Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maybe I should have plan to leave earlier


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Spent the whole night listening to my favourite classical tune.

Beethoven Symphony No.3 Eroica, Smetana's Die Moldau, Rach piano concerto no.2 and so on...

Songs that we listened over a hundred times when we were in uni especially the days when we have to listen around 30+ songs to prepare for the history listening test. i miss those days.

And the days of staying under one roof with the besties. Ann is in Aussie now and soon me and maybe the roomie might to leaving separate ways too.

Sigh time past, things changed, people grew.

Reality it is....when you were young, you had such a dream of someday what you'd become and 10 years later, reality hits you hard making you fall to the ground waking you up from your sweet little dream.

I miss practising so much. These days i seldom find myself having the urge to touch the piano.

Passion oh passion....where'd you go?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

130 days


With love,


Monday, May 23, 2011

Pardon me for the long lost from blogger. I'm back =)

Gonna post more pictures now since i've got myself a new camera.

Just to show you guys how long is my hair now *proud
Haven't been to the hair salon in 1+ year....people who heard about this will usually be kinda shock and ya i trim my own fringe :P
but it's kinda too long now and hard to manage i'm gonna chop it off soon

Last week:

Student R: teacher, why your hair so long wan?
Me : cuz i didn't cut it
Student R: har...can don't cut wan meh?

Spent countless of hours in this corner
Froggie goes sunbathing
The cactus
I'm always fascinated by the sky.

You're beautiful in every single way

Late night gossip with the girls
A cuppa coffee and lots of laughters

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Life. Update

Decoding the dream.

I had one of the worst nightmare yesterday night that sent chills down my spine.

In the dream, i witnessed a friend committing suicide. There he was, he jumped down from the building without any struggle like a bird. The sight of it really shocked me and then there's also this girl x which i dislike(in real life) appeared right after he committed suicide.

The guy was in love with the girl but the girl's not into him. The guy gets disappointed and decided to jump off the building.

I remembered every details of the dream so clearly. Wondering what does it the dream means.
Woke up feeling rather down and cranky.

On another note, i've finally finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. A very enjoyable book indeed and now i'm on another book.

I've been spending every late nights reading. The fun of reading is that you get to imagine stuff and stories of the book.

Here comes May. Bday month, bestie's bday, mother's day etc.

Great, i will be so broke by the end of the month because i'm rewarding myself something i've been eyeing for quite some time.