Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 a.m.

It's another early morning now...and i'm still very awake.
This week will be the last week of holidays. Sad lor *sob sob*..
Didn't go for vacation this time round. Spent more time at home and also catching up with hometown gang.
Since i'm so free now i shall blog about my *ahem* proud primary school times.
Ahh....gone were those wonderful innocent days.

I was quite a special one cuz kids usually cry on their first day in school. I did not..even also during my first day in kindergarden. I guess i was too independant that time.

I was chosen as the class monitor in standard one. I'm a smart( but not smart enough to get first in the class) and teachers loved me. The more vivid thing in my mind about standard 1 was the fact that i wasn't chosen as the 'mo fan sheng'(pelajar contoh) :( I was sad and couldn't figure out why the form teacher did not chose me and almighty great monitor.

Standard 2 came the next year and i was no longer a class monitor. Had a form teacher who liked to tell us lots of interesting stories. On the particular year, i ....was finally chosen as the MO FAN SHENG.

During standard 3, we started learning 'di zhi' (recorder) in our music class. I excelled in it and maybe able to play better than our teacher. Hehe. I remembered that i won some prizes in school - drawing, essay writting...am not sure about it. Took part in the singing competition and won the 2nd prize, i discovered that with my given voice i would not get to win over the girl who got 1st.

Had a super strict form teacher in standard 4. She trained us to use the dictionary well enough and always had spelling in class. Somehow the most scary part was definately maths class. We had this old retired headmaster wearing thick glasses as our maths teacher. Once i wasn't paying attention to his teaching and there i got caned by him. We even learned the old style of calcuting with 'suan pan' !! Till now i still don't really know how to use that thang. I was basically faking it as though i understand what he said. Ya allah....that's the day i found out that i'm a sucker at maths. Oh yaa...almost forgot to mention that i also had a lousy science teacher. Because of him, i flunked my science the first time in my life!! Got chosen as class mo fan sheng again this year.

I was chosen as the prefect during standard 5. That was the year if i'm not mistaken i was chosen as the school representative for all kinds of competition. English story telling (i dressed like a fisherman for that story telling comp!), B.Melayu perbahasan, Chinese 'yan jiang'.....i'm not really that good actually, it's just that my school's a real small school with lil student and i happened to be the best among all. Aiseh proud betul lorr..Luckily that year, my science teacher was no longer the lousy one. Had this super good teacher but she's strict also la till standard 6 which helps me to score a B :P

Standard 6 was fun cause i was chosen as the female head prefect suprisingly!! I thought it will be either one of my 2 best friends. I wasn't the fierce and scary head prefect laa. Remembered that during that year, i had a so called kai mui who's in standard one. Really sayang her. She's grown to be a super pretty and tall girl now but sadly she can't remember me :( I was once again chosen as the mo fan sheng, not in the class but the whole school's pelajar contoh thanks to the vote from the teachers.I knew i won't win if it's the students voting only for this. I got this super huge and tall 'jiang bei' for it.

My primary school's located inside a village and i used to run out of school to my friends' house nearby and i ended up got scolded by mum. Hehe.... and those days when we went for lunch at cmk when we had extra tuition preparin for upsr.

Gone were those sweet memories. I would say my primary school time was the glorious time and things changed when i went to secondary. I no longer shine like before.

Enough of long crappy post. Time to meet my hot hunk in sweet dreams. Buhbye

Big bro hong's bday

So here's the pic of hong's bday celebration last wednesday.

The oh so smart, nice and kind guy that i've known all these years!!

Effect from mah camera. I'm so uncreative huh? haha

Monday, April 28, 2008

Old man in da house

I woke up this afternoon feeling so dead tired and my legs' muscle aching. I thought i am 64 years old already.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tian qi qing vs yu bu ting

wo yi jian jian xian ru xi li de gu shi le, zhen me ban?
hao xiang hao xiang qu na li.....

ps: ben ben de wo bu hui yong zhong wen zhi xing sua yi wei you yong ping yin le..

Anyway, i passes my violin exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps around* hahaaa
No distinction but merit which is quite good for me larr considering that i started practising the scales seriously on the last week before exam.
Congrats to miss stella and miss banana durian(you know who you are).
Parents - happy , me - happy!! Need to ask them for some reward haha.
More shopping :P

Taught bo and zhen violin today.
We talked so much bout those western singers.
Then had to stop after 1 hour plus cuz my piano tuner came to tune my piano.
We went jogging!!
Our target - to slim down!!
Went to tiger hill. Hehe in btg you don't get gym but we got nice hills and rivers.
Shame to say that it's my first time walking till the top of the hill. The strairs almost killed me.
Man...my stamina's bad. It was fun larrr...4 of us walking up the hill and talking.
We shall continue with our slimmng target.
Badminton session and jogging tomorrow!!
Whee...here we go

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunnie day

Whee.....i'm a healthy baby!! Just got back my blood test report and everything's fine!!
Pheww......was kinda nervous before i got it.
Good thing lah me and my parents were glad for it.

Been soo addicted to one of the taiwan actor. Watched his movie and now his drama as well.
It's so addictive.......haiiiii i've always imagine myself being in the story......and the story will end with a happy ending. Nice huh? *knock knock* back to reality :P

Did not touch my piano since after jury. Lazy.
Been teaching maestro bo and yun violin 2 days ago. Mayne they're so keen and good at it, they should've taken music instead of other subjects.

*time to continue mah drama -_o

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exit No.6

Where is my exit?
I'm still lookin' for it..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day (late by 1 day)

My day was basically filled with stuff to do today.
Woke up this morning and then headed to BP Lab for a blood test.
OMG i haven't been poked by a needle for ages.
Somehow it wasn't as scary as i thought la.
Am really worried bout my blood test result cuz i know i'm definately not having a healthy diet.
Seldom eat veges, tones of fried food, meats....yadaa yadaa..how bad is that

Came home and had a badminton session with e guys. My badminton skills really berkarat already cuz i never workout or do sports in kl. Haiii

Had a light dinner before heading out to celebrate ah hong's bday.
Pics still in my cam. Lazy to upload.

There's quite a numbers of my friends family etc etc been diagnosed with sickness.
Mum's been constantly telling me to eat more healthy food but i just can't resist those temptations??!!
I think i really need to make myself and think throughoutly about my diet.
Man....i've got a low blood pressure summore!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello, good afternoon people.
I kinda broke my sleeping record. Slept at 4-ish yesterday and woke up at 1.30pm. Was just too bored at home so i watched movie the whole night after i came back from KL.

Went to send my bro to the pudu bus station. The place was really jam packed like mad. Then headed to Times Square. Nothing much to see there. But i almost bought the JUICY COUTURE pants somehow i did not because the pants is in white colour and can easily see through your panties hehe. Haiiiii.....

Had dinner at Wai Sek Kai ( jln pudu ) first time there. Not many stalls there. Tried the fried chicken ass. Ewww i don't like it cuz there's some tiny bones inside. The boss of the chay kuey kak really damn ba bai one!! The food tasted so so only. I miss penang's food more!!!

Holidays...sien also. Most of my friends are still working -_-
Anyway there's this Loreal warehouse sale this saturday at Parkroyal. I think i'm gonna go hunt for some cheapo stuff!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Artsy Pic

Out of random i managed to capture a photo during the night at Wu Xi. Night mode and hand was shaky and suprisingly it turn out like this. All FORTE notes and also a quaver note :)

China Trip 07

This post is very out-dated. It was my China Trip last december with my parents. Places that we visited include Shanghai, Wu Zhen, Hang Zhou, Nan Jing, Su Zhou and Wu xi. My memory is abit 'kong' already so i can't really recall some of the places' name that i've visited. Pictures uploaded are not in orders.
NanJing - Jiang Jie Shi was buried inside this building. No photos were allowed inside the building.

Su Zhou's silk factory. Part of the process how we got silk from the insect.

Hang Zhou- Song Cheng. Buildings in ancient style. They shoot those old movies here. People inside all dressed in ancient clothes.

Su Zhou- Woodcarving in one of the restaurant we had dinner. This thing costs about 500k!!

Said to be world largest Buddha Statue (can't recall in which city it is)

Wu Xi- San Guo Cheng. In one of the ride i found this really interesting.

Hang Zhou - before leaving the city. The city which produce tones of beauties.

HangZhou- McD. Went in to use the loo and camwhore there as well :P

Nan Jing - Magnificent Chang Jiang. I thought i was at paris!! The bridge was really huge.

Nan Jing- Bi Shi. The place where they shoot the TVB drama - War and Destiny which was shown not long ago.

Nan Jing- every brick is carved with words. If you happen to own one of these you'll be rich.

Wu Zhen - the city on water. I loved this place sooooo much. I would want to stay there with my loved ones there for a winter. That will be awesome!

Shanghai - Yu Yuan Garden's starbucks in ancient building. Special ain't it?

I tasted the very famous Shanghai xiao long bao. Those people selling it were really rude ones.

Shanghai - Yu Yuan Garden aka shoppers paradise. Too bad didn't have much time spent there.
Anyway i bought a winter bright red jacket for RM40. Lovin' it so much.
Shanghai - Dong Fang Ming Zhu. One of the tall towers like our Kl Tower.

Shanghai - Huang Pu Jiang aka Shanghai Tang. Western style buildings which are mostly banks. A place to chill and enjoy the scenery.

Bing Tang Hu Lu !! Yummylicious and cheap!!

Shanghai - Huang Pu Jiang. A must visit in Shanghai for tourists.

Some weird city landmark in Shanghai. It looks more like a umbre-ella to me. I think the government had too much money so they decided to build this.

Good Morning Shanghai. First stop in china.

View from hotel in Shanghai.

Ps: This is only tiny part of pictures that i took out of the 1000++ pictures in my camera. Well China's been changing so much compared to 10 years ago when i went to Beijing. It was my first time experiencing Winter. Totally love the chillin' weather. Ok that's all for now. I'd spent hours on this post including resizing photos, recalling which place was it taken and upload these pictures. Ciao!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rain is

..alone at condo now :(
i miss my housemates!!

Today was quite an interesting day indeed for me.
Decided to stay back until friday and follow my bro's car home.
So i tagged along with Su Ann and her US friend Daniel and Aussie friend Jog(i have no idea how to spell his name) to Klang.
Really salute Daniel cuz he dares to drive in M'sia and he seldom gets lost. We were kinda worried somehow we reached Klang safely.
Their mission to Klang was to visit the 'orang asli' people who's staying along the pelabuhan klang. It was my first time walking in into those houses built on the sea.
Those kids were sooooooo innocent and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They'll smile whenever they see you and they're really smart as well in learning english especially!!
OMG i'm starting to love kids so much i can't believe it.
Before we went to the natives place we went to walk around Klang. Basically Klang's a real flat and HOTHOTHOT place in my opinion. Not very familiar with the place eventhough my aunt's staying in Klang.
Had my first waffer with ice-cream as well there. Love it :P

Before we went for the recital we stopped by Starbucks for a coffe break. Shared a ice-blended fruppacino with Ann.
Really kinda enjoyed the trip today cause i get to see different things and had fun talking with all of them.

Hmm....back to my calm peaceful night.........as i sing along 'lonely....i am so lonely...lalalala'

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Good day people.
Am finally done with my violin exam!!!
Met my ex-violin teacher (Leon) there.
The exam went quite bad --lazy to elaborate about it.
Thankyou Stella for registering and accompanying for me.

Took train home after the exam. God it was raining so heavily.
Reached condo rested a while then headed out again to 1U with Tiff, Rae and Sam.
We had Itallianies for dinner :) It was my first time being there as i seldom go to expensive places to makan. Today's dinner was kinda an excuse for me to celebrate the end of our sem and also my scary violin exam.
Ordered a lasagna and spaghetti. Was really full and we couldn't even finish up our food.
The grape fruit shake was HEAVENLY but expensive la ( 10 bucks++ ) tasted sooooooooo good okay?!

And now i'm home. The room's in a messed i'm half way through cleaning up my stuff.

Feels good that everything's over now. No more worries :))
Craved for McD for dinner.
Changed and headed down to McD downstairs and came back in 10 minutes time.
Witnessed a group of malay arguing on along the road. It was quite scary.
Bump up with PeiWin at McD again. Talked to her until i actually got the wrong order for myself.
Wanted to have Doublecheese but i ter-ordered BIG MAC! First time having it.
The burger was so big that it can't even fit into my mouth. Had to eat it saperately. Haha..
Enjoyed my meal sitting infront of my laptop watching ANTM cycle 9!! Haven't been watching ANTM for quite some time. I still love the show. Well it's way better than our whatever MalaysianDreamGirl thingy going now right now.

Practise practise practise. That's the only time that i felt piano is so much easier.
Pray for me tomorrow!!! Nite babey!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Party till you drop

Went to club with mah BFFs last wednesday. It was fun but i prefer weekends lah. Started off with The Loft but the music sucks and there's lil chinese so we hop on the cab and went to Poppy. Mistake cuz Poppy wasn't open that night so we went Aloha. Ordered our drinks. Then someone offered to share table with us. Mistake again. Those stupid guys damn annoying. Really pissed off so we went to Thai Club. The music's better and we had our sweet time there. It was my first time seeing so many ah peks in da clubbing scene. Where's da youngsters?? Moi at The LoftI love my BFFsLast shot before leaving sucky Aloha.

Shake that thang' yo...Thai Club
D' Flaming Lamborghini!! Oh yaa..and we got to try some new vodka they had for free!

They put on their super long and nice fake eyelashes. Drop dead gorgeos rite?? Haii too bad i didn't buy that fake eyelash.

The Gurlssss....


Dance baybeh


Cropped off some stranger's face

Chivas for life!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good News / Bad News??!!

Someone texted me saying that there's some good news about ehem something (not gonna tell ya') but the someone can't tell me exactly about the news.
Hmm....i gotta calm down cuz i don't really deserve that much of the 'good' news.
Hopefully it will really turn out good anyway.

2 more days to violin exam!!
Am really scared this time round. Only started preparing the scales on the last week. Bad :(
Try not to think about it.

Unwell. Haven't really fully recover from the sickness last week. I think i need to go for a blood test :/
hate needles!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello everyone!
Haha..abandoned my blog for a few days...am on holiday mood now :)
Been practising my violin DAILY. Man...in these few years of taking my violin i've never practise that hard. This proved that how come I never really improve. I'm a lousy lazy violin player .

Had serious food poisoning and went to toilet countless times 3 days in a role.
And i still had the semangat to go clubbing on the first day itself i got the food poisoning.
Pictures will be up next week cuz i can't upload pic here with my home pc ( i don't know why)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I feel like crap this whole day.
Woke up not feeling well.
Went to work for 3 hours. Si beh hot working there.
Tapao-ed my lunch and straight away headed home.
Puke and shitted. My stomuch was feeling bad.
Forced myself to eat a bit but really no appetite.
Puke all the food out again just now.
I think i've got food poisoning :(
Haiii...why so unlucky one???
Thought of going out tonight summore.
Hopefully i'll recover by night la.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Did quite badly today for jury especially my Beethoven piece.
Many wrong notes, slips, inconsistence of tempo and I FREAKIN PLAYED THE LAST CHORD WRONGLY!!
Can you imagine that? It's like killin a cat infront of everyone.
bAH.....don't care lah.
Almost forgot that i've still got my violin exam which falls on next week!! Can't even play my scales. Terrific!!!

Been having deep thought yesterday night and today. Beem thinking about my friend who's dad passed away last week.
I try to imagine things like that happening to me. If it was me i really could not handle it. I'll break into pieces BADLY.

Really hope that she can get over it.
My mind seems to be still having lots of worries eventhough the finals' over.
Hate this kinda feeling. Oh....i need to get away from everything.
Like what my drum lecturer told me, give yourself a rest if your tired of everything.
How i wish i could do that but where to go- alone, pennyless....
Damn tiring.

Enough of stupid worries. Me, Joe, Tiff and Jiun decided that we gonna go club tomorrow night!!
Yippie!!! Party till your drop.

Ciao. Need to cool down myself now.

Happy Birthday to my bro!

Hopefully he'll talk to me more!

Monday, April 07, 2008

One Last Shot

History's over!! Hahaha....haii really don't know how i did for it lah..just hopefully can pass.
No more things to study.
Down to Jury which is on tomorrow!!!
My beethoven....i hope i won't ruin his wonderful master piece la
Oh yaa...and i found the book that i need. Thanks to cindy babey. Those libirians misplaced the book i think.

Had both my drum and violin minor after my history today.
Drum lecturer chatted with me and telling me way to work things out.
Violin lecturer punk'd me. He asked me to wipe mah glasses so that i can see clearly woh. Then as a good student i mai follow what he instrusted lor. Then he laughed after i did it. Ish...
Haha...really salute my violin lecturer still can teach as such OLD age hehe..he's 64 years old
He proudly told me that he got 8 cucus woh!!
Hah so cute of him la.

Bumped into My current major lecturer as well. I thought she will hate me for stopping my lesson under her but i'm wrong. She's still very concerned of me and asked me about how's my prepations and wish me luck.

Am really blessed to have these lecturers. :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I really don't know what's the history book talking about.
Feel like crying and laughing at the same time.
See how hopeless i am. Always study at the very last minute.
Can't even concentrate at all.
Sucks la
Gosh....history is a piece of crap...never did i hated history that much.
I can't even understand what is the book talking about...
Why need to analyse the composers' music since Debussy once said' There's no such things as theory, pleasure is the law' !!
I mean man...i think anyone of us can compose things like J.C.
Play whatever notes u like and that's it.
Arghhh.....i think i'm really in trouble this time.

About the shostakovich book that i need...i really hope that it will appear in the library tomorrow. If not........ :(


Yaa...things really happen unpredictably.
Received a message from my friend telling me that the father of my other friend just passes away yesterday.
Was really shocked at first cuz i remember sawing her dad during the cny looking good and now he's gone to other side of the world.
Didn't attend her dad's funeral service cuz i'm afraid that it might affect my feelings and i won't be able to concentrate for finals.

Worried worried worried. I can't find the book that i need for jury in the library!! Did someone borrowed it? Damn i need it....i'll be DEAD without it. Howwwww

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hunger for a DSLR

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Had my cme assesment yesterday.
It was quite ok.
Had our choir concert later the night.
Was really fun the 4 of us applying make-up together in the practise room. hehe
This time around us (the sopranos) made some mistake in one of the song. I don't know how it happened cuz problem never occurs at the part during our rehearsal.
After choir concert went for supper at McD. Haha....i think most of the choir ppl usually go Mcd after concert not once but everytime after the concert. McD's really earning big bucket of money everytime during our concert day.
Darling Joe treated us our supper! Thanks babe.

Headed home at 10 something. Then only we realised that the stupid condo lift ain't working, like wth??!!
Was forced to walk up bloody 24th floors with rommate. That was my first time walking up so many stairs. I almost gone pengsan. Anyhow the heavy supper - a double cheeseburger, fries, milo and fried chicken was worth eating lah. I think i've burned those calories for climbing up the stupid stairs.
Ok that was not only the suai thing that happened yesterday night. Another thing was our internet was down as well. Whee how great was that -_-'

Hallejujah, aural exam's finally over today!!! That subject that i fear most. I hope pray wish dream to pass!!!

Then had my scales jury exam which went quite smooth lah.

I finally said the things that i wanted to said 2 semesters ago to my major lecturer.
Wanted to change to another lecturer to learn some other styles.
Hmm...definately not backing up or regreting for making this step.
Thanks Ms. Chong for shovering her love and knowledge to me all this while eventhough i'm lazy at times. I will miss learning under you :)

3 more exams to go. Work hard!!!

babee babee

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Good morning peeps!
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hello people!
Tomorrow's my cme assesment. Hmm...hopefully can do well la
Our choir concert will be on tomorrow night!!!
Aiii....plz don't make us stand there for 1 to 2 hours...i feel like going pengsan

Drum lecturer suggested me to buy some special drum kit thingy to practise. It will never really work if we depend on our uni. :( Don't really dare to ask my parents laaa...dad and mum's retired and now dad's taking another job and lazy me am not working yet.

Lazy lazy.....don't feel like studying history. I'm not even sure all the scores that we need to study!!