beethoven sonatas, Bach's p&f, Brahms, Liszt, Ravel........
Oh Gawd...i've got so much to learn.

"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is never enough for music."
-Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Quote from Ms.Chong :

Once my student, forever my babey.

*tears rolling down*

Awww.....suddenly i felt so bad. Anyway gotta thanks her for her guidance if not i would not be doing well for jury.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Healthy Food

So went to eat sushiking (which is consider as healthy food to me la)today with the collage-mates.
To be honest this was my second time having sushi in jap restaurant except once in Jogoya....i'm so poor what to do..

There's a thing sort of like pimple thingie popping on my back shoulder. It's freakin scary....second time of getting this thing. I guess it's all the toxic and heat in my body which is causing this thang. Sucks!

Ooohh...i think i've kinda decided to play Haydn sonata for jury 3 cuz Mozart's sonata's soooooo common and everyone seems to be playing it -_-'
Down to choosing either Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody or Chopin Scherzo....
For Liszt Rhapsodies...i'm not really familiar with it..
While for Chopin the Scherzo no.2 is really common while Scherzo no.1 does not sounds nice to my picky ears...
Can't wait to learn the 20th century piece - piazzolla!!
I'm crazy about 20th century pieces especially those that sounded dissonance, syncopated rhythm and heavy.....oooo those big chords kill you!!
I love playing pieces which have a big's like the thing gonna crash on you anytime.
Challenging but me like!!!

Am watching - the hottie and the nottie by paris hilton.
Don't tell me she's just a dumb blonde....i actually like her looks and according to some of the reviews, they said she acting quite well in this movie.
So plz check it out if you guys have the free time like me to watch before the finals come.
Had my first day of lecture for my major class today.
It went quite smooth. Hopefully everything will turn out well ;)
time for a nap zzzzZZZzzz

sushi king later!

Monday, May 05, 2008

A Big Relief

Pheww....thank God i passed all my subjects.
No more freakin holy mama theory and aural anymore!! Wheeeeeeeee.....

My journey so far has been quite smooth. Happy that my results were quite satisfiying except my minor instruments marks. Ghrrr.....why lah those lecturers so si beh kiam siap?! emo-nyerr

Finally got to know who's my new major lecturer. It's really really unexpected.
I didn't get the lecturer i requested for :(
somehow i'm gonna make the best out of it. No more regretting. I promise i'll work my best. So you better watch out!!!
The picture says it all. Everytime after holidays when we come back to our 2nd home there's be some problems happening. Sigh* when will all these gonna end?!
Happy uni-ing tomorrow fellow course-mates :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

emo emo emo....uni starts tomorrow hair looks so messy and i hate it now :(

emo emo emo.......

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Minor instruments results' out :(
Jury's result's out as well :D
one and a half day more to enjoy before the sem break ends. sigh how i wish the time will stop here. lookin forward to new challenges next sem. Bring' it on babey :P

Friday, May 02, 2008

Awesom x2 Day!!

Had a really really wonderful great day though mum and dad left early this morning to KB leaving me alone in the house.

Went out with Pk,Zhen, Bo and Howie to buy the steamboat stuff for our 'steamboat party' in the afternoon.
Headed home and changed straight for badminton session at 3.30pm.
Man....the weather's really crazily hawttt.....only played a while cuz i spent most of the time chillin' and chit chatting with e guys.

Later the night, some of them came early to help me prepare the food and the steamboat soup.
Haha...CheeMun was really good at helping out especially the tom yam soup.
14 ppl cramping in my kitchen and i had to take out an extra table to fit everyone.
As the owner of the house, i was running here and there to prepare everything.....yaa i didn't really ate much.
The whole kitchen was soooooo noisy. First time having steamboat with my dear gang!
We kinda estimated wrongly cuz there were quite a lot of fishballs, fu cuk, and bihun left over.
Damn i think for the whole week, i'll only eat all these food :(
ThankGod they helped me to wash the dishes if not i'll be cleaning up ALONE.

My dad even prepared honey melon, cut and put in the fridge so thar we can have it today.
Tones of calories in my stomach!!
The drinks finished up real fast and also the ice-cream!!
We kinda had like buffet style.
Everything went smooth and well.
We had so much of food and yet it's really super cheap per person compared to eating out especially in KL- bout 7+ per person only :)

Hahaa....the party was awesome lah thanks to my great bunch of friends and also having the whole house to our own hehe.

After they've gone, i tidy up everything and continued with my taiwan drama.
I've finally finished watching it. was the best drama i've ever watch. Cried for the happy ending.

Haiiiiii.........i love this kinda feelin' +++ where there's no worries, but happiness and love. What else can i ask for ?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Partie tomorrow!!

Chopped off few inches of my precious hair today!!
I got soooooo much of hair, those there that were left on the floor are enough to make a fake hair wig i tell ya'!!
Kept it for 1 year plus already.
Finally curled it this afternoon. Am missing my straight hair now :/
It's ok la..i kinda like my new style also :)

Dad and mum will be going off to KB tomorrow for some dinner and i will be left ALONE in the empty crib.
Since i'll be alone so i decided to invite those hometown peeps to come over for a steamboat party tomorrow night!! Yay...haven't have a partie since my b'day 3 years ago.
Am really lucky to have such sporting parents whom will allow me to do things i want/like and my parents knows all of my friends well.
But mum's been nagging a bit la.....the make the house a mess, make sure you clean your room after i come back...yadaa yadaa
Haha....can't wait for tomorrow night. I think they gonna be shocked to see my new stylo !

Off for my taiwan drama now!