Monday, June 29, 2009

No Air

Amus makes me psychotic.

I can't breath now.....thinking bout the essay that i haven't finish and 2 more to go before we finish this freakin subject.

Have to keep reminding myself "juz a lil bit can do it!!'

bai ppl.. back to my psychotic world

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Peep into my chest!

Went and did a medical checkup yesterday for the sake of applying for the Taiwan study trip.

The doctor was nice enough for not giving me a jab for blood test. He assumed that i'm save from Hepatitis B since i've did the test last year.

Really hate all these hassles for applying for trips/studies etc.

I better get chosen for this.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tragic Day

The day began with the news of MJ's death.

Big sigh for it.....been looking forward to his concert tours and now he has left us.

Went over to my high school to look for the counsellor. Wanted to request the taiwan trip form from her. Kena from her cause i forgot to greet her.
Aii...i was pretty nervous that time since i don't really know her and there's some students inside the room all staring at me and so "i was like errr....errr....may i know more about the taiwan study trip..."

The thoughts of her remarks just haunts me badly since i've always been polite to people (nice ppl la)

And i almost died today.
Drove to work today and i lost my concentration cause i was busy switching the radio channel.
The owner of kancil car on the opposite road almost had a heart attack i bet.
I'm so sorry for that.

When i reached my workplace, my boss passed me another tragic news.
My violin student's quitting her lesson because she's shows signs on leukemia.
Gosh......i really really hope that she will recover her health.

I can't believe that i'm here blogging instead of studying or finishing my essay paper.

Aii....all these stuff really bug me alot. I can't help but to think too much and it just make me feel very negative.

To be done.. many things to be done, so little time left.

Really hate to do essay paper especially citation!

Haven't really started revising foy my psycho midterm next week.

And yet i went out with the hometown gang today -_-"

Went for karaoke and transformer.....gosh the cinema was packed with people!!

I'm sorry to say that transformer's really not my kinda movie, it's so boyish, robotic etc.

3 more weeks to Jeju trip and i've got some stuff to deal with.

Thinking bout it really makes me emo :(

Just found out bout the Taiwan study trip today.....

still hesitating whether to go or really guilty having the parents to pay for me.

Been spending a lot these days and i've still got so many things to get on my mind.

How lah......


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People without brains!

Just got back from Genting this afternoon.
Am getting the hang of playing d slot machines!
Oh gosh...please cure me!

Took a cab back to condo and guess what?!
I got super freakin effin pissed by the stupid condo management system.
I can't go in from the back outlet of the condo just because i rent a condo here but i'm not the owner!

WTF la....wonderin whether those people actually uses their brain to do stuff.
Visitors parking won't be allowed after 12am?? Hello....i'm not staying at a school hostel!
They're also treating us, resident so rudely, as if we are staying in a prison.
Oh and probably worst.

When you've shown them your resident card they still insist of having a good look at it just because they said that there's been people using fake copy of the card.
And who the hell will be so free to make a fake copy of the resident card?
Thinking of this really make me sugar blood up Up UP!!
Effin stupid Babis!
The foreign guards previously was 10 times better than them!
Can't wait to move my ass outta this place --ANGKASA CONDO!

Arghh....enough of all those nonsence.
Tomorrow's the day to present our outline for our paper.
Gosh i hope nothing goes wrong :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Never Ending Work

The beginning of my nightmare.

I stared at the notes and websites not knowing what to write.

Seriously can't digest those info.

Booo.....this is my last sem doing all these crappy assignments, term paper, thesis, really can't wait to get over this!

I wish that i have a super smartie bf/maid to do all my work for me :P

Ps: Am broke this allowance, shopping and food make me go bonkers!
I think i gotta go on maggie mee diet soon,infact i am now. Had 2 meals of instant noodles this freakin week! How bout 1 more for tmr brunch?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh crap...i can't find my recital attendance sheet now :(

I hope my effort of going to all the recitals does not go to the dusbin.

Pleasee......come out baby!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Gosh....the housemate has been really really hardworking lately.

Everyday when u come back to your house after a tired day outside, you just wanna chill and have some quiet moment to yourself.

But the hardworking housemate's there practising Beethoven's pathetic sonata over and over and over again. Basically he's been playing the same set of pieces for like half a year.
Oh yeaa....and the scales as well.
Plus the violin practise after that ......

Pening la...listening to it :(
Pathetic Sonata sounds like hell to me now -_-"

Haha...i hope he won't read this.

I wish i can be as hardworking as him......i just don't seem to have the energy to practise few hours straight.

This week marked the starting of all the thesis paper and midterm.

Gotta say that i'm really lucky cuz i got the topic that i wanted to do for my thesis paper. Phewww!!

Btw.....something really random here. I saw the shooting star last week while i was at pasar malam! When i lookep up on the sky, i just happened to witness it and it was my first time seeing a shooting star.
Let's hope that the wish that i made will come true *+*

Ps: super full now after the fattening supper at mamak.

Friday, June 12, 2009

UCSI Got Talent

The news about it was featured in The Star yesterday.

A big suprise that there were actually some really good talented people who took part in this competition.

According to the newspaper, he was the hot favourite contestant the night and i totally agree on this. Gosh he's great! Loved his performance! I bet the audience did enjoy his performance too.

This one was quite good too. Just that i don't like the guitar playing or was it outta tune? Luckily the vocal dude was good enough. I kinda like his voice :)

Beatbox performance! I've never seen people doing that in M'sia. 4 mins of beatboxing is tad too long for me, probably he should make a twist in his performance.

Last but not least, a rap by this nigerian student. He definitely got the talent to rap, but repeating it too many times is sometimes boring....haha maybe he should add in beatbox eh?!

Such a sad scene to see that there's no music student taking part in this. They would definitely stand a better chance of winning huh?!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perhaps i should celebrate....

.....for the person who has left for good!

Had a great day indeed.

Cme was fun. There's this girl who had such a big reaction when she saw a

TINY insect on her beg, she was screaming in such high pitch half way

through while i was playing. I thought there was a mouse!

The class ended earlier and i went to meet up with some highschool friend.

I was only close to one of them but had a great time catching with them

despite some of them were from different classes during highschool time.

Oh Gosh....2 more new cases of H1N1 in Malaysia which make the total

number of cases in M'sia up to 9 cases. No one seems to be afraid

here......infact i think that most of us just don't give a damn on the things that

is happening around.

Like what the lecturer said, perhaps we will be touring + performing in korea

in a cage...imagine that...muahaha!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hunger strikes again...

i feel like eating now :(

i can imagine the smell of mcd fries, kfc or even mamak's roti.....

man i really gotta stop thinking bout food now.

i will refrain myself from eating more than 3 meals daily for this week!!!!

you wouldn't wanna see a fat girl in the swimsuit would you? teeehee....

or maybe my 'mong zhong qing ren' will appear this week, who knows :P

Last sem's choir performance pic from kaewai's hp camera.

with kaewai :) she must be enjoying herself this sem cuz she's free from choir while i still have 1 more sem to bare with -_-"

Jiun (ex-roomate), moi, KaeWai and Theresa.

The Ladies.....who sing like an angel
*haha :P

Feeling moody/sien once i got back here eventhough there will only be 2 days of class this week.
And thanks to the sucky weather tonight which make it even worst.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I thought i have to work today..

....informed the music school clerk last week that i will be teaching this week and having an off day on next saturday instead since the clerk told me that the music school will be open.

The road was really jammed up with cars heading back Kelantan or Terengganu since it's a public holiday, my mood wasn't that great cause i was feeling sleepy. When i reached there, the freakin music school's was CLOSED.

I was so pissed off at the moment and poor thing one of the student had just arrived. Had to show my muka tebal and apologize to her.

Oh could they treat me like that? Now i've got loads more replacement class to be done since next week i won't be around and then another week in july.

Went straight home and continue my beauty sleep.

For these few weekends, i've been very keen to go jogging.
Really need to burn those carbs since i can't cut down my food intake!!
I made new achievement today(whee!) cause i managed to climb 2 rounds up the hill (even my friend's mum can do that) :P
I hated the fact that i have such low stamina, i always ran outta stamina after 1 round up the hill and i can't even swim two laps in a role.

Imma gonna live a healthy life now and try to workout as much as i can.

I'm cravin for the frozen grapes now!!!! Saw this brilliant idea from the mag of putting your grapes inside the freezer and so that it will ended up tasting like ice-cream.
Freakin awesome delicious i would say :)

Ps: i looked like some china girl or ahlian in my passport pic, i feel like digging a hole and hide my face inside....malu-nyerrr

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Great outing with great friends

Ann, Joe, Yvonne and me went for another shopping trip today.

Wanted to watch Night At The Museum but too bad the tickets was sold out :(

I'm glad i didn't spent much today other than the nice meal and another bottle of nail polish ^_^

Hmm...what's next :P

Joe and Ann

High tea at Krispy Kreme...i love the environment there!
Joe's chocolate drink (which i think was actually dutch lady choco milk)

All of us.

Roomie brought along the tissue roll in her bag (because of her flu)!!! crazy larrr....

Rommie and i were cravin for sushi...Plan A was to go for Saisaki buffet but it was fully booked so we went Ichiban Boshi at Pavillion and the meal there was quite decent.

I insisted on takin the pic cuz i think that the background was way too cute.
Me love Paul Frank!

I'm the driver today. Here's my baby Mazda MX-5

Ps: am gonna be so broke this month :( really gotta save up for korea trip next month! Whee...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Pouring Rain

Gosh and it finally rain in KL.

It really sucks to stay in a place without air-con since i've been sleeping in air-con room daily back at the hometown every weekend!

The hot weather really makes a person moody at times and the sky has been really hazy these days....blame the global warming that's going on!

Everyone go green phulesss.

Despite the bad weather here, am really enjoying this sem since there's less lecture classes, NO jury exam and no need to work my ass off for the crappie scholarship!

We've been hanging out so much lately which we've never really did in the first few years of uni life. much we've missed out eh?!

I'm really looking forward to graduation and yet at the same time fear of the future obstacles that i'm gonna face soon after.

I'm foreseeing US now......anyone care to sponsor me?

Hand full of ugly veins! Over exercise on the piano eh?!
(haha i wish...i'm such a lazy bummer)

OMG She's so Cute

Check this out!

The 4 years old girl is so cute! She's such a pro at playing the organ.

Haha...i want a kid like her now.

Monday, June 01, 2009

My 21st Birthday The Finale

Here's the last bunch of pictures taken during my birthday on May 14th which is so overdue :P

We made this impromptu decision to hit the club that night.

IT was a wednesday night and MOS was really quiet.

The dance floor was empty and there we were and some other indian girls.

We had the dance floor to ourselves and danced th
e whole night!!

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours was the last song being played that night and its now spinning in my mind.

Hmm it's gonna me my 21st bday song cause it reminds me so much of that night!

Got a gift from the Djs and it's their own recor
ding along with their email add...hmmm >_<

Not many pics taken cuz i didn't bring in my camera that night.

Home with messy hair

Joe the pretty babe

In da toilet

Jiun wasn't with us cause she was so drunk and her bf had to bring her home.

Billy, Joe and moi in JieHui's car.

I had the most awesome birthday thanks to a bunch a great friends and families.