Monday, October 30, 2006

More Pics on the b'day party

MunHoe looking moody(so jealous of his fair smooth face)...girls out there he's still available ler..

Girl version on i-gallop..hehe

Wanna slim down?? try i-gallop. Even mr.skinny's riding on it and having fun ( he's so shy)

Birthday gurl with her cake

The Cake...yummy

HuiZhen and the guys...bobo wanted to zoom this photo and focus on the pair in white !! :P

All the hot chicks from sms...hehe

Munshan , Xiao Yun and Mun Hoe

Me n puikheng

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hui Zhen's birthday party!!

Attented huizhen's birthday party yesterday night..
Saw many familiar faces as well as some of them which i'm unfamiliar with...
Bobo,WaiTeng,SookYee,PeiShan,ConTing,MunHoe,CheeMun,SiewZhi,MunShan,PohYee,Bernard,SaiLung,XiaoYun,PuiKheng and 3 other guys + a girl whom i don't know their names were present..
The party was fun cuz we got to eat and talk to each other..haha this was great enough!!
Can't help but to say i miss those days in secondary school....i love all my friends.
Cute cute peishan posing for the pic

Poh Yee, Mun Shan and me...sad cuz i'm the shortest among them name(ct's fei wen bf) :P , Ct,B and pairs?? haha

Peishan and me ...

munhoe and me..both in burning red haha

The 2 sporting girls who like to pose for pictures..aren't they cute ??

Wee..lurve this pic though someone's missing in the pic

The 3 of us who stayed in tmn mawar n mawar sari....used to go to school together ..i miss those days

Poh Yee and me...she's still the nice sweet girl ^_^

Presenting ~~~ the burfday girl +++++++ Miss jane a.k.a HuiZhen

(she's changed quite a lot since f5----getting prettier and prettier ,smarter ,more sociable and friendly !! Such a girl must me Sulaiman's best girls head prefect lar !!! )

due to some tecnical problems , i'm not able to upload the rest of the photos taken but i'll try watch out guys !!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Longing for more HOLIDAYS

Gosh, it's been so long since i last touched my blog....
even my blog's enjoying holidays..haha

It's great to have this 2 festive seasons to be celebrated together cuz we got more days of holiday ^_^
Basically i juz stayed at home this whole holidays..
~ sleep
~ eat
~ online n pc games
~ practise piano
~ day-dreaming

haii...sounds so boring is in fact really boring.

Went to Mid-valley today after my violin and piano lesson.
I can't help but to admit that i'm a shopaholic.
Everytime i go shopping i feel like buying things that i doesn't really need..
I'll feel unsatisfied if ever i go home with empty hands..
Guess i'm wondering of buying more +++++
~ a hand bag either from roxy or adidas ( which one should i buy??)
~ t-shirts ( oh, i love them)
~ some cute stuff like key chains
~ pencil case ( i can say that i'm a pencil case collecter cuz i own more that 10 pencil cases and ended up having to abandon the others pencil cases and juz using the a particulay one :P)
~ bracelet,rings,necklace....

etc etc... i'm goin wild !!!!
I lurve branded stuff especially sports brand too bad i can't afford to buy most of the stuff i like.
Should i find a part time job since i'm so free during this comin november ??
but the salary's so little it's only RM4.50 per hour !!! and then i'll be working like hell...
wuuuwuuu.....what to do??

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life's like that

Received this forwarded mail from tiffanie~~
I found it really interesting...It's about life

Life is not Measured by the number of breaths we take- but by the moments that take our breath away. cute !!

Oh Baby baby....mama loves u more than the statue

Star fish shape !! No where to go...

When death's near you....

Hungry cats waiting for fishies !!

If ever i will be able to see this sight in UCSI's office

Wheee....saw uncle's pink panty !!

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm missing my home, my families and dear friends in my hometown now...
Didn't get to go home last weekend cuz my parents came down to l and we stayed at the Swiss Inn in Petaling Street.
Arrhh....can't wait for the Raya holidays to come so that i can stay at home and relax.
Planning how to spend this short holidays ~~]
Watch lots of movies !!
Eat homecooked food !!
Yamcha with friends !!
Badminton-ing with friends !!
Go for movies in cinema !!
Go to genting prob !!
Practise piano and violin !!

Basically juz chill out during this holidays...

Felt so lonely and boring here...feel like running away

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My back pain's coming back again.....Arrgghhh...stress,tired....
Can't wait to finish my working hours, i hated working there don't know why. Swear i'm not goinback and work there next sem.
Everyday also need to work until i felt so tired and my shoulders' pain got more and more serious. I ended not having the energy and mood to practise piano.

My first recital's juz over this afternoon. Not really satisfied with my performance cuz i played some wrong notes and also hit the wrong note for the last 2 chords. Somehow,luckily memory's not a problem. Ms.chong and Mr.lee was there during the recital . asked me what happened to me. According to her there's no intensity in my playing. Ya well i agreed with her cuz i'm feeling so nervous on the stage. It's like your fingers controlled by something else,heartbeats faster than usual,legs' shaking.......phew, it's hard to describe the kind of feeling. Anyway , i'm glad that it's finally over .

Got to know that poor voonyin lost her whole bag in the practise room. Damn it,who's the monster who came and steal ppl things. Now that i know bout it i'm gonna be more cautious cuz i'm also used to left my bag in the practise room when i need to go out for awhile. I felt sad for voonyin cuz she juz lost her handphone 2 weeks ago in the practise room. If the thing ever happen to me i'll cry and feel very very sad. Curse the stupid thief !! Next time your children will follow ur path. Hope that this kind of ppl will go to jail and mayb hell someday . Haha...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Mid Autumn Festival 2006

Lanterns !!! Ghost......the picture's so blur

Guys, thanks for coming to celebrate this festival with me. I know i'm not lonely *_*

Best friends~me n kerxin. Thanks for the photos

Gotta blame CaiSheng for taking this not so perfect picture!!

Gurls...Its ladies nite !!'s too dark can't see our pretty faces

Bunch of crazy 18 years old kids playing with lanterns. I really had fun and it was awesome !! Love ya

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Your voice makes me tremble inside And your smile is an invitation For my imagination to go wild. ..........

Watched The Lake House and A Cinderella Story today.
Had instant cup noodlees for dinner *cham*.
Practised my memorised piece ~Beethoven's Sonata in E flat major Op31,no.3 1st movement .
Did some last minute revision for OA.
Washed my hair and it smells nice now.
Planning to watch another movie later...

The Lake House

Watched The Lake House juz now..
Great movie!! It's played by Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

Both of them got to know each other because of the lake house which was own by Alex (Keanu Reeves). Oh gosh....the house's so nice. It's like a glass house beside the lake surrounded by trees. Now that i really wish i can have a house like that and live the happily forever without any worries.....i'm fantasying bout it. I want to own a nice lil' cosy house and i'll decorate it with some art piece as well as have a white colour grand piano in the living room. Dream...dream...dream..

Nice lake house...wish that its mine

Somehow both of them are 2 years apart meaning Alex's living in year 2004 while Kate(Sandra Bullock) in year 2006. They mailed each other through the mail box of the lake house and eventually falled for each other.

After few years of waiting, they finally met and the story ends there. I guess they'll live in the lake house happily.......

When i fall in will be forever...or i'll never fall in love with you....

Mooncake Festival

yue liang yuen x2....yue liang zhao zhai wo de jia...mei you chun xia qiu dong the jia..liu chuan qian nian...........the song that i used to sang during the school assembly when i'm in primary standard 1 !! Memories flashed's been quite some years since i last celebrate mooncake festival. Playing lantern and colourful candles....

Ya..i miss the old days. I was like tellin' tiff , su ann , mr. lala and amanda that i want to play lantern but thought there's nobody to play with me....

Since i'm at home and my siblings' not at home i decided to call some of my friends to come over my house to play lantern !! Gosh...i'm 18 already..i don't care i'm still a lil' kid and i want to play with lanterns and candles !! They all agreed to come and i'm so happy !!

10 something they all reached my house. - Bobo , Wai Teng , Pui Kheng , Ker Xin, Mun Hou , Ah Hong , Cai Sheng , Hui Zhen , Sai Lung , Pei Shan and Bernard - the guests that i invite to come over to my house.

Each of us took one lantern and we walked around my taman juz like lil' kids...haha. It was fun though !! Then we headed to the basketball court juz beside my house and took photographs there. Stupid cai sheng really dunno how to take pics la...there's one pic with half of my pretty face chop off :( Bobo was so funny cuz i gave him the smallest orange colour lantern and he's like saying the lantern really belongs to him and suits him as it is 'jiao xiao ling long' like him werr...ehem, can call him ' oi shen ' already lo.

Before going back , we all made a wish and then blow off the candle's flame...The one year once mooncake festival's over.......

Had a great day today and bobo said we're gonna do this again even when we're 81 years old !! haha

Friday, October 06, 2006

My World Is Hazzy~

Juz reached home.....Gosh, there's lots of ppl going back to their hometown since it's mooncake festival today. Had to stand on the bus on my way back home...kesian.

Went for master class today and it was fun and interesting !! Much more better than the usual classical master classes...Our guest today was juwita suwito--singer + m'sian idol's coach !!

Lenny and Angela sang both sang a song. Lenny sang--get here while angela sang--when i fall in love. Can't really remember who's the original singer for get here but i'm sure that i know that song pretty well. Lenny's singing was quite ok but lacking some sort of power which will really attract ppl. Somehow ,felt so sorry to say that i don't really like angela's singing though she's good a stage but not her singing. Maybe it's because the song does't suits her well....juwita corrected them and help them out in for a better performance.
Haii..too bad juwita can't recognise me as i was sitting juz behind her. I saw her in M'sian idol 2 finale cuz i was there to play the violin while she's there being a coach. Cheers, she's great!!

Mr.Alan *my lecturer* gave us some tips for the coming OA mid-term. Juz wish that all these tips given will come out in the mid-term. Kekeke.. :P

Kl's having serious hazzy day....the haze do looks like mists though *as if i'm in genting*. When will the sky be clear ?? Izzit bringing a message that there's something dark gonna happen?? To me , to you or to everyone?? I hope it's not..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday in KL

Someone move in our house....i was really suprised for that!! ( the person might be as dumb as me when i moved in) "P

OA class today was quite fun but too bad i don't have the text book and had to share it with my friend. My neck and shoulder's kinda gettin' painful because i had to keep on looking to the right side to see the text book. Ouch.. Haiizz...really don't feel like buying the text book cuz we'll juz use it for 1 sem and after that we can juz throw it in the rubbish bin. The price for photostating the text book is the same price with buying it. What should i do??

Midterm,recital and jury's all coming soon....haven't really prepare for it. I'm getting more and more nervous as the date for recital's getting's really freezing cold inside the recital hall and i'm afraid my fingers might get really cold and make it to a point that i can't play all the running notes and trills well. How ah?? Let's juz pray that everything will be fine...i can't wait to go to 1-U after my recital next thursday.

Having voice lesson later...once again i'm scare.....i wish i can be more confident of myself and not be a coward.