Monday, April 30, 2007

+ i heart u +

My eyes caught u the moment i saw it. U're so beautiful. So sexy. Its like u and my feet were meant to be together. I felt as if u're custom made juz for me and only.
White colour and the golden colour brand trademark. Sexiest in da world. I need u and therefore i bought u over.

The most matching combination. U and I. I'm the spotlight !

Bahh...u thought i can own a RM549 shoes??!! I'm going mad. I really need it.
Hence, i'm left bare-foot ;(
ps: how i wish........i can get it as my pressie for my coming b'day!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Colourful life ~ I'm a bit wild with these colours but i look COOL and DifferenT ;P

The garbage truck broke down infront of my house this afternoon. The exotic smell kills!!

Goin to KL with parents tomorrow. Bored to death now ''''{
Plz shoot me on my head 'P

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh Holy Days

My hair is so freakin short now %!X*^~" :(

haii..i never got satisfied with my hair done by the hair stylists except once where i went to straigten my hair (which was done by the cute guy)

I've become couch potato and my tummy gettting more and more obvious. Guys, i'm not skinny but huggable kay ;)

Dad asked me whether i want a sub-credit card from him and i'm still hesitating bout it. I've been nagging him of doing a credit card for me so that i can pay my tuition fees by myself which is more convenient. Hesitation came cuz i'm afraid i might spend using the credit card and eventually overspent.

Oh i miss the beach !!! I'm really upset for not going to the beach during this holidays.

Talk of the day~ the girl who almost got raped in TARC

My first reaction was " HUH, this kinda things can happen in a college ?! WTF"

Damn the person who tried to rape the gurl. Ur Allah's gonna punish u.

I hope he'll get strokes of rotan on his ass and for the best of all stay in the jail forever!!

Imagine this kind of cases happening in my Uni. How would i dare to go back to Uni??!!

The world is turning upsite down.

I wish for peace.

I need to do something to pass my time and if u happened to drop by here plz giv me a call and ask me out.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time for a change

Back from KL. Had lots of fun with Tiff and Rae ;)
Highlighted my hair with red colour
wtf.. i can't really see the colour, it's not obvious enough!!! Blame the hair stylist cuz she introduced me this colour. Mum was mumbling bout me wasting my money on it.
I wish i got enough money to do my hair at Hair Zone. Miss the cute hair stylist there!
Had a BiG Hole in my pocket already. Waiting for someone to pay for my expenses !!

It only shine under lights!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Saw violin, viola and cello made from glass on the tv's news today.
Gosh...i'm so tempted to it!! Wish that i can get one * according to it they can only successfully make 1 out of 100 of the glasses*

Goin to have fun tomorrow and thurs as well with different groups of friends!!! Let's pray hard that it won't be raining tomorrow.

Chat with my hometown friend and got to know that a lot of them are having hols. Which means that we will get to hang out ! Planning to go genting again. I wanna sneak into the casino again this time!!

:P Have to wake up really early tomorrow. Nitezz darlings :O)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Guys ask me out!!

wth..sunway lagoon is closed on tuesday!!!!!!!
gherrrrr..i'm so excited and now the bad news really let me down :(
chill, nvm we sure gonna make it on wed!!!

Felt relieved cuz granpa is ok after his operation. God bless him ")

Really pig out during this break. When i got nothing to do, i eat. It is so called to compensate back the hunger i felt when i'm in Uni (well, at least i feel less guilty thinking like that)

~Sleeping Beauty~

OMG, can't belive that i woke up at 1pm today !!!
Amazing, cuz i really really seldom slept till so late.
It's like i still feel a bit tired eventhough i've slept for so many hours.
Used to always blame myself for waking up late, while people around the world were busy working on something meaningful.
Since it's hols and so i decided to also let my whole body have a hols.

It'll be another boring day for today. Wondering how am i gonna pass the following 10hours++...
I had a sh"tty connection here. I can go to toilet and when i come back the page still haven't finish loading. Try to imagine it :( I miss streamyx at kl

Really hope that we gonna make it for tomorrow or i shall be very disappointed.
Miss all my friends. Miss shopping but i kinda lazy to take the sucky bus to kl.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Haven't been touching my violin for like 2 weeks>>!!
Oppss...ya now only i feel a bit guilty :P
Maybe that's the reason why i didn't really improve.

Gonna stop orchestra for next sem cuz after one sem of ecperience i felt that i'm not good enough. So now i'm gonna concentrate on more on my minor and will join the orchestra once i think i'm good enough to be in it.

Had breakfast with my KerXin today. Great to see her. I'm feeling happy for her cuz she's doin very well in F6 *making me wondering what will i be, if i'm studying F6 now ( i guess my results will be bad, real bad cuz i sux at mathes)*

The weather today was super hot. It's like we're having free sauna at home. Sweating like crazy.
I'm so bored at home. Basically i juz eat,shit and watch movie whole day. Becoming a nerd..

I've been thinking of colouring my hair for such a looooooong time. But i don't really have the idea on what colour to pick. Should i juz highlight or dye a base colour first then only highlight?? Arghhh.. red or brown better arr?
Felt kinda disappointed cuz didn't get to go to Lang Tengah during this holidays

Wanna go Sunway Lagoon.
Wish that i got a body as hot as this~


Home Sweet Home now
will update my blog only once in a while when i got the mood.
Friends remember to call me out cuz i'm available during this 2 weeks.

Finger still feeling numb (wonder why) so uncomfy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Princesses outing

After the finals, the 3 gurls went for a outing.
Before going, we went to Joe's place to Make Up!! Joe's so pro at this and the other 2 of us need to call her Sifu and learn the make up skills from her.
The 3 of us had different shade of colours.
Jiun in pink shade.
Joe in green shade.
While i had a dark shade (almost smookey eyes).
This is the first time we all dressep up so 'kua cheong'.
Believe me or not~almost all guys turn and looked at us when we walked pass them.
Ehem...but most of the attention was to the most pretty princess- Miss Joe lar
Planned earlier that we gonna go sing K.
Somehow in the end, turn out that the 3 of us actually forgot to bring out student ID along. Hell ya they charged twice the price without ID. Had no choice but to cancel our plan.
Had lunch at the Hong Kong style restaurant - Yau Yat Chiun
The food was ok.
Then we went to hunt for something that Joe wanted== fake eyelash !!
Yaaa and we found it. She straight away used it. OMG, she looked even prettier.
Then we went to buy fake stuff again. This is round it is fake strands of coloured hair.
I bought 2, 1 pink and the other green grayish colour.
Off to movie afterthat. Kinda sux cuz there's no movies that i want to watch. So we ended up watching SUPER FANS.
The guy sitting biside me was so Yuck. The sound of him burping make me felt like running away. Mind ur manners ok, ur sitting beside a pretty babe!!!
We even bought nail polish!!! I got the blue colour one which is really cool.
I changed my nail colour again. Pink reddish colour now.

Princesses luv cam-whoring

Joe Rain Jiun - the ultimate babes

We luv sunnies!! Can't really get to wear it often though.

In the Taxi

Thanks Joe for the make up.


Ohh....i said she looks like a Hollywood celeb. Prob M'sian Lindsay Lohan.

Sweetie Jiun in the restaurant.

While i'm half way blogging something bad happened to me. The wind is so strong that i went to closed the windows in the kitchen. The f'cking strond wind is sooo strong until the window bang my middle finger so hard. My middle finger is feeling so numb now and its bleeding. Damn it!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Holidays ^_^

Feel so release!!!!
The Exam's finally over. Teeheee... :)
Am so tired now. Can't sleep at all yesterday night. My mind was so awake for don't know what reason. Am still a bit sick as well :/

Had lotsssssssss of fun today after our exam.
Will blog about it tomorrow. Too tried now.
Finally i can have a good night sleep.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1 more left

Hehe..went to Joe's place to polish our nails yaa i know i look kinda Bimbo with this colour
We all luv this colour-bronze or chocolate-ish

Before the listening exam -- gurls discussing outside the recital hall. The brahms symphony tune is still in my mind now.

Exam is crucial for me and everyone i guess!!!
I got so stressed out for today's theory exam. I hate subjects which i cannot memorize.
Felt much better now after the sucky theory exam. My mind almost bloated during the exam until i can't stand it and i passed up my paper 1 hour ealier than the given 3 hours time.

So now, 1 more left- music and film. Kinda blur and don't know what will come out during the exam. Bless me everyone hope that i can end my last paper with things that i've studied and remember.
I can't concentrate now. Keep on thinking bout tomorrow's plan after the exam!!! We gonna dress up like Princess and go sing K and shop till drop ^_^

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
mei you ren neng qu dai ni zhai wo xin li de wei zi

Monday, April 16, 2007

i love rainy days


God plz cure me!

I'm getting sick again :(
Due to the crazy weather which is super hot and i had to hide myself in my air-cond room,the contrast between hot and sudden cold made me sick i guess...
3 more papers to go
I can't wait to finish the paper and go party with my friends!!

Can't help but feel tired,dizzy with running nose now. kelian

Friday, April 13, 2007

5 hours before history finals
wish me luck guys!
God bless u ^_^

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The last minute work

Went to Tai Zhi for lunch. Sat there from 1.30pm till 6pm. Did some discussion there. They're playing music that i like. Making me unable to concentrate. many things more to memorizeeeee.....i wish those composers that i read will come out in the paper if not i'm DEAD.
Back to condo~continue to study study study

Joe the belli hardworking gurl

:P I'm only staring blindly at the book, not knowing what the heck i'm studyin

Jiun figuring out the notes

Outdated pics

Outing with Sze Sze, Jaay-p, Kumar and Mun Hoe.
Done with our ice-cream

The dancing pole inside the lift at Sg.Wang. Check it out guys!

The seat of ours was reserved. Mouth watering ice-cream. The white colour with colourful chips is mine. Thanks jaay-p for the treat.

Me and the staff

Princesses love ice-cream

Guys juz wanna be cool

Oppss...sze's head got chopped off. Arghh lousy photographer

Cute sze

Princesses chilling on the sofa-seat

Guys love ice-cream as well

p.s. i miss u guys

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

empty yet full

I have a feeling that my mind is going to burst. Yes BURST!!!
It is sooo full of thingssss that i can't fit other stuff into it
I don't know what am i studying. NUMB !!!
Thoughts flashed through my mind. Future is blurred. I need love. I need strength. I need guidance. I need U.
I hope i won't screw up my History paper.
Really hoping to apply for the 1st class scholarship. Money is temptation!!!

I can't stand listening to classical everyday. I'm weak. Had to listen to some pop to re-energize myself. Crapp :P

Work it on /~<_> ~\

what should i do?

I'm broke for this month.

I spent over 50 bucks today :(

Went to KLCC with Tiff to get my Joshua Bell ticket. Kinda sad cuz i got the not so good seat .

Anyway i'm consider lucky cuz at first i was thinking of getting it later.

Then we headed to 1-U.

Had the Taiwanese local food -- Oyster Mee Sua and Fried Chicken Chop for lunch.

When we're done we went shopping around. The shopping mall seems so empty with customers.
Kinda not use to it though.

Since we got quite some time we went around all those more branded shops that i seldom go~ XOXO, ZARA, FILA, NIKE, ROXY, FOREVER 21 etc etc..nothing much to buy

I saw one necklace that i like from Diva but i didn't buy it cuz i was thinking of getting it later or maybe when my b'day is near.

Bought a tank top from P&Co. Mum will scold me if she knows i bought something consider sexy in her opinion. mum is those kind of ppl with more traditional thinking, what to do??

Met up with Raechen later on. She and Tiff both stuff from Perlini Silver.

Rae fetched us back to Uni as we need to attend the cme concert.

The concert ended really soon . We then went to yamcha at Halo Cafe. The beverage there's really expensive. We juz had beer, fries and nachos. There were singers singing on the stage.

They're really great. Joe got tempted to learn comtemporary singing. Hence, we talked to the 2 singers and asked them bout singing stuff. I'm jealous with that guy cuz he got no musical background and he learned by himself the way to improvise!! How i wish i can do it...

One of them mentioned that he learned singing from Lee Wei Shong's studio and the price for the lesson's really not cheap. 280 bucks per month 70 bucks per class and that is for 1 and a half hour group lesson per week. I suddenly have the urge to learn singing contemp style but it is really pricey. It will be a burden to my parents. is not everything but it is now for almost everything in KL.

The bloody money sucker city !!!

I'm happy cuz i got to go shopping and buy stuff that i like.
I'm sad as well cuz i spent a lot. When i think of my parents, i feel guilty :\

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tea for tonite

So i suggested to Jiun and Joe of going out for tea and discussion for history exam. We went to Mc D and sat there for 2 hours. It really helps a lot from the discussion. Joe even told us a interesting true story bout a unfaithful husband. Headed back to condo at 12++am. Enjoyed the wind breeze beside the pool lying on the bench. It reminds me of Redang. How i miss the beach so much !!

here are some crappy pics we took before goin out

I look stupid with my tougue sticking out :(

U stink....stay away from me!!!

Cannot stand ur armpit smell :{

Sux at pretending as if i'm boxing u....both of us were laughing

Jiun's signature pose !!!

The most natural beauty

I made my lunch today

~+~+~+~+ CHEESIE BANANA TOAST ~+~+~+~+
doesn't looks special but its yummylicious and FATTENING :}
tasted super nice...

i'm lovin' it !!

I'm so proud of myself :P

Monday, April 09, 2007

More than words can say~ what i'm feeling right now

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Photos of UCSI choir + orchestra concert

Chiiinnggg.....i've got super fair skin after the photoshop :{} picture with my babe
After the concert !! We did a great job....hurray ^_^

The 3 bestie again !! luv u guys..

All in black~cool

During the concert~ freaky nervous

Grieg Piano Concerto featuring solo pianist- Chung Sing....hands up for her !!!

Too bad can't see me at all

low quality camera *sob sob* anyone willing to sponsor me a Sony t200?

Before the concert~

Miss joe and me....she as pretty as always

Voonyin and Joe...looking good

Everyone waiting at the auditorium

Miss Rain dressed up and her sexy weapon @@