Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh crap...i did badly again for aural sight-singing this time. Pray pray pray i just want to pass this subject!!
Violin lecturer actually forgot my violin class. Haiii sien...need to replace it next week :(

Not to forget today's darling JOELIN'S 22ND BARFDAY!!!

Kinda cheated her asking her out for discussion for her music theater but we actually had a cake to celebrate for her.

Boy...she's so happy and it's great to see people around us smilling cheerfully. She's like an angel :)

A cute and bubbly girl!

Loves hanging around with her!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Omg... i can't play chromatic scales!!!
Wonder how will i do for my jury this sem -_-

Anyhow, i'm here to wish miss YVONNE TAN -- HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!
No more kiddo act ok?? *ehem* your popular classy cicak act..muahahaha
Watch out ppl, she might be the next US FIRST LADY !

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finals in few days time!!! OMG...i'm so not prepared.

Gonna pray hard that i'll pass those freakin subjects. Plz no more aural and theory okay!

Finish my movie and now yet ANOTHER movie.

August Rush which is something about music.

I hope it will turn out nice.

Aiiii....never ending of working hours. Been working like a mad cow and reaching home like a zombie. Dead tired.

And the weather tonight's killing me. Bloody hot. I think i need to wear mah bikini to sleep tonight :P hehe

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Movie Queen

Watched 27 dresses last night through a site that i found which is showing all the latest movie in town!
It's quite a boring movie. Not really worth watching :(
I'm down to another movie now - The Perfect Holiday.
And I can't wait for my holidays to come in few weeks time !!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally get to fix my babey violin!
Happy and it's free of charge :)
Feel so tempted to go shopping this week!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tired :(

I think i love my blog too much, would rather sacrifice my sleeping time to blog.

Just to show some random pictures ;)

The books i bought during last sem break holidays which is on clearance. It only cost me about 100++. I'm only done reading -Weekend in Paris (lovely story) i would like to spend a weekend there as well!! -Making your mind up (i'm so old already can't even recall the storyline now :/)

The others neglected for some time until the next sem break comes then i'll probably finish up them.

Lecka-lecka!!! Craving for it now! Reminds me that Jaay dude still owe me Haagan Daaz!

Dinner that we cook few weeks back. Basically we're only helping out, Ann's the master chef preparing everything. Hehe...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hallelujah!!! I'm finally done with it!!
As a person who's quite concern with the happenings around the world,
i shall predict that Mr. Ma Ying Ziu will win for the election of Taiwan president tonight.
Let's hope i got it rite..hehe wouldn't it be great to have such a handsome man as your

almost done

I'm so glad i'm ALMOST DONE with my term paper.
Well only the citation part left now.
I can't believe i managed to crap so much rubbish for my essay!!
Happy eppy!!

Home sweet home now. Ok let me enjoy my drama now ; D

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I think i've almost gone crazy.
I've read through over thousands of articles about schoenberg. eyes and brain are going cuckoo%!

Yesterday got lectured by mah good lecturer. Felt kinda down for the day...i mean haii i've tried my best already if you think its so easy you show me how to do it lah.
All my midterm marks were awfully bad. Mum gonna me so disappointed with me :(
Haven't finish memorising my 2nd jury piece, and now my lecturer wants to me memorised the 3rd one as well!!! How how how....plz don't have high expectation of me, cuz i'm literally lazy.

i'm like an aunty complaining about everything again. Pms lah can't blame me

Can't wait to go home tomorrow!

I'm addicted

Me love my girlfriends~

Plz don't stop the music~

Best lesbo couple of the year

Joe's Agogo style dancing..muahaha

Dj in da house!

Man, i swear i don't drink**

~Alcoholic Queen~

Admiring her cuppa ~

Joe and me

Jiun and me~ luckily she fought with her bf that night, if not she would not ever have the chance to go clubbing with us

My sweeties..Muackss

Before the MPO concert

My blog seems so dead nowadays.
Everytime i got the inspiration to blog i will ended up doing other stuff instead and when i i was about to blog...all the thoughts and what i've wanted to write all went blank. Tired is also one of the reason.
Everday i come home feeling like a zombie. How how how i wish i need not to work!!!
Damn...i've been complaining so much lately. Wonder how am i going to survive if i were to go study overseas.
Okay i shall stop complaining.
Continue from last post about our MPO concert.
So after the MPO concert, i suggested to the girls to go clubbing since Jiun's angry with her bf and she need some relaxation, those club are way just a few steps away from KLCC.
Wanted to go The Loft but we ended up at Poppy Garden because of some reason which i don't wanna talk about.
Waited for Joe's friend, Jenny- the party queen to brought us in Poppy. Credits to her for bringing us in la....if not we'll be like fool standing outside there.
Wow....the place was jam packed with people. It was only heating up when we went it.
The highlight started at 12++. Music that night was awesome but the only thing that i don't like is because they repeat the same song again later on.
Pulled da babes to the dance floor. Hahaa....we feng, we shake....damn high babey.
Stupid us felt kinda embarassing cuz we were dressed up kinda formal and weird for clubbing.
People were like wearing so sexily with those shiny eye-shadow and extra long fake eye lashes.
Our high heels almost kill our legs that night.
Ok rule no.1 to club if to better wear flats instead. Nobody will look at your beautiful feet. Haha
Rule no.2 is to dress like a sex bomb. Eventually every guys will go hoo haa after you. haii..if i've got those 32 34 32 body :(

Rule no.3 if to put thick make up - shiny blinky eye shadow and long bushy lashes!!

I can't believe i sounded like a pro (which i'm not DEFENITELY!)

Half way through Joe's legs were hurting like hell and so she and her boi went over to chill at Retro Club which is one of the MOST quiet bar in J.P Ramlee.

Me and Jiun continued to dance like there's more tomorrow. adrelina's pumping high and i feel like going now!!

When we're done with the crowds and noise we went over to join Joe and the boi.

Boring music but nice environment la.

Joe and the boi tried tequila shots and she said it tasted like shyt.haha

Reached home at about 3.30am that night. Was so tired that i straight away went to bed even without cleaning myself up first.

The next time, mah whole body was smell of alcohol and cigarattes. Even after washing my hair it still smell of cigar. Had to spray super a lot of hair moisture thingy to get rid of the smell.

It was a real fun night. Can't wait to go again!

ps: by the way, i really don't understand why guys do not allow their gfs to go clubbing..i mean hey...its my life and i shall do whatever i like.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 lips hurts!!
I guess i've been suffering from dry lips after coming back from the china trip.
Had to have my lipbalm with me all the time.

Mayne...i've read through hundred over articles about Mr.Schoenberg and his insane invention of serialism which make the whole history 3 class suffer from doing a term paper about him..
I'm so sick of him.....arghhhh can't wait to finish it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A luxury day

Dressed up nicely yesterday. Me and joe used fake eyelashes!
4 of us headed to KLCC at 4pm.
Walked around KLCC, there's a lot of sales going on.
Since we did dressed up yesterday so we walked to so some high classy shop like Coach and Gucci. Muaahaha
But we didn't buy anything :)
And we had KFC for dinner !!! i luv KFC
The Mpo concert started at 8.30pm.
Dr.lim and Steven Tok were sitting beside us...scary wei
Berlioz's overture was short and sweet.
And there's come the Emperor Concerto of Beethoven.
Well, no doubts the pianist's played really good but then i don't really like his style.
I think the concerto will probably sound nicer if the piano sound was more grand and with more support from the orchestra.

Last but the least, the piece that we all are waiting for - The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky.
God sounded awesome. I was AWAKE during the whole piece was played.
I love the conductor!!! His conducting were really precise and straight forward.
The syncopated rhythm and changing meters!!
Love it love it!!! It was one of the best performance i've seen.
Awesome ending for yesterday night's concert.

After the concert.....the girls had other plan instead of going home.
Need to do my term paper now :(
To be continue......

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feelin Blue --_--

It's friday and i'm stucked in this friggin' condo ;/
Don't feel like touching mah yet to be done term paper.
Blasting the speakers with some loud music. come i've had such a boring life?

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Darn..woke up with a bad stomachache this morning.
Haiii...ate too much of rubbish food in KL.
I think my body is alerting me to cleanse up my body or it will go worst.
Feel like staying home and rest for a good whole day.


lazy lazyy lazy......i want a week of holidays.
I want to sleep until the sun shines in.
I want to cook something nice for myself.
I want to walk around somewhere.
yada yada yadaa.... how i wish??!!

ok back to reality...didn't even touch my term paper today :(

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Congrats to bestie KerXin for scoring flying colours on her stpm.
Muahahaaa mah friends' are all smart babey!!

Term paper term paper term paper term paper xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx10000
due date is on errr...i don't know when ( very soon to be lah )
3000 words.....ZOMG!!!! I've started doing research bout it.
Anyone willing to do this for me? Then i belanja you guys :P
nothing to say...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yo peeps

Was in the lift with a negro guy when i came back from violin lesson this morning.
Guess what..

The negro rapped in the lift and without music *mp3, hp etc.

It goes like " Yo ladies and gentlemen....bla bla bla * i can't get what he was rapping... and before he went out of the left he ended his rap " Thankkiu ladies and gentlemen for makin' mah day!"
He sounded quite good actually :P

I almost laughed out on the spot but don't dare cause scare he'll hit me. Muahahahahaa

He has the potential to become next JayZ, eminem etc.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bravo Opposition!!

Guess you guys must have been glued to the tv since last night with your dearest parents.
Well well...the results came out as such a big suprise.
Kesian Samy cause he losts the election of his b'day itself!! I think he'll start to hate this meaningful day :P

Pig out on saturday night cause bro decided treat us as to celebrate the win and the rise in his salary. Had KFC chicken, 1 large cheesy wedges and 1/4 of the large whipped potato. Yummy..felt super happy!!

Friday night followed bro back at 10.50pm. Bro thought that the traffic will be smoother at night. Manatau his salah prediction made us jam all the way at karak highway. First time i've seen such a massive jam along Karak highway. People were stopping by the emergency lane to rest and maybe to cool down their engines. We thought that its the accident that causes the jam, we were wrong again. There's actually a car/lorry broke up. Just because of this, we had to jam for 1++ freakin hour. Ended up reaching home by 1.30pm !!

I"m back at condo now since bro's scared of the traffic jam. The weather is nice here.
I just don't feel like thinking about the history term paper which we are required to write 3000 words. *pengsan* how on earth am i going to write essay bout Schoenberg and his serialism music.
Okay..i've decided the fact that i hate Mr.Schoenberg NOW !!! Grhhhhh...would rather have quiz or exam than term paper. Hate doing research!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

SNap snAP

Am alone at home caused need to wait for bro to come pick me home at 10pm later.
Was feeling kinda blue, snapped pics to pass the time.
Plz layan me a bit. Haha I heart Godiva choco.
My babey. Thanks bro!

Of black and white.

Best choco in the town!

Bought a new spag this week. Love' it :)

the ERECTION craze

hello people!!
So for these few weeks, you must have been aware that there's thousand of street banners and flags along the street and people distributing pamplets allerting peole about how good their representatives are.

Those people went all the way to the pasar malam to promote themselves blocking people's way and wth even took picture middle of the busy pm.
They'd even cause noise pollution. Having the lion dance and the chinese drum, drumming for few freakin' hours nonstop!! Grhh...

And tomorrow will be the big day. Vote wisely. Think twice before you do your decision.

pinkpau wrote an interesting entry and received an amazing 100++ comments. Whoott...gotta salute her to her bravery in writing her own opinion in this narrow minded country!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Top 5 Favourite Brand

There are this few brands which i loved and which is affordable to me :

  1. Nike - love their sport shoes and also nike t-shirts (i usually only buy those on sales or form nike factory outlet in penang or jb)
  2. Roxy - roxy represents youth to me....and i think it's really important for girls to wear something young and its bags, tees and flip flops
  3. Ipanema - one will need a nice comfy flip flops or can wear it anywhere anytime..for the price you pay for a pair of ipanema it is really worth it
  4. PDI - support M'sian brand!! always get their stuff when it is 50% or 70% off...
  5. Guess - not really affordable to me larr :P But i just love this brand..bro got me a wallet of this brand. Loved it!

So what's your top 5 favourite brand ?

Today our uni launched the International Women's Day and they invited TARA 2 runner up - Pam and Van as guests.
I actually wanted to go to have a look on the 2 pretty babes cuz i've been following this season's TARA 2.
Somehow since none of my friend is free i ended up going working :(((

Went to toilet with Kim in the middle of working, and coincidently the lauching's just over and i get to meet Pamela and Vanessa !!
Really happy...finally got a glimpse of the 2 girls after watching them on tv for so long.

Wow man...they're really Hottttt.....omgggg those ang moh features' super chio that i wish i had some ang moh blood running in mah body.

Another quiz for tomorrow :(
stupid working hours....seems like i can't finish up the working hours...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

Simple is nice

I've changed back using the old-traditioned blogspot template.
Enough of complicated html codes and fancy template and now it's back to the simple one.

It kinda signifies my life. Hope that i'll have the simple yet wonderful days.

Now really gotta work hard to jury and violin. Haven't really been taking serious about these 2 as i was more focus on the competition itself. I'm sorry i kinda neglected the 2 subjects.

Had diarrhea this morning :(
My body is damn polluted wei..

Sunday, March 02, 2008


The results was out~

Classical Solo - ChuanLi
Jazz Solo - SuMei
Classical Duet - ChuanLi and SuMei

Congratulations to them!! They totally deserve the title. They've not onlywon the cash prizes but also a trip to JAPAN !!!!

Am super duper jealous. I wonder whether will i have the chance and talent??!!

Time for so rest before i continue my new journey.

So what's up next?

To the birthday babey

can't believe that i've known you for the 3rd year, time passes really fast and now you're the first to reach the number "20" among the 3 of us!!

Best wishes for you and let's hope that we won't have another year of celebrating vday with da stupid textbook. Hehe

I'm so sorry i can't celebrate for you on your bday itself and therefore i shall dedicate this WONDERFUL post to you.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Roland Asia Pacific Piano Competition

Yay..!! The competition is finally over.
Win or not i'm already satisfied with the performance today. No major breakdown, and no memory slips.
Muahaha...1st time i went to KLPAC it was to watch the HSBC STRINGS FESTIVAL and today we actually get to perform on the stage. Awesome!

Tomorrow night will be the Gala Concert.
Let's enjoy the music!!

Photos will be up soon :)