Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5 betarians

Remember this?? It reminds me of u guys.

And i miss you all. 5 Beta---the best memories in my life !!

Life seems so different here without you guys.

I miss those days

when we laughed out so loud till the teachers complained bout us

when we ponteng together and kena warned by the counsellor (what's her name dy ah?)

when we talked when the teacher's talking infront

when we ate during class

when we did anything we like if the teacher's absent

when we cried together during the farewell party

when its time for us to say goodbye to each other and pursue dreams that belong to us.

I'm on my way to achieve my dreams. So are you?

No matter what, u'll be in my heart.

Ps: ish ish i so emo lah in this post. the unusual me :P

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

life isn't that bad afterall


izzit because we stay under the same roof and, same bed, our hormones how somehow connected or what???

Ya well i'm having period on the same day with mah roommate.

My dislike towards going to work is fading. In fact, i kinda enjoy working there. People there are nice. Thank God for it.

The knee length jeans that i got from Pdi.

I love Pdi when they are offering discount. My new yellow singlet.

ps: trying hard to enjoy life although things might be difficult at times.

I saw you and i heart you :) u're the one and only

gimme a breaK


STupid Theory !!! I DID IT SINCE 8.30PM TILL NOW 1AM. IT SUCKS !!!
Don't like all the lecturers of this sem. They're like talking talking and talking beating around the bush and will never reach the point.
So what's the point of talking so much??!!

attention people---- if u happened to see me, plz gimme a shoulder.
i really need a shoulder that i can rely on now.

I'm so dead now.

if only i'm a super genius........

Monday, May 28, 2007

its another monday

A cuppa coffee to keep my mind awake

My shoulder's aching like hell again for these 2 days. I've kinda strained myself.
Mum, dad and bro came to kl yesterday and we went to bkt bintang again.
The situation was much more better on sun cuz there's less people and nicer to shop for stuff.
I'm trying hard now to catch up whatever Dr.Jeff's been teaching for history.
History has always been the subject i love and i really don't wish to score low marks for this subject. Quizzes is coming. I need to do double work as the seniors said. Heard from a senior that she's been scoring 80+ and above for history. Well i'll try my best.
Nothing is easy. It depends on the person whether you want to aim for the best or not.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


My legs are hurting now. I stand for don't know how many hours today. I'm getting older. all

Reached Bkt Bintang at 1pm and had our lunch at 10thfloor of Times Square.

Since Lala said the food at this particular stall was quite reasonable so we bought our lunch at the stall.

The truth is the food's NOT CHEAP at all.
Rice + Tempe + Kangkung = RM3.68
Ok lorrr.....i can't say anything since i've already taken my food.
The worst part came when i tasted the food.
The tempe and bean curd's so hard can't even chew it. Honestly i think they re-fried it and that's why it's so hard to chew.
Then the Kangkung was Cold like it's juz been taken out from the fridge.
Worst chap fan i've ever had. Making me felt like wanting to puke.
I had a few spoon of it and enough is enough.

OMG....this is the first time i saw the whole Malaysia's punya Lalas ( lala mui & lala zhai ) all gathered at Bkt Bintang. Most of them are very young * some still in primary school i guess *

The leggings, the high socks, the black white red stripes, the make-up and super thick eyeliner. Scariest sight !!!

Waited to see Wu Zhun at Berjaya Times Square. There's so many people gathering there blocking the main entrace.

The sound system sucks, the stage sucks ( small and not high enough ) can't even see a tine lil bird. Basically the organisation was bad. Making me pissed cuz i got tired of waiting for him and decided to leave. I went to check on him later on during his autograph session. This time i'm pissed again. There's not many people left and i'm quite close to the stage but wth i can't even see him. Those bodyguards of whatever were blocking and blame the stupid lousy low stage.

Damn disappointing wei.

Later on we went to walk around the shopping mall. Nothing much to see.

Our plan for ice-cream was cancelled because of the LALA gurl. She promised to come and look for us to enjoy ice-cream together but she never come!!! Haiyoo...

When we went over to Sg.Wang, they're having something on stage.

~ So you think you can dance programme ~

Those contestant were really really good in dancing.

I love the first girl, she did BREAKING !!! Super cool. How i wish i can dance like her.

Then we had Banana Pie and corn for dinner.

Joe's sis told her that Janice's coming to Sg.Wang and so we decided to go for her showcase at the 4th floor carpark.

The showcase supposed to star at 8pm but we went to line up earlier at 7pm. Stand there for so long until my knees' hurting badly. Somehow it was quite worth of it * at least better than the WuZhun was la *

We got stand at the second role right beside the stage.

Janice's really pretty and i love her bubly character.

There's also her guest artist ~ Charles.
He's really handsome.

We took cab back to our condo after the showcase.
Stupid teksi fella. I feel like smashing or slapping him !!!
Told him where we wanted to go then he said ok then we mai went up to his cab now.
Mana tau he said he dunno the way to our place and asked us which road we want to take.
I replied him that we also dunno, then how ??!!
Ends up he actually knows the way to our place. He was even complaining to someone on his phone bout us saying that he damn malang fetching lousy mafan customer.
WTF. Its's ok if u don't want to do our business, we can find other cab !!!

Malaysian lousy cab. Hate them for their rude attitude and always didn't use meter !!!

Pics of the day. All the pics are low quality cuz i took with my lousy camera phone.

Berjaya Times Square ~ crowds of people waiting to see Wuzhun the fella.

Sg.Wang. So you think you can dance showcase.

Joe and me with Janice's ticket

Our shoes. Mine Nike her's Mickey

Waiting to get in.

My VIP ticket

Janice !!!!!



Me and Lala. Was forced to take pic with her.

ps. i'm tired of squeezing myself in among the big crowd. Maybe i'm too old for that already.

Duh...i woke up so early today.

The weather is juz too hot for me to sleep.

I'm gonna zzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz again later.

Going to BKT BINTANG later....hehe

Hopefully i won't see too much of stuffs that i like there lar. Even if i see it and i can't buy ( very kek sim) cuz i'm still broke.

Bout the MIDI assignment, i'm almost done. Still need to change some of the sentence though before i pass it up.

Whooott....i'm already dreaming of my yummylicious ice-cream!!!


Friday, May 25, 2007

i miss home


Reflection of the piano~

I'm not going home this weekend. Sounds weird rite?

Since i came and study in KL i've been going back to my hometown every weekend because i just couldn't bare staying here over one week. I miss my cosy home.

Yea it's true i'm staying back in KL partly because i need to finish up my midi assignment and i'm going to the Lala Heaven tomorrow.

Wondering where's the Lala Heaven???

Let me tell u ........ it's the very holy moly Bkt Bintang.

A place that belongs to those Lalas. * Kill me cuz i've even seen AUNTY LALAS there !%$#
wtf..can u imagine that? An aunty middle age with quite some FAT dressing up like those 13 years old young lass. OMG, i'm sorry to say i really don't like leggings!! They're so out of date.

Weirdly i love hanging out with friends there ( ehem...i'm not lala kay)

I wonder why the place is getting more and more polluted with Lala or in other terms Lalafied.

Anyway the main reason i'm going is because of HIM. Hopefully i'll get a glimpse of him !!!


SS-ing in the practise room.

I'm so dead.
My mind is blank.
I juz don't feel like doing anything now.

Assignments __

Aural - in the progress
Theory - don't feel like touching it
History - i juz couldn't understand what the lecturer talking about and i haven't been doing his notes ( givin up )
Midi - in the progress

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The maddy maddy

Tones of assigments for this week. The due date for it is next week.
I'm so stressed out !!
I don't understand what the lecturer is mumbling during the history class.
I feel tired and ill.
My back is hurting.
I'm sneezing.
Yet amazingly, i went to work today in a new department (worked there b4 during my 2nd sem)
Man it was so much better compare to IO (the sucky bloody office) though its a bit tiring looking at the ID numbers which strain my eyes.

I need a rest * prob a vacation at beach

I'm a lost soul.

I want to do something crazy to release my tension.
Scream my lungs out.
Dance like Beyonce.
Swim like a fish.
Laugh like no one's looking at me.
Throw something huge from the condo.
Kick somebody's ass.
Kiss someone's lips.
Play like Mr.Chopin.
Do some kick ass stunt.
Bunjee jumping
Sky diving.
Wateva that is crazie.

Ya'll know I'm goin mad.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Love the fact that blogspot's now available to autosave our post.

Been watching lots of korean and jap movies recently.

~200 pounds beauty
~highway star

I'm startin to fall in love to these movies songs. Super JENG.

Had my first cme coaching today under Ms.Geneviene. According to someone she's not really that good. Somehow after my coaching i felt that she's actually good. In the way that she teaches u a lot of stuff (well she might be better my piano lecturer)
Hate lecturers who are very CHEONG HEI. Can't stop nagging us
~watttttt...u guys didn't practise????
~u know its really hard to u to catch up if u don't practise
~for XX1 maybe u can pass the sub without much practise but for not XX2
~ok i shall give u all extra assignments!!

Feeling kinda tired. Not going to revise for history.

Sing a Zjoyful Song sing a sing a Zjoyful song ~ tis is wat AH ZJIUN JIE sang. Hehe
Love teasing her.

OMG can't believe that i'm listening to religion songs now. Christian worship songs by Michael W.Smith

A song for all my dearest friends. I luv u all

Dream dream

I miss my long long hair. Can't wait for my hair to grow long.
I felt as if i'm livin' in foreign land. i was in the condo lift. Poor thing i'm the only white person inside the lift with about 5 other negros. I realise i've got fair skin wei!!!
Itchy itchy ....feel like goin for a tan since i can't get as white assnow white.
I have a thought ~ will it be great if let say i have a chance to work in redang. Hehe...i'll be burn by the time i got back from the sunny island.
Mama Suuuu said after i got back from there then i can work in Goodie Foodie(own by negros) dy !!!
Man...wondering what kinda food they eat. Any idea??
I don't like Mondays ~ Tori Amos

Saturday, May 19, 2007

the ultimate sleeping beauty

OMG i slept like a pig this afternoon when i got back home.

Talking bout the ware house sale advertisement that i saw in the sun , i went to have a look with tiff. Man....i'm so disappointed with it. Know what they only got those aunty clothes and ugly big sizes t-shirts and bra. Ewwww....

sorry arr tiff for asking (sorta forcing) u to go with me :(

Met SeeYeang at the bus station and so i sat with her through the journey back home. We talked a lot until i got down from the bus when i reached my destination.
Hmm...she's still the sweet nice girl :)

Had my lunch then i watched tv. Half way through i'm already dozing of. So i headed straight to my cosy room to sleep. I FREAKIN SLEPT FROM 3 SOMETHING TILL 7PM.
I can't believe that i've been asleep for so many hours until mum came and woke me up.

I don't think i can sleep tonite as i'm energetic after the long long nap.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Calling for secretary

I need a personal secretary !!!
All my stuff are sooooo messed up. Assignments are everywhere- some in my reebok bag, nike begpack, Uni locker, fail...........
My table is so messy that i feel kinda ashamed of myself. I need a MaMa here.

Oooohhh....i attended a seminar with Ann and Peiwin. Gosh the speaker's so lame. Kept on selling his trademark. Bahhh...ain't gonne listen to this kinda person. I can bluff better than ya'll.

I'm desperate in the meantime. Know why?? Cuz i can't get what Dr.Jeff was talking about during his classes. I'm lost totally lost.......until i looked right and left towards my friend. Poorthing me...they laughed at me :( I hate being left out in studies.

Mama su ann...........guess whattttttttttttttt........ NOTHING WEI !!!
Lulu u wanna bcome my secretary??

i actually wanted to post some pics. Too bad my camera ran outta battery :(

Nite peeps

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Chillis ~ 13.05.07

mouth watering

gimme more


me and rae - we're hungry waitin for food

3 of us

14.05.07 ~ my big day


Today. Waiting for choir class...bored so i cam whore again

me n joe

Darling joe n me

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finished watching NANA on my yesterday.

Shining was telling us about a buffet place near to bkt bintang which they have all kinds of sashimi, sushi..........*saliver drippin everywhere*
I want to goooooooo....but i'm broke. Will anyone treat me there?
Ask me out u if u're willing to spend money on me.

Guess while i'm in the condo lift with ann and voonyin, there's one negro who said to me that my tattoo looks nice and cool. Hehe made me feel so happy pulak.

I don't feel like facing the reality....I dun wanna work. Some other frens had already started working. I'm so lazy.

There's still a bunch of things to be done. Notes for history. Its so confusing i really prefer ms.chong teaching.

my cme piece is so difficult. I can't play the correct jumping octaves.

Video taken during yesterday nite's dinner. Tq for the treat guys

I'm loved

I'm feeling kinda lost. I'm not the only one feeling so Jiun also felt the same.

For undescrivable reason I felt confused.

Anway i need to thank all my super duper dearest friends who wishes me happy birthday and especially friends who celebrated my b'day for me. U GUYS MADE MY DAY !!!

Today is my first time celebrating bday out of my hometown but i can still feel love here.

And because of u guys i know i'm not alone.

To be a 19th years old ain't that hard rite?!

Wishing for someone that the person will go through his/her prob.

And most of all i want to keep my mind clear cuz i'm always easily stressed out. That's bad cuz it affects me a lot and even ppl beside me.

And to MISS LALA, LILI, AND LULU i love crapping with u guys.

To miss Tiff- tq for the dinner and Rae as well.

Muacksssssss.....big hug for u all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me me and me

I'm officially 19th years old after tonight. Went out with college bestie for a special MPO concert and Chillis to celebrate our b'day.

Birthday nowadays is so different. The reason is because i won't be at home during my birthday. No family and a bunch of classmate to celebrate with me. Though i did feel a bit sad because of this reason but i know i'm blessed with another bunch of friends here celebrate with me.

I'm sad cuz i'm no more 18th the pok pok chui.

1. I need to be more mature and most of all built up my confidence cuz sometimes i find that i'm lacking in self confidence.

2. I need to work out more to lose some weight.

3. I need to be more hardworking and not left behind. I want to apply for $$.

4. Juz hoping that my wish will come true this year. I've been dreaming of it for too long already.

5....................... still thinking bout what is life meant for

Tq guys for a great outing to MPO and Chillis for a celebration of our bday

Books that i borrowed from library - due date to return on my bday date

My piece of cake ~ Happy Birthday to myself

Mum cutting the cake

The Cake

Cake that bro bought for mother's day -- Mango Yoghurt from Cake Sense

p.s. happie birthday to you rain

and i love u so

Happy Mother's Day !!!!

I know my mum don't read my blog but i still wanna say that ' I Love You ' to my dearest mum.
Thank you for everything :)

Am dollying up myself now preparing to go for the Anna Kortova's MPO concert. I'm going with Rae and Tiff. Yay....we gonna celebrate Rae's and my b'day there as well.

Don't know why i'm starting to fear of ageing. Its like i can't believe that by tomorrow i'll 19th YEARS OLD already !!!! I wanna stay young forever.

That's all for now. Will post up the pics later on :P

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ain't that cool

So i got this for myself as my early b'day gift. Man i'm lovin' it. Looks super cool isn't it??

Also bought 2 pressie for 2 of my friends.

Itchy itchy... i've got red rashes around some part of my legs and its soooooo itchy and i can't help scarching it.

Happy Birthday dear Raechen !!! U're 19 dyyyyyyyy.....haha 3 days older than me still consider old :P So u gonna learn more chinese and become more chinabeng from this year on and stop being too engklish. Come let mei mei teach u how to become a pro chinabeng or lala !!

U're such a wonderful person with ur bubly personality and what i'm gonna tell ya is i admire ur guts !!! Yoyo....promise that we gonna have lotsssssssssss of fun during this sunday kay?


Chill. I love you guys more than words can say but if u guys still wan me to tell you ' i lap u' everyday also can larr....i dun mind.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

because of u

wtf. i woke up so early today juz to attend one my of classes but the lecturer didn't come !!!!!
She ( the lecturer ) has been absent for numerous time even after i complained bout it.
She juz told me that i'll have my class on this morning and she didn't come. Man.....
When u know there'll be a traffic jam PLZ come ealier la......i thought lecturers supposed to reach Uni earlier than student.
Damn pissed with her. Wasted my sleeping time * it's raining this morning and if its not becuz of u i'm still enoying my sweet dream now *

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Feel so mou liu. No assignment for this week.

Had my first lesson with dr.jeff. His uk english slang sounded really smooth. Too smooth until i kinda hardly get what he's trying to teach.

Money spending is juz like the water flowing away. Need to buy a lot new books plus b'day gift and mother's day gift.

Ppl get what they requested in their blog. How i wish i will also get what i want.

Mood of blogging is fading. The reason is caused by the super hot weather over here.

Imagine at 6pm there's sun and when u walk outdoor u'll feel like ur whole body burning and u'll get dizzy. Like what i experienced these few days. I miss the air-cond at home.

Am a bit disappointed with my last sem results.
shyt..i got 1 mark below the grading to get an A for the 2 subjects which were taught by the same lecturer. how come the lecturer wanna do so?
Didn't did well enough for theory and orchestra.
Haiiii....too late to be sad bout it. I know i didn't work hard enough for it.
1 more sub's result to go. I hope i can score an average above 75.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A post for u

Happy birthday darling TIKA !!!
since i can't celebrate with u on ur big day so i shall replace it with a post specially for U !

12 years friendship and we still remain best friend juz like the time we got to know each other during primary standard 2 rite?
I remembered those days where we went swimming almost everyday and had so much fun.
I remembered going to ur house and play and chit chat with u. Ur mummy is always so kind to me.
I remembered u growing up from a lil cute gurl to a angelic sweet next door gurl.
I remembered both of us going genting, sunway lagoon and Shopping together.
I remembered i always enjoyed doing things with u.
I remembered u sms-ing me during the last half hour of my b'day last year and i felt so touched.
I remembered i enjoyed gossiping with u.
I remembered seeing u yesterday and i'll never get sick of looking at u.
I remembered today is ur birthday and i'm here to wish u happi bday.

see i got u 4 Hammie to wish u Happy Birthday. Hope u'll like it !!
Have a nice cool 19th b'day and enjoy urself to the max !!!

Felt so touched by someone's video in someone's blog.

How i wish i can meet someone that good.

appreciate what we've got

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another new sem

Today will be the last day of holidays.
Excited to start another new sem yet nervous for the challanges that i'm gonna face in this brand new sem.
So i'll be having jury this sem. One song is almost done, another one is still on working progress, and one more waiting to get the score.

Pray hard that i'm gonna enjoy this new sem and am hoping to switch to another work place.
Don't wanna stay at the sucky IO. out and i'm gonna rock the new sem !!

ps- so many things to bring back to condo and i haven't finish packing :(


i am so emo

school starts tomorrow meaning that i need to wake up early and go home late.

sucky timetable. 3 days out of the weekdays there's classes in 8am. wtf

2 sub will be taught by dr.jeff. stress stress..

results haven't come yet and i'm so nervous for it.

after being home for 2 weeks, i really don't feel like going back.

when ur in a place without family u feel empty, without close friends u feel down.

college life is kinda tiring

birthday coming. not going to have a party so i guess it will be juz another day for me except that heck i'm 1 year older than before.

The emo me

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pro Photographer

I've watched Spider Man !! It's awesome . Didn't aspect it to be out in Genting so soon. Disappointed cuz i didn't get to buy pressie from there. Nothing much to see there. Will be staying over at bestie house tonite.
Those legs

The Almighty - Buddha

I'm proud of this pic

and this too

Stairways to heaven ~ see the God is waiting for u there

The Dad and Mum

B'day B'day

Mum juz came back from KT. more outside food (am sick of those food)
Wanted to go kl but don't know who to go with me so juz cancel the plan.
Haiii..but i need to get present for my friends.

May B'day boys and gals ~
* tika * raechen * caisheng * peishan * n of course ME !

I got a big head wonderin what to get for them and yet not spend too much on the pressie part cuz i'm super broke !!

Omg love Avril's new album. Love her hair !! super punkish !! haha

Goin' genting tomorrow cuz too wu liao at home dy. Hoping to get what i want there.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Post about our Sunway Lagoon trip by Tiff
Check it out!!

I'm so full now........stuffed myself with fried chickens and wedges from KFC.

Oh yaa, finally i'm goin get my UOB credit card.

Nothing much to blog. Nite sweetie!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


WE ARE ........................................... INSANE !!!
ppl gonna stare at us if we wear this out


I'm so touched.

Since my mum went to Kuala Terengganu for kursus or whatever, bestie Tika invited me to her house for dinner.

I felt so hmm hou yi si...had to trouble her mum to cook for me.

We tried out the fake eyelash that we bought at Looked super sexy with it!! haha

She's sooo nice she gave me a bottle of Clinique's make-up remover.

Hmm....still wondering what should i get for her b'day.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Let's work out ;P

Badminton was FUN !!

Prob because it is the sport that i'm most good at.

I need to work out more. Seeing ppl getting slimmer and slimmer really makes me jealous. Ehem..but i did miraclely shed a few kgs this year. Not satisfied yet cuz the result is not obvious.

I can't control my eating so i need to do more exercise.

Not going to kl.

Going to 38 later and watch bobo them practise for their choir competition.

How unfair~!! how come when i'm in sulaiman that time, there's no this sort of competition and when i'm gone there's so many activities going on.

I miss School Daysssssss...........sometimes i do feel a bit left out mixing with u guys. Haha cuz i'm now consider as a outsider.