Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enjoy it :P LP rox!

TP TP TP TP!!! hav u finish it?

Term paper, term paper, term paper..........am so desperate to finish it but i juz can't seems to concentrate and i'm kinda lost.

Knowing that HC actually finished her term paper ready makes me feel worst.
Can't even sleep well because my mind kept on thinking bout the yet to be done term paper.
That's the reason of lacking of post. I used to blog often(daily) but not now.

Trying hard to finish it up now after a nice comfy nap.

Had a great lunch with stella and yvonne though. Oohh....the 3 talkative gurls in da town. Haha

Monday, July 30, 2007

OMG....he's not even HawTttt, he's talented!!!
Love his new album.
No wonder he's a graduate from Berklee. I wanna go Berklee also!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

that thing about my lost pendrive

Yaaaayy......found my pendrive !!!!!!
I think some senior/ contemporary students found it and they passed it to ms.liu.
haha.....so happy :))))))))))
God bless.....my pretty sexay photos won't be steal by other ppl.
Tired. Goin to have a nap now.
happy sleeping :P

Everyday's a tiring day

Can't help but to feel tired for these few days.
My mind and body's like alarming to stop and rest.
I feel old............as if i'm become an old man.
My heart's having a big burden.

Anyway finally i finished watching my favourite movie yesterday. It was super awesome. Love it to bits. It's the movie that i'll never get sick of watching over and over again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Enough of those sad/bad/complaining post.
Here's something happy to share.....
ponteng midi today and went to shopping with HuiTing.
while i was waiting for her, a stupid ah pak came n asked me' siu je, cheng man....'
i turned around n walked away. pheww.....scary weiii
headed off to bkt.bintang
it seems as if i haven't been for shopping for ages....actually it's juz for bout 2weeks or more :P
n the gurls went shopping around happily until their feets got tired because of the heels.
teehee....i got a puma long sleeve t-shirt cuz they got stock clearance so it's super cheap and cheap undies la.
huiting bought 1 tee, undies, shady.
a happy day is gonna be over. i need to come back to reality and finish up what i need to do.
ciao peeps.

ss in dressing room

shorts that i didn't buy

ting chilling after a long tired shopping day

Monday, July 23, 2007

Black Parade

All the bad things/ bad luck are coming after me..
pendrive - gone/still hoping to get it back *sux had to re-do half my midi project*
computer - kena virus *it's like my own body kena stucked by lightning*
term paper - no idea how to do *feel like burning the question paper*

Stressed to the limit!!!
Woke up middle in the night yesterday because of the sudden migrane attack. Whenever i close my eyes and tried to sleep the pain attacks my blood vessels. Had to stay awake until i felt so helpless and feel like crying.

kill me *

Friday, July 20, 2007

arghhh.....i'm so forgetful
I left my pendrive at midi lab today :(
Pray that no one will steal it.
God,plz hear my words.

My midi project and research for history term paper are inside.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Finally decided to re-do my midi assignment because the one that i did was kinda wrong. Time signature was not correct and i didn't start on the first bar and i so i had problems in sequencing the notes in time. ( partly also because of yvonne lah...kept on asking me to re-do)
Used up 2 hours for 3 instruments/ 3 tracks. Arghhh.....at least 3 more tracks to go.
Sat in front of the computer for 2 hours until i don't even feel hungry at all (only had milo and curry puff earlier on)

Everything seems so emo, Emo, EMo, EMO this week.

Can't wait for everything to be done. I'm longing for a nice vacation now.

(imagine myself sun-bathing at the beach with my mr.cute)

Goin for another recital tonight by Dr.Png and Dr.Lim. I can't help but feel hungry now. Well i should say at last i feel hungry.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shots from pasar malam tonight. Interesting isn't it? See how those hawkers feeling fxxked up by those DBKL ppl cuz they weren't allowed to do their business. Stupid car blocking my way to take pic. Go away la

Was quite down/emo this afternoon. But then after going out with the 38 huiting, feel better now. Haha love crapping and bullying her.

Sink-ing deeper and deeper

i'm an angel without wings.
Need to re-energize/re-charge my batteries
hate to do term paper
The weather is as emo as me
Been thinking hard whether to switch lecturer
Conclusion - my mind is blank
Will u decide for me?

Monday, July 16, 2007

gathered once again

Last saturday we had a small gathering for mio2/the violinists gang in bentong.
Well, Sifu- david was back from UK, Amanda back from aussie land, me KL and Pei erth met up at TMK at 10pm.
Haha..well all look didn't really changed.
David brought along his camera which contains over 400 pics of his life in cambrige (the cambridge hermit), his travel to ireland and scotland and also his Graduation!!
It's fun to look at photos taken at somewhere i've never been to and listening him explaining his experience there.
The 3 of us - amanda, pei erth and me also talked about how's our life been these few months.
It's great sharing your own experience with friends.
Man i'm so jealous of the A and D. I wanna go overseas as well someday......
Kinda disappointed this year cuz nobody's inviting us to perform :( no fun la
i miss those days during MIO2 and OIAM.
The Mighty 4.

A cute keychain souvenir from the A. Thanks ya gurl!

Buzie buzie buziee....until i don't really have the mood/drive to blog.
Muscle aching after swimming today. Long time never go swimming dy.

I feel so dead once again. Anyone to boost me up??

Wonderful performance

Ooohh Aaaahh.....Joshua Bell ~ i luv you!!!

He totally impressed me with his playing.

His gesture, technics, sound and of course his smooth and silky hair!!!

After watching his performance, i've been asking myself when will i be able to play like him or even half as good as him ???

Anyway had a goodtime watching a virtuosic violinist performance and dinner at a nice surrounding around leisure mall.

I felt as if i've been broke since the early of the year till now. That's so depressing.

Don't know whether i should work but where to start off.........

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Part of our performance's video is out!!
Check out at www.ucsi.edu.my then click on the WEB TV and u'll get to see part of out performance that night.
It was such s nice wondeful memory.

Friday, July 13, 2007

HSBC Strings Festivals- Jazz Trio

So i went for the Jazz Trio performance at KLPAC tonight. Tagged along with Rae, Tiff and Weili(the driver).

Ther trio - Joseph on double bass, Justin on piano and Fung Chern Wei on violin.

Awesome combination of the three. Really enjoyed the performance tonight.

My ticket

Auntie Raechen talking on the phone with the innocent bf complaining bout her cello boy. haha

Euro Strings exhibition- violin prices ranges from 3-50 k. hmm...anyone gonna sponsor me a new violin?

The entrance
ps: woohoo....can't wait to see JOSHUA BELL this sun!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

3rd post of the day~ showing my bored lonely desperado

My Recital

Here goes my 2nd sem degree recital,3rd recital at ucsi

Kabalevesky Sonata no.3, op.46 1st movement

ps: thought that i played quite ok but duh...my lecturer was not satisfied with my performance according to her i deserve a c+ for a performance like this. I really sei dak jor if i play like this for jury.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stumbled across this song at imeem. Am lovin' it.

Luv me, Luv me not

The pre-concert

Before the actual performance day, we had 3 days of rehearsal at 7pm to 11++pm.

As we know, rehearsal are juz as boring as what we expected. Got tired of sitting, waiting and standing and the most crucial part will surely be listening to our dear head of school lecturering us non-stop, really NON STOP kay!

Poor thing those music staff had to do everything then half of the money we earn goes to school of social science and liberal arts wth larr..

The first 2 days of rehearsal was on casual wear while the 3rd rehearsal was a full dress rehearsal.

The rehearsal really made us all feeling so tiring. Many of the ppl ended up skipping the second day early classes(but not me kay cuz i'm a good gurl :P)

Dr.Jeff was like :" u all were not in my theory class but u came for ur recital. hmm....Naughty gurls!" haha...he's so cute la

This was what we did when we got sick of waiting and sitting till our butt pain

The outfit that we gonna wear on the performance night

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I feel like dancing in the rain

I'm happy because

Juz finished my 2nd degree recital for this sem today :)
I'm super glad....phewww.....everyone did quite well.
Luckily i'm not as nervous as before. A bit of slips here and there but i knew i did better than last sem. Hopefully my performance skills will really improve over time.
Playing badminton with Tiff this later on then will be going for tonight's special guest recital by Cheong Yew Choong.
Ps: tq the cellist for borrowing her hp to record my performance. Will post it up when i got it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

i love high calories food

Mum and dad came to kl yesterday. After fetching me up, we went to bro's place.
Had lunch at ss2 at a penang branch shop. Their curry mee was so so(too much of santan prob) but i like their cendol.
When we're done with our lunch we then went to the curve. Walked around the curve, ikea and ikano. Nothing much to buy.
We managed to buy lots os yummylicious food.
We had Ikea's sweddish meat balls, Big Apple's Doughnut and i bought Hello Panda biscuit.
Too bad i had to leave earlier as i've rush back for the concert at night if not i shall eat Moreeee.

Ps -- concert pictures posting up soon :P

Sunday, July 08, 2007

i'm a good gurl

Something special for 07.07.07
Yeay..done with the first night of the concert. Everything went GREAT.
One more night to go. Don't miss the last chance to see our performance :P
Will post up the pic later.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Very tired
legs *shakin*, hands *shivering*, voice getting *horse*, eyes *closing*.....
Had our first rehearsal at MPH hall today.
Felt so sickening standing and waiting and listening to the head of school briefing on very things.
Its worst than the time during the MI2O and OIAM stand by time.

2 more rehearsal to go before the real performance. Arghh...it's fun but tiring.

I'm guess i'm ageing. I felt liveless now

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kill me for the super hot weather here.

emo and i am.

when will i meet u again

Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm exam free after one busy midterm week.
Somehow will have a busy week for this week.
Our Uni's concert's on this saturday and sunday so from wednesday onwards we need to practise/rehearse from 7-11pm = tiring.

Because of this concert i bought a long black dress.

The performance's gonna be real cool this time because the choir + orchestra + modern band's gonna perform together in one shot. Fuiyo...

Arghh......the weather here is really super duper hot. Can't stand it!!!!
I miss air-cond at home :(