Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is for you

27th September 2007 - u left us.
I've lost one precious friend.
I hate myself for being selfish and never care to visit u when u're sick.
I've not see u for bout 2 years or maybe more.
When the moment i got to see u its already too late.
U looked so calm and peaceful.
My mind kept on flashig back those memories of u.
I really can't believe the fact that u're gone.
Ur younger bro looks so much like u.

It's a heartbreaking moment when all of ur beloved families and good friends were there to send u through ur last journey.
Ur dad requested to play ur favourite cd- Lee Hom's gai shi ying shiong album along ur last journey because he knew that u love the album.
All of us couldn't control our tears.
We bid goodbye to u for the last time.
Hope u'll hear this.

显 宾,
愿 你 一 路 走 好
愿 你 安 息.
来 生 有 缘 希 望 可 与 你 再 做 朋 友.
永 远 爱 你.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

so long, farewell my friend

It's a sad sad day. The sky is darkened over. Everything turns grey.
Received a msg from KX telling me that our dear friend Xian Bin died of leukimia this morning.
The msg really shocked me cuz i thought he's on the process of recovering after the operation.
My heart sanked.
How could a person died of such young age?
Why is God so unfair?

Why can't he enjoy life like normal healthy teenagers?
Millions of question popping out in my mind, i really can't figure out the answer.

Dear XianBin,

Although we're not close friend but i really appreciated knowing u. Till the moment, i can still hear ur voice and i remembered how well u sang for each singing competition so clearly.
So sad that u had to leave us early.
May u rest in peace in another world.
Miss u.

Later on, another bad news came upon. WeiHeng got diabetes and is now in hospitalised in KL.

How come bad things came in a role.........i love ppl around me and want them to be healthy and happy.


I LiVe iN mA oWn WorLd
Stay away.
I shall be alone in the only space belongs to me.

I dream and make sure my dream comes true...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Yes....and i'm missing for almost a week for the bloggie world.
I almost got suffocated because of the lack of OXYGEN a.k.a INTERNET CONNECTION

Screw streamyx...they really piss me off.

After almost 1 hour on the phone with the tmnet ppl, our internet connection finally came back ( well, we also wasted our time trying to figure out fixing the problem on our own according to the instruction given by them, somehow our effort were wasted )

Nothing much interesting in my life for the moment.
My life is dull.

Had my recital yesterday. I played badly *i guess* some wrong notes here and there
My cme pieces are getting better :)

Now i'm left suffering for AURAL.
I'm wondering whether am i able t pass aural 3......
My ears are shut down....i can't differentiate 7th chords, i can't dictate the melody line, i can't do harmonic dictation as well
worst is that sometimes i don't even know what's the lecturer talking bout.
I can't digest it.

Help :(

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I need

to think for the better..
cme cme cme..i can do it!!
God bless me :)


Sunday, September 16, 2007

something to cheer me up

ShunJ told me that Leon's planning to build an orchestra.
The orchestra will be playing mainly contemporary animation music.

He'll then send a request to square enix, and if the orchestra is lucky enough, it'll be square enix m'sia official orchestra. great is that!!!

I agreed to join cuz its a good opportunity that i'm not gonna miss out.

Eventhough i'm no longer his student, but i kinda miss learning under him *lots of contemporary songs pieces to learn* he's composition skills' really good and he usually wrote music for me to learn and not from those suzuki or watever books.

OIAM 2--i'm waiting for it...i don't wanna miss out any opportunity for in this field(music) u get jobs if u've got more contacts with ppl outside and the media.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally i've started working today at the same old place with yvonne now!

Hmm...let's talk bout yvonne tan.

well...i don't really talk much to her when we're in foundation year.

however things started to change eventually, when she *ehem* BOOKED me to be her partner for 2p 4 hands in cme.

i was suprised by how well we could work together as partner.

we played Scaramouche together.

really loved that piece.

even our cme lecturer that sem was great, we love her too.

and know yvonne tan's moved to our block and so unfortunately i'll get to see her day and night.

i thought i'm the one who eats alot, but i wrong...totally wrong

yvonne tan's 1000000x worst than me.

everyday i see her she'll ask me " rain ar, gam mad sek mat ye ar?" ( what we gonna eat today)

and because of her i had pizza, oldtown, mcd.....all the high cabs fattening food.

i get fat, she? still the same tiny size (unfair wei)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

for u :)

Qing ai de amanda,

zhu ni sheng re kuai le !

A bad day

I'm having a {~Bad day ~ Daniel Powter } today.

Cme....ohh i miss last sem's cme with my beloved partner yvonne under ms.geneviene coaching.

there's times i feel like crying...
i'm starting to loose interest in what i'm studying now...
i need a warm hug now..

and plz stand by me

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happiness comes easily ( sometimes )
Great outing with the 2 buddies again.
Will post up later.
Bloated stomuch. Less is good for me now.


dON't yOU ?
Sien...the new sem is so uninteresting :(
i need some energy boost

Friday, September 07, 2007


In memory of Pavarotti the greatest maestro singer !

May you rest in peace.

Your music will live in our heart forever.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My World Is Raining-cats and dogs

Having a bad start for college.
Starting to hate goin to college.
Everything's getting so much more hard.
I damn tak syiok with my marks!!!
Insomnia for 2 nights already. No more for tonight please.
The unbalanced hormones.
I'm feeling so negative now and maybe my "yin" is more than my "yang" now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Arghhh...i feel so down :(
I'm not really happy with my jury marks :(
Haiiii.....heartbroken :(
Sad :(

A gud start..prob??

Time passes really fast. I slept through the whole holidays which kinda sucks for me cuz i love travelling and goin around.
Some of the results were already out. I'm so sad for my cme marks. Me and yvonne were really disappointed with the marks. Results for the others are bad as well.
2 more subjects result to go which are the most important--- jury marks!!!
Praying hard to get a decent result.
Uni gonna starts tomorrow.
At first i was kinda excited but not after seeing the lousy timetable arrangement.
Double classes to attend to each week cuz we need to finish all the syllabus in juz 2 months infact of the actual 4 months!!
I can't imagine attending theory 4 days in a roll at 8.30am!! I hate theory eventhough Dr.Rowlands' cute.
Having cme this sem and my partner will be some junior whom i don't really know (ppl eng ed summore) and i'm kinda worried. Scare to see Dr.Lim on FIRE!! Scary weii

I'm starting to miss the comfy-ness at home. Here, it's like u need to solve everything by urself.

Am juz hoping that i'll have a good start for tomorrow.
A brand new day. I really need to think positively !!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Had dinner with darling Tiekah on last tues at Pelangi and she was saying that how down she was feeling (becuz of d stupid jerk la). Then when we finished our dinner, she suddenly suggested that we go CLUBBING. Yeaaa....and i agreed to her sudden plan.
And so i followed her back home. She cheated her mum by saying that we're going for movie as we've booked the movie tickets. At first her mum doesn't agree but after some nagging she managed to convince her mum to let us go. She called her college friends and asked them to go along. I as well went home and packed and i told my mum that we're goin down one day earlier and will be staying over at my condo. My mum was worried but i dun care laa..cuz we were feeling so excited to club.
Tieka drove down at bout 12am!! was our first time goin to kl so late and we reached there at bout 1 and met up with her friends at Bkt.Bintang.
At first we wanna go to Planet Hollywood but too bad the ppl there were really strict on the age rules. We were underage kids wei!! Hav a drink at Planet but not in the club b4 leaving. Her generous friend treated us Whistkey!! We drank it with Coke and it tasted not bad lah.
Then we headed on to The Loft and Cyenna!!
Not really many ppl there that night cuz its a tuesday. The music was trance and we dun kind like it. I did dance a while with her frens but it was really no fun. The adrelina in my body was not pumping high as the music wasn't my type.
The lights were on at 3am. I was like that's all??!!
Went hartamas for yc session. OMG there was a super huge rat around d mamak!!!
Then went to padang near to her fren's house. Chit chat there until when it's goin to rain we cabut to another mamak shop.
The sun was up by the time we left the mamak. Sent her friends back and we headed to tieka's collg.
Our eyes were closing on the way there. We got no mood and strength to shop already and so we headed home after that.
Hmm.....this was my first time going clubbing. Not a bad experience and i can't wait for next session of clubbing!!!

Yvonne Tan n Stella--when's our turn to go club??!! hehe
Outside Loft

Babes and car

Burger King b4 goin home. Posers!!

Hey Hey Hey....I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!