Thursday, March 31, 2011

Luck's With Me

Was planning to heat up my food for lunch this afternoon only to find out that i've run outta gas for the stove.

So then i had mcd drive through and had my lunch while driving to work.

Drove rather slow as compared to usual days cuz i was busy munching my food and lucky me....there's a roadblock (speed trap) half way through and i didn't kena saman *i always tend to speed at this highway!!!


Craving for riceeeee now cuz i didn't had any today. Crazie shit...i'd better hit the sack before i start nomming on supper

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wrong Turning

It was totally random and weird that i actually took a wrong turning outside my taman as i was heading back to kl...*smack head

Last week was just busy busy busy. I was out every night and bro was back at home for a day. Had some good family time. Sigh the next time i meet my bro will most probably in next year ;((

Am hooked on books these days. I have the urge to visit the bookstore and get more books. The satisfaction that one gets from reading is just priceless =)
Saw someone wrote on fb today ~ I don't mind spending on an expensive book because the knowledge that i might get from the book is far more worthy that the price of the book itself

Right now i am craving for some dessert, something cold and icy. Shave ice, ice kacang =0
Imma go get a bucket of ice-cream tomorrow to satisfy my sinful craving but also which means more work out to be done ;S

Night peeps *blow kisses

Monday, March 28, 2011

High Tea is Loved

Girls just love enjoying high tea.

It's like a dream that most girls wish that they'll marry a rich and loving husband.

High tea is a must especially for those tai tais. Spending an afternoon catching up with your loved ones, updating each other and also gossip ;p

An afternoon under the sun with my love

My Irish coffee

There weren't many people sitting outdoor cuz its a weekday

~ creme de la creme ~

A bright sunny day is loved

To get a car or a grand piano? A good question for a musicians but most of them will definitely go for the latter =)

I have no idea what am i doing ;p

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eat. Sleep. Play

Pictures of Malacca trip with the bestie.

Have been venturing into more places ever since i got my own transport. One can never really survive without a car in Malaysia ;P

Grainy photos from the handphone cuz for the moment i have yet to get a new camera.

SushiKing before leaving KayElle. We went there after I finished work.

Taking a stroll along the riverside. Nice place to chill...they should have more bars here cuz the place is just too awesome.

No doubt one of my favourite restaurant in Malacca. Nice ambience, food and reasonable price

Us messing in the hotel room. We camwhored and chitchat the whole night :)

Next morning.

Finally got to try Nadeje's milk crepe cake.

Love it to bits but according to the bestie it's like eating layers of tissue.

A girl can never resist mirror.

Facebook flip flops for the fb addicts and they have more - google, youtube, twitter etc
Chicken rice for lunch

Kawan aku yang masih kecil lagi

Gai dan zhai ice cream

Riverside - daytime

Camwhore lagi before we leave

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Been enjoying mah holidays so far.

Meet up with a few close friends and had some great meals but now am kinda broke ;/

Went for a short getaway with the bestie and met my love.

Give me more holidays puhleaseeeee ;)

Have kinda started to prepare for my 'big thing' now.

Am really hesitating about which camera to get now.

The big or the small? Pros and cons too hard to weight in both

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Sunday

Woke up at noon time.

Wondering how come dad's at home and not working only to realize that it's sundAY ;)

Stuffed myself with shitloads of youtube videos today - camera review, make up tutorials, music and some interesting stuff despite the internet moving at turtle speed.

Practiced a little bit of Chopin etude.

I wished for more sundays like this =)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Morning Blabbers

I woke up today feeling good thanks to the good sleep i had and also surprisingly that it is raining outside.

I love the rain. It calms the mind, soul and spirit.

It would be perfect with a freshly brewed hot coffee and a good book to go with.

Enjoying the weather so much till i feel like skipping work today but that's impossible.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Rich, The Moderate and The Poor

Which one you wanna be and which level are you in now?

Majority of the people around me are having a moderate lifestyle.

But i bet everyone wants a good and luxurious life.

The rich stay at huge ass bungalows with maids and personal chauffeur.

The moderate stay at the typical condominiums or terrace houses.

The poor stay at the wooden houses and low cost houses.

And so today this is what witnessed:

Rich HongKong tai tais enjoying themselves having a diet dinner together, chatting away happily.

The young chauffeur was outside of the house waiting for them to finish their dinner.

The sigh of it suddenly just gave me an impact and kinda made me feel sad.

For once i know that money ain't everything but without money there's most probably less happiness.

Might be having pms today and hence the thoughts.

Okay now i feel like leaving on the jet plane now and probably fly to the moon >_<

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

And so today i've just realized that online shopping can go really addictive.

Within a few clicks and few seconds its a done deal.

You don't really feel anything after all except the fact that you're bank account digits is diminishing.

Way to scary, no wonder so many people are doing the online business these days.

Can't wait for the week off next week.

I'm gonna be a couch potato hooked on korean series. Everyone looks so good in these korean drama thanks to plastic surgery.

I know there's alot of people who's against it and prefer natural beauty but if imma get rich i might consider going for it.

I've got my braces done few years back. What else? Lip fillers, nose job etc?

Haha just joking.

Monday, March 07, 2011


What's up people? =)

Been neglecting my blog lately.

Life's been smooth so far.

Missing the crowds though, need to step outta the house more often.

Grandma is at our place now. Really glad to have her here, the last time she was here its like few years back.