Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Back from Genting!!

Haha....i'll post up the pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NONO to concert

Oooh...i feel ashamed to be a malaysian. What's wrong with this kind of concert by the way?

I listen to Avril and i'm still the same good girl ain't I??

Haha...blaa whatever this kinda thing is just lame. Boohoo....Anwar won the election today *fireworks* !!

Genting trip tomorrow. Yippie..... (O_O)

Fashion Fast Forward

Unlike the previous holidays, this time round i spent more time staying at home.
Finally had my new specs made, too bad they don't have much choices so i had to deal with one that i think is more simple but i'm glad cuz my eyesight power is still the same :)

Here are some pics taken while i was bored at home so took bro's huge mirror into my room and started camwhoring.

Took mom's skirt and wear it as a top. Smart huh me??!
Spot my vintage clutch!!! Accidently found it in my wardrobe today. It belongs to me years ago when i was a kid. Love it" ignore my ugly flabby arms :P

Casual wear. Haiwaiian shirt and a bermuda shorts. Clean and simple :)

The top which i never wear before eventhough i love it so much. Gosh i look so tan in this pic! turtles purse. Don't know why my taste so bad last time. I don't think i have ever take it out or bring it to school during primary school. Those days....haii
Here is the clutch in the 1st pic!! Happiness....when i found this thing but the metal a bit rusted already.
I was just to free today and so i went on surfing the net looking for nice luxuries bags.

Miu miu coffer bag. So nice kan!!

Even Reese Witherspoon is using it!!

LV monogram canvas galliera. This is what miss Joe owns which costs a bomb. malu to walk beside her cuz i'm like a lower class orang.

Since she bought LV then i decided on getting Chanel Reissue 2.55 bag!!!
This is mine and it costs me freakin 9K!!!! siao...
I'm juz kidding. Anyhow i did bought a Chanel inspire bag which looks 95% like the one in the photo and it cost me only less than 60 bucks :)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Can't get enough of olympics and it's already the closing ceremony today :(
China did very well in preparing the whole thing and making it so successful!
I'm so proud to be a chinese..hehe
I believe i'll be moved to tears if ever i'm at the bird nest during the closing ceremony.

I'm been strucked by bad lucks these days i guess.
Spoilt my old camera and now the pc's mother board.
Oh crap.....there goes all the hard earned money. F**k it!!
Was really emo about it and i don't even have the mood to go shopping.
I only managed to get a pair of cheap sandals and bedsheets today at Sunway Piramid.
Saw a Guess bag that i really like few days back when i was at Lot 10.
Really wanted to get it but after much thinking i decided not to buy it because for the same price i can get 3 unbranded bags and i've already got tones of bags lying at home.
OMG...CK bag is super ex in m'sia!!
A bag like what bro got for me cost almost 600 bucks after 50% discount. Crazy larr..

Just got back my camera today.
One happy thing is that our genting trip has finally been confirmed!!
But i'm hesitating whether to bring my camera along....what to do think?
I scare i might end up spoiling another thing and my parents will surely kill me.

Lazy to post up pictures -_-

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The bunch of vintage clothes

It seems like vintage clothes has been the trend nowadays.
Since i am having holidays and doing nothing at home, i went and looked on my mum's old clothes that's been lying in the cupboard for years.
Suprisingly i found some really nice one and wearable~~~!!
No camera with me now.

I shall try on the clothes and take some pics to show you guys.

Me am going shopping tomorrow with mum finally!!
Can't wait to look for cheap cheap clothes..haha :P


Finally...i've got the time to upload the pics.
Sadly to say that i'm using my laptop now because the stupid lightning crashed my home pc, damn it la!

Pictures of us after the choir concert at McD as usual!! Rae the vainpot and me -_-'
The lansi group!!

3 siao kias!

OMG!!!! I see JU-ON!!!



My darlings!

partee babe

haha...another party pic.
I'm so into blingee now :P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hey hey...been away for so many days.
I finally finished my exam!! Haha...2 weeks of holidays :)
But i'm a bit worried when i think about saturday that i need to teach almost the whole day..*pengsan*

I don't know why i can't upload pictures in blogger at home so i used blingee then copy the html codes instead.

Some silly pictures :)


Josh and me at Greenbox last saturday. Am super glad to meet up with the hometown gang!!

rae n me

Rae and me after choir concert!! Haha....

We're the SHEMAN!!

Girls outing!

Clubbing pictures ages ago. With my darling Tiff and Joe! I heart them~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gone Baby Gone! gold medal.
So so sad now.
Don't have the mood to study for tomorrow's exam already :(

Anyway, LinDan's SUPER HAWT !

Cry me a river...........

Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Fever!

Sorry, not really having the mood to blog at home.

Stupid me forgot to bring my specs back and now i'm surviving with contact lense almost whole day which i'm not used to :(

You go Chong Wei!! I hope he wins tomorrow!!
What's the point of tattooing a GLORY on your arm when you can't even get in the semi hor..

Gonna continue following mah basketball match now ciao dudez!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rain is gonna be emo..

because she won't be able to catch olympic when she goes back to kl tomorrow :(

For these 2 days, the televesion at home is switched on for the whole day.
I've become a couch potato again following the olympic events!!

I watched the mens volley ball, swimming, shooting, weight lifting and finally BASTKETBALL!!

USA vs CHINA....can you imagine a war between both my fav Yao Ming and Cobe Bryant!!!
Ohh....can't get enough of the Usa's slam dunk it was freaking cool!!!

tv1,2,3,7,8 really sucks lor.....olympic is such an important event and they don't even care to show it to the people. So sad hor...

Imma slept until 1.20pm today!!! Miracle lorrr.....i think i've been influenced by the roommate.

3 more days to go before the real holidays come!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fan Nao

Just finished doing my piano pad finals assignment.
Really cracked my head on thinking what to do...ended up crapping and beating around the bush as usual.

Haii....miss rain is bugged with worries AGAIN.
Damn it i hate this kind of feeling. Please do let me solve all my worries by next week. Sigh :(

After next week, i'm gonna have 4 more students. Hmmm......really lazy to teach. Gotta pick my theory again. I used to suck in it cuz when i don't understand i will just keep quiet pretending that i know. Haha..i guess i was really lucky to have passed my g8 theory.

I think once i graduate, i will want to try working in the media industry instead of music for a change or continue my studies..............

Life is so hard...............there's just tones of decision waiting for you to make.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Been super busy this week with all the concerts going on. One last one on next tuesday to go.

Been quite down for few days as well. Not gonna talk about it.

Imma went shopping yesterday at Jalan Telawi yesterday.
Can't wait to pull my parents down to shop with me *ehem so that they'll pay for me :P's olympic now!!!! Yesterday's opening was awesome BUT i still prefer the one at Athens last olympic.

Gotta hit the bus and go home now. Need to teach summore this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Coffee's Fault

Because of the cuppa coffee,
i was down staring at the ceiling the whole night yesterday.


Monday Blues

I took 40 minutes to wrote about a piece.
I'm done with two and three more left :(
Imma betul betul very down today and with a feeling that i was gonna puke anytime.
Ooohh...i sounds as though i'm pregnant haha

By the end of the day, there is no point keep complaining and ranting about tiny lil stuff.
It's better to think positive , chill and enjoy every moment right?
Talking is easy but it ain't easy to really think and do so.
Human are real sensitive creature.

I shall say, Thank God Monday Blues are over.
Here come another new day and i shall think upon it positively :)
You guys too!!!!!!!!

Choir concert on Wednesday, plz come and support ya!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Promised myself to practise violin and also start on my piano pad assignment but i ended up practising violin only.
Hate myself...why am i so lazy???

Am watching Tokyo Tower: Mom and me, and sometimes Dad which is a jap drama.
It is really awesome and the main actor is super cute!!
The story seems to be so realistic something like what i have been through.
A must watch!!!


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Had tones of durians this weekend and there's still bags of durians lying in my house.
Die la...i can see my extra layer of fats around the tummy :(

Finally got my very 1st salary after working for a month.
I'm glad la.......but the money is not even enough to buy a set of dominant strings. violin's been sounding like crap.

2 more weeks to go before holidays.
This coming week is gonna be the most crucial one. Mon till Thursday pack with loads of rehearsals, last week of lecturers, and ushering for choir concert.

08.08.08 can't wait can't wait!!!
Seriously why the school so *ehem* go and arrange cme concert on the freakin night.
I don't want to be olympic left out!!