Friday, November 30, 2007

Happie yet sad

Counting down 22 hours more then i'll be enjoying my holidays!

Excited, happy and yet sad in the other way.

Shiittttt....i'm gonna miss out our f5 gathering again AGAIN.

It seems like everytime when i'm goin for vacation their having the gathering.

I've missed all the gathering except the one during chinese new year.

Frus frusss..i miss all my buddies.

Anyway like dad said - make the best out of it.

Since i've already decided to go for the vacation then i'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest.

All the best to those taking their last paper next week.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dummie Dumb DumB

The owner of this blog is getting dumb-er day by day
Ass sticking on the sofa most of the time, eyes sticking on the tv, randomly switching between different channels....
"Pissssssed...Astro's got nothing much nice to watch. Dad should subscribe streamyx instead so that i can download movies!"

Bought tones of books from the book warehouse sales.
I've just finished one.
Arghh the stupid western horror stories ain't scary AT ALL.
Been reading another book written by Osama bin Laden's brother's in law.
Got a real shock imagining myself stuck staying in those middle eastern countries.
Girls-are kept behind the walls, no freedom were given

Heading off to lunch now :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Casino Experience

Talking bout the casino experience..
you guys must be wondering how on earth that i've been into a casino.

I'm underage ( in m'sia only ) to go to the casino.
Well i actually sneaked in.
Yes...i sneaked in not like a thief of what but i wisely walk in when there's
-less guard
-more people goin in
-while the guard's not paying attention.
-or maybe i looked mature enough (no way laa)
Easy rite? but i do feel guilty everytime i do this.

I've been into the casino for a good total of 4 times.

First experience dates back to the 31th on last year.

2 weeks ago i went again.

i've already half know the way to bet for the slot machine(lou fu gei) no more pulling on the slot machine cuz now it's all pure buttons.
Luck stiked..and i won 16thousand points which is equal to 300 bucks *eppy happy*
Besides i also got the real small amount of jackpot for 2 times ( 19 bucks and 30 bucks )
Fun...but one must stop before the luck goes away.
There's even band performing inside the casino.
Food inside sux-cakes tasted like dunno wth but cheap la
One thing that i hate most is that the casino was full of smokers' smoke (enuf to kill ur poor weak lungs)

so here's my casino experience.

The Unproductive Holy-day

Seems like its been ages of time to me since i last blog.
Yea..i do miss d blogga world

Basically there's nothing much productive been done at home.

Talking bout those musician who's famous.
I wonder how are they able to practise their instruments for 8 hours in a day.
My fingers' seems to get tired even after 2 hours of practising and i've got to stop and rest.
Not only the fingers cannot afford to tahan for 8 hours, it is also very hard for the mind to keep concentrating on the piece of music.
Or izzit that the way i'm practising now is wrong?
Sometimes you do get tired and sick of the piece of music *especially when you can't seem to get the right playing.

No matter what..the practise still needs to go on since i've chosen this path.
Will be freakin' stress and busy for the coming year cuz i've got
beginning of the year-jury next sem + the most difficult and scary aural 4 + piano pedagogy(omg)

middle of the year-violin exam (gherr i hate scales!) + most prob ltcl exam

end fo the year-jury 3 in short sem (wtf..learning and memoring a 3 movs sonata in 2 months,ya' kill me better)

Shytto..sooo many exams going on.

Man, i really gotta enjoy this hols to the fullest before everything comes crashing down on next jan.

2 more days to go--and i'll be enjoying mah vacation far from this boring land.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Had MCD banana pie and fries for lunch.
Arghh at first thought of not having fries but it's just too hard for me to resist the great temptation and so i blurted out ' 2 banana pie and a fries plz '

Am so excited for my coming vacation !!
Can't wait for it babey.

Man..the html code's so damn confusing till i feel like giving up changin' mah bloggie layout

Hairy Business

Am planning to dye my hair.
Arghh..don't like my hair now.
How i wish it's so much longer.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

People are asking me why am i staying back at kl on certain days in certain week.
Well well the main reason is to practise duet with D SooN To B RomMie.
We're goin to take part in a piano duet competition organised by Roland.
Decided to go against all odds despite some of our lecturer suggested us playing other pieces instead of choosing mr.mozart cuz we don't have much time and it's quite troublesome to re-prepare another new piece during holidays.

The practise session usually started well and quite interesting but then after some time one will feel bored or sleepy. Haha..that's the way it goes everytime i'm practising alone as well.
I guess our brains function just like that except for some prodigy or genius *those who got famous lah* They practise 365 days and at least 5 hours per day learning and experimenting the piece.

Cooked spaghetti for dinner tonight. I'm so addicted to italian food.

Yamcha sessiong later with sweetie pie sze.

I'm thinking of changing my blog layout cuz i'm kinda bored with this current one. What do you think?

PS----- D SooN To B RomMie and me are havin trouble thinking of a group name for our duet group. If u guys happen to have any ideas plz tell us yaa


I'm back at condo again.
Went out AGAIN with tiff and joe this afternoon.
My sucky lousy heels was spoilt while walking around times square and so i was forced to spenDDDD on buying another pair of flip flops. Opted for the cheapest one.
Bought it from FOS and its yellow colour(fuiyoh...banana flip flops) at first it was kinda weird cuz the colour was too bright but somehow i grew to love it more. *bo bian la buy already kenot regret.

I also got what i need to my next vacation trip. haha let's juz keep it a secret except for those 2 buddies who accompanied me to buy..will tell u guys when i'm back from the trip.
It hard to decide which one to get and the sales man was juz arghh damn unpatient.

Then it was time to hunt for what Tiff wanted to get.
Guess what.......she juz bought a brand new original N75!!!!
!x#* so jealous of her la wei.

Before goin back condo, tiff drop us at pasar malam.
Bought a pouch or whatever its call from pm. It's a fake fakey LV *well i can only dream to have the real one in my dream for the mean time

Stupid me only realised that i left my stuff for the trip in Tiff's car.
Arghhhh....hopefully i can get it back b4 i go for the trip if not then damn suey la.

Tomorrow will be practising with evon. Excited excited :)

ps-i hate myself cuz i've been spending money like crazee

Friday, November 16, 2007

What a girl wants

The abs that kill
Your smile melts every gurls heart

See...perfect from every angle

Damn chun

Was too bored tonite so i browsed through the frienster ucsi's club

Juz realised that there's super banyak discussion going on there

bout the lecturers, university, food, students, staff and our condo.

Super interesting wei.. damn happy cuz i almost done watching d Taiwan drama.

Drools over WuZhun!

He's the most perfect guy i've ever seen.

*handsome, cute, big eyes, nice body.

His tattoo looks so damn sexay.

And and and....he's got the sexiest adam's apple among guys that i've seen so far.

He's so EN DAO (handsome)...can die 3 times okay
Shirt and slacks makes him even more wanted

He's every gurls' prince charming.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I wonder

...when will my dream comes true

Been watching taiwan drama the whole day.
And guess what??!
I juz received msg from YL(our uni's best soprano).
She's willing to sing for me for cme next sem.
Haha am so glad and relieve now.

Decided to stay one more day here to finish up the drama i'm watching.
I'm so addicted to drama now!!

Random thoughts of the night

Been hearing and reading lots of news bout the M'sian political system and also the Bersih Perhimpunan.
Am being pissed by those goverment fellas.
Hell ya they don't deserve any dumbass votes for them.
Do stand up people and make the right choice.
There's once i read a quote from a mag
* Malaysia's a world class country with third world mentality *
Agree or not, you shall be able to decide with common sense of yours i guess.

Might be goin home tomorrow.
I stayed here cuz of streamyx.
If i go home then i'll be stuck alone all the time.
Sleep at 2++am then wake up at 1pm.
Am totally useless at home.
Can't wait for the STPM dudes to be done.
Picture of previous post.
Nichii Fitting room. Reason for wearing formal today was cuz i need to take picture with yvonne for the duet competition. Hah..i look like among those OT women.

I'm the No.1 Shopaholic in d worldMy siao idea of takin pic in the toilet ( we make full use of the mirror okay )

for more pic checkout tiff's bloggie

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shopping Shopping and more

Many things to improve for the duet.
Arghh..the piece's really hard. Swear never to play Dear MOZART's composition anymore.

Although i'm broke, but i still went out another outing with the college buddies today.
At 1.30pm Rae picked me and Joe up at college and headed to The Curve to meet Tiff.
We dropped Joe at 1U cuz she's booked the grand piano to practise for her coming ATCL exam.
Lunch time at some Italian restaurant *they took the wrong order, and the very kind Rain juz bare with it and ate what they served. Well the mushroom and ham baked rice + garlic bread was actually quite nice and i think the price's cheaper compared to KimGary.*
Walked around D Curve and saw a pair of sexay sunnies but i decided to wait till the year end sales then only i'll get it.
Bought a pair of golden earrings but i kinda regretted buying it cuz the colour of the earrings does not really match my skin tone. Haii i should've get the other pair instead.
Later on, Joe came along after her practise.
Saw the denim shorts that i like but the size does match !! damn suey wei..
Poor tiff can't get the chair that she wanted to get from IkEA cuz it's out of stock.
Followed Rae to her house when we're done shopping cuz she need to fetch her sis home.

We then headed to SS2 to hunt for dinner. Can't really decide what to eat and we ended up eating what i suggested - lorong seratus curry mee shop *the curry me was so so as compared to those in penang*

Reached home by 10pm.

Am kinda tired and was dozing off when i was reading my CLEO mag on the bed.

I'm so kelian. The kiamsiap owner has finally fixed the water heater for us but somehow i don't know why it's not working and poor thing me had to bath freezing cold water these few days.

Haha...happey eppey day.
So when's our next outing?
- Kajang outing for KJ satay and prob bowling
- Sunway for steamboat

PS. shytt i can't upload pic!

I've got a new camera!!

Well maybe it's not truely mine, cuz bro's the one who bought it.

But nvm after his gf comes back then the camera will be mine.

Told bro bout the lauching of sony latest digital camera - Album T at Times Square.

There's news that they'll sell it cheap on the lauching day. *Malaysia's the first to lauch this digi cam.

Haha..and bro really went on that day.

He reached at 9am and he told me there's already a long long queue.

It's impossible to get the RM444.44 price for the camera.

Then i thought of asking him not buying it

Somehow bro decided to buy and queued there for hell 4 hours to get the camera worth RM1399 but selling at RM888.88.
There's even a compliment of 2 Lin Yu Zhong's concert ticket worth RM300. Anyone interested?

I insisted bro to get the pink colour wan but obviously he won't cuz if not i'll be the only one to use. So he got the blue colour wan.

Hmm what to do...

I should say the blue colour wan also quite chio la.

- Smile Detection
- Blogging Friendly- 4GB Built-in Memory
- Creative Paint
- Touch Screen (Cool)
Tried on the camera later that night during cousin's wedding.
The smile detection function's really great. The camera will be able to detect your smile and snap a picture of the person.

Copy this pic from the internet cuz the camera's not with me now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Practised with yvonne this morning.
Hmm..messy messy. The piece's quite hard.
But i'll try my best to work it out.

Dad called juz now asking me whether wanna go shanghai on december but i don't think i'll be goin with them.
Maybe its better to use to money for other purposes.
I can't wait for my hometown buddies to finish their exam and go hangout with them.
Genting trip after their exam and to celebrate MH's bday.

Havin coaching under ms.chong tomorrow morning.
Scared i might be late cuz i've been sleeping like a pig since this holidays.
Gonna take pic with yvonne as well. Haha someone said she's wearing bra to take photo with me.Yay!!


..I'm not studying music now, i wonder what will i be doing..

1. i might take up other courses - law *i prefer memorising notes, hotel management *i'll lurve to work in a nice Atas hotel after i watch the korean drama The Hotelier

2. i might be part of the working citizens but i have no idea what job i'll be doing

3. i might be studying form 6 with my lovely classmates but suffering like hell during this period of time because of STPM exam

4. i might be lying at home and doing nothing but wasting time which is quite impossible

5. i might be studying overseas *that's my biggest dream since young and now i'm still aiming to step out of this WoNderfuL country

Anyway since now i'm already settled studying at least what i like i should learn to appreciate more. Things don't come easily. You work hard for it then you'll get the result you want.

Off we go!

Went shopping today!!!
After been staying at home and almost bored to death at last i got to shop with dear joe!!
Went to Bkt Bintang ( the lala heaven ) but i think the place should be changing now with the appearance of Pavillion.
Headed for lunch at Gasoline with we first reached.
Arghh..the food was very disappointed this time unlike last time maybe cuz Jiun's not here.
Then its like to spendddd.
Dear Joe got what she want- a sexay dress. I should say i'm the guilty person cuz i brought her to all the shops that she got her stuff. A simple blouse from FOS and heels.
Well i also got myself a pair of pumps ( quite sad cuz they don't have anymore sizes for the colour that i really luv so i took the second choice )
Then we went over to Pavillion for some Atas fresh air....i should say Pavillion is almost perfect except that I can't really affort to spend there (i'm not an atas ppl)
Thought of buying J.Co doughnuts manatau their business was heck as good as weekends.
Ppls queueng as long as caterpillars.
We were kinda disappointed.
Suprisingly when we were checking on the map of the shopping mall (we're like foreign tourist) we accidentally saw Big Apple Doughnuts!!
And off we went hunting for doughnuts.
Well we're sad cuz Big Apple D's cheaper but tasted almost the same like J.Co D.
Had a light dinner before heading home.
OMG..i really love shopping but i'm juz so broke now.
I only bought 1 thing and i've spent so much for everything plus the food and transport.
Dad's gonna shake his head if he knows bout it.
Haiii....what to do? He's got a quite clever daughter like me but spent money like flowing water.
Kaching Kaching $$$
My yummylicious doughnuts!! Begging for more.
The not so Atas people at the Atas place

Camwhore even while crossing the road ! wtf

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hey peeps!!

I'm finally able to blog after such a long break from blogging!!

Well i'll be around in KL this few days.

And tonight i'm alone at condo.

I'm so damn tired now. My daily + sleeping schedule change almost 180 degrees

Will blog more tomorrow so watch out :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007



Cleaned the whole house juz now.

And i still haven't finish packing cuz i'm goin back hometown tomorrow.

Whee..major lesson finally finished today. Violin group lesson left which is on tomorrow then i'll be free.

I think that the only thing i miss most staying here is the internet!!

Cuz i'm using dial-up at hometown.

I'm gonna miss my blog and blogging.

Hmm..anyhow hopefully i'll enjoy my hols to the max!!

My MOTTO-- Sleep more, Play more, Practise more !!