Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Conclusion

Here goes another year.

2010 went on kinda smoothly for me i guess. Well, i'm still safe and sound =p

Reflection of the year -->

-being couch potato for few months after i grad

-started my first full time job

-learned a bit of the ways of socializing, handling matters, and KIDS especially

-confidence level went up a lil' (can't help sometimes ppl gotta be thick skinned in the reality world)

-started driving again *despite me having license for few years but never drove around till now where i'm forced to

-a year which i suffered lots of minor bruises of my body

-staying outside without my uni-mates (missing them loads)

-started working out *used to hate the outdoor activities but not now anymore ;)

-had some eye-opener of the upper class life *can't disclose much bout this

-earned some money and at the same time realized the importance of money *always think twice before i buy stuff

Time really changes a person i guess and it happened to me. My perspective of life is sort of different from what i used to think of when i was younger.

Didn't get to travel much though for this year =((

Next year imma gonna travel gao gao to compensate back

Last few bits of pictures~

This is the month i shopped till i drop *sam tong

Will be away during NYE. Doing some exploration that i've never did. Have a blast yo people!

Signing off,


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buhbye Santa

Here goes the one year once much anticipated Christmas.

Can you believe that I actually did nothing but stay at home during this season.

Had some changes to my initial plan because of some last minute reason but the plan will go on next week =)

Skipped a gathering party and the late night party.

Was at home exploring the new baby ~ipad from santa and also stuffing myself with lots of food!

I just wished that the holidays are longer.

Nite peeps!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho Ho Ho...


May you have a wonderful and blessed one =)

Shopping spree is a must must during xmas plus with the year end sale going on.....this is the month where everyone shop till ya drop ;)

Wished it was real snow....what a sad thing that i've never ever seen snow before...fml

Cheers to an end of the year and also for the beginning of another year.

May all the good things come to you and me.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky

All you need is courage.

Love. Joy

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just A Lil' Bit More To Go..

...and i can almost smell holidayz =D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day Of Hell

Looks like crap, feels like crap

Never thought that i'll get this sick.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fall sick for the first time in this year =(

Not good

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Want A House With A Chimney!

I've gotten myself an early Christmas gift!

Whootssss.....was just thinking it's time to get something for myself since i've started working.


I wish that Santa will shower me with more love(money) this Xmas =p


*I need a chimney in my house! If not Papa Santa can't climb in to pass me my gift

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Ever since I started working, I seems to blog less these days.

Missing the freedom. Can't wait to be set free someday.

Finally i got to meet up with my highschool mates. Haven't seen them for like half a year cuz everyone's busy studying and working.

The time really fly by fast. Last year this time, we were at the same place doing bbq celebrating birthdays and it's been a year!!

Had bbq (our favourite get together activity) and celebrated birthdays.

Blackforest cake
Yummeh...i'm gonna go get one for myself soon *evil grin

Birthday boy and gurls - CT, MH and Jun

Making d wish

Haha...poor girl's face kena smashed on the cake.
Look as though there's some tiny worms wiggling on her face!

December babies

* 2 more weeks till holidays....i seriously can't wait for that to come and get myself outta this piece of shit =p

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kids These Days

Student J (6 years old) : Teacher, i saw a Barney Blackberry phone on the Toys R Us magazine.

Teacher: Oh...really? Why? You want it?

Student J: Ya

Student J (again): Teacher, do you know what does BBM stands for?

Teacher: Ohh....whatz that? *pretending to be dumb

Student J: It's blackberry messenger

Teacher: How come you know that?

Student J: Cuz my friend's mom has it.

[Gosh....even a 6 years old knows about blackberry and bbm O_0]

Student Z (7 years old, cousin of student J): Teacher, during our greatgrandma's birthday we performed a song called "XXX" (i can't recall the title)

Teacher: Oh i see...

Student Z: The song was sooooo lame. Super duper lame.

20 mins later...

Teacher: Okay...let's learn some new songs today

Student: *look at the song title.....these songs are lame and kiddie, i don't want to learn that

Teacher: *fainted

End of story. HAHAHA =]

Monday, November 29, 2010

花蓮怡園 (Taiwan)

Pictures of last year december.

When we were in 花蓮, we stayed in this place called 花蓮怡園度假村. More info check -->
Yi Yuen Resort

The resort was really big with lots of different types of room for rent.

When we reached there, the sun was down so we didn't get to take much pictures of the place in daytime.

Me and my soulmate during this trip. The best partner i ever had =)

Us. Chilling
Our room for 6 persons. Modern japenese style room.
Really spacious, nice and clean.

With a coffee table

The bath room. Spot the super cool water tap
Our room number

Along the pathway
It looks really simple from the outside, but it's actually much better than we thought

Some other groups of people who's lucky enough to get this room with such a grand hall *our room doesn't even have a hall

Strolling under the super nice weather
2 sopo

Headed to the main area cuz everyone's gathering there.

Chinese style
People doing the Alishan dance *if i'm not mistaken

Ning and earth

Mad happy kids

See the smile on everyone's faces =)))

The guys

Mr.Lao Dou

Moi, Kaining, Shin and Youyou



Sky lantern

Write your wish on the sky lantern and it will come true * i hope ;]

Up it goes

Please make my wish come true

Missing every single of you.