Monday, May 31, 2010


我們都想回到最初的時 候




Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Year Older

*short update

And it was my 22nd birthday last friday.

Told the bff that my birthday wish is that money will fall from heaven for me!! lol!!

Bro called frm china, and i almost teared when i got his call. Can't wait to go visit him there soon.

This was the chocolate cake i made last week!
Haha...does not look for so but taste kinda good ;)

and i shall let the memories slip away with the wind......slowly and softly

Looking forward to the coming weekends!!!
Malacca, gathering and celebrations~~

The Sinful Moment Is....

....pigging on a bucket of your favourite ice-cream middle of the night!!!

Damn this is just too good.

Those shitty thoughts should be dumped aside.

I'm in heaven now ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Updates

There goes another of working.

I always feel so tired these days after work......which i will then juz day dream when i reach home

Conting baked the pandan layer cake (my favourite cake!)
how i wish i know how to bake this thing also :/

The student wore a burberry dress to class last week......make me emo saja
when will i ever to afford a burberry?

Dad and mum during Mother's Day.
Mom was on the phone with bro who's at Beijing now.
Ps: my mind is totally blank now......can't think anything to blog about

Productive Day

Went for work today.

Blinged my mini mirror.

Baked my first ever cake (moist chocolate cake)

I guess i'll be experimenting on baking again this weekend.

Did manicure.

Mad happy now.

Can't wait for the weekend to come ;)

Imma gonna go for a shopping spree.

Screw it....i know i'll be spending those hard earned money but it's my week so i don't care =D

Addicted to this band's songs.....the lead singer's voice is so freakin sexy, i'd die to have a boyfriend who sounds like him.

The Perisher~ 8am Departure

Nothing like you and i

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Gahhhh......stupid GPS gave me some stupid longer route directions.

Was stucked in the jam for almost an hour and didn't make it to the student's house today.

Money oh money....please fall from the sky to me, thanks!!

Leap in Joy

Wheee.......and i finally got internet connection here!!!

Freaking happy now that i no longer need to stare at the walls like a psycho.

Kinda nervous for tomorrow cuz i'm afraid that i might get lost searching for the new student's house.

Bless me ;)

Have a nice day ahead you peeps!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dying to get a blazer!

But i'm so so broke ;(

I wanna go shopping for a day without thinking about any budget.

Buy whatever i like, eat whatever i feel like =D

Diet diet diet. I wanna be 4* kgs!!!!

Whenever I'm in kl, i tend to eat less partly also cuz i don't have proper dinner time and I'd start binging when i'm home.

Thinking of signing up for gym.

Imma gonna save first!!!

Ahh....sooooo nice rite!
Pic credit: lookbook

The place we used to stay in for 3 years......missing those days!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gimme More

Yay...and i finally got my Laneige Water Bank Trial Kit today !

Bought a pair of shoes ;) Trying so hard to limit my spending now.

Went over to look for my new student's house. lost and was so frustrated wondering where's the place.

Thankfully, managed to find it at last.

Another eye opener today.

Someday......i shall own a house there =P

Had to remove my nail polish today cuz i'm afraid those students or their parents will stare at me ;(

Sunny day!

Here it is ~ Laneige Water Bank Trial Kit

Thank you Laneige. Now i can't wait for their mystery gift ^_^

Monday, May 03, 2010

Mari Kita Ber-camwhore

Crap....the money is flowing out everyday

Work harder babey!

Gonna go spend again tomorrow =D

Ah...and i finally found my sun above my head ;P


Nite y'all!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I wished there's Labour Day every month

Public holiday on a saturday.......mad awesome!!!!

Spent the whole day at home.

Enjoying the serenity at home.
Did some manicure, painted my nails mysterious blue colour

Sleep. eat. online

Ahh.....what a day.

Only nuts will wear sunglasses indoor and that's me ;P

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Not Good

The infection thingie is still bugging me.

The itch is just killing me!

It kills my mood.

I pray to Buddha, God.......please heal me.

I can't bare with it anymore :(((((((((((((

But on a good note, i got chosen to join the Laneige Water Bank Global Survey!!

Luck's really on my side because i simply filled in the forms without thinking much that i'll ever be chosen ;P