Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hello all, this is the first time I blog from my iPod. Starting my journey tomorrow. I'm really happy that I'm realizing it. Will try to update as much as I can :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012





 pic by rain

It's Official

Yes I'm finally doing my solo backpacking trip to South East Asia. I'm feeling really excited yet a little scared but I'm keeping all the positive thoughts in mind =)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Auckland, NZ

Auckland - City of Sails

My very last station @ Nz

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Today's the day that my New Zealand Working Holiday Visa expires. 9 months. Time flies.

It felt like yesterday that we just touched down at Christchurch and everything seems so new and exciting for us.

I'm glad that i've chosen this path. It was a impromptu decision to apply for it because i've never planned for it and hell ya this is the greatest decision ever made. Traveled with a a bunch of girls whom I've only met for few times.

I lived, I learned and I survived. 1st time driving overseas and with our MANUAL car (totally amazed by myself) because I have not driven a manual car for years ever since i got my driving license. 1st time traveling alone (get to know lots of great friends especially my dear brothers) 1st time boarding the plane alone and also sleeping overnight at Chc airport. (also slept at S'pore airport when I was coming back home)

Thank you for the wonderful memories. New Zealand is heaven, it's scenery is to die for. So please visit this piece of land once in your life time and you will definitely not regret over it.



2011 年。夏天。纽西兰。南岛

Some of my friends used to ask me when and where do you think is your most favorite part of New Zealand...

My answer is definitely- summer time @ Queenstown.

Boxing day, Xmas party, NYE countdown party and all the crazy things we did there.

This video is a compilation of us( my travel partners for half a year) shuffling in some parts of South Island, New Zealand.

Location include ~
Marfells Beach Marlborough
Franz Josef Glacier
Wither HillscBlenheim
Nelson City Centre (during Rugby World Cup Finals)
Port Motueka
Pelorus River, Marlborough (one of the filming spots for The Hobbit)
Centre of New Zealand, Nelson
Baldwin Street (World steepest street) Dunedin

Enjoy =)))