Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hear Me Rant

Been looking for a room to rent these few days.

Aiiikksss......and it's so so so freakin hard to find a room to rent which carpark is also available as well.

The rooms are being rented out like hot cakes. The minute someone posted up the ad, by the next day the room has already been rented out ;/

Going to 3 places to have a look at some rooms available tomorrow.

Really hope to get one lah, if not imma gonna be super down.

This looking-for-a-room thing has been bugging me so much, my mood was down these few days.

It is only once you finished your studies and start looking for a job, you'll realized that everything ain't so easy like how you used to think of.

To get a job that pay good, to be able to save up the hard earned money, to look at people's face etc.

I'm really trying to control myself. Money does not come easily, but you can spend it like nobody's business and poofft....your hard-earned salary is gone.

No shopping no shopping no shopping. Aiii so i guess that's the thing i should remind myself every now and then.

I'd say ~ screw circumstances!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kepada Roomie Aku


Happy Birthday!!!!

Sang Yat Fai Lok!!!!

Sheng Re Kuai Le!!!!

Muahaha.....you're finally 21!!!!

Hmmm legal to do lotsa crazie stuff now ;P

I miss staying in the same room with you. Gossiping at night before we sleep.

Sigh...poor girl almost kena dirogol aku ;P

The mini, tiny, xs girl is now a grown up. Fuhhh...we can no longer bully you already :(

The lady-like side of her. Awwww......summore talented and freakin smart!!!

We did it together at last and now working at the same place.
Sigh.....i guess we just couldn't leave each other.

Looking forward of the gathering of the 3 of us.

Ann complained to me that you've changed ever since you started working.

Never see your manja-manja side already. Now your face is liddat *--____--*

My best wishes for you and may we both earn lotsa lotsa money so that we could go for a vacation someday. I hope i will change your thinking. Going out is definitely more fun than staying at home whole day!!!!

PS: i'm waiting for your duckie to sing for me!!!


Poooofft......imma be gone.


Friday, March 26, 2010

sucking out all my energy

Am so tired after my work today....

When i reached home, i juz wanna close myself in my room and don't feel like talking at all.

But i guess it's well worth it.

I smile when i see the invitation card on my table......

My student invited me to her 10th birthday party....awwww >_< Haven't been to a kid's party for like ages (yes yes, i know i'm old)

*aikss...i just realised that she address the card to MRS.RAIN!!!
which means Rain the korean popstar is my husband lor.....lolx ;)

I bet i'll be the oldest KID there if i attend the party. Hahaha...

Ps: it's freakin fun driving alone at night and speeding on the highway.....the adreline rush....fuhhhh

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Went back to Uni and as well as to meet up with my uni mates.

Really misses those days staying at Ancasa, walking to uni everyday and practise + gossipping around the practice room.

Met up with Joe and Jiun at night.

At Joe's place

:( Why i look so dark??? gonna slap on more whitening lotion on my face now!!

I lurve this pic-cha!!! Joe looks so cuteee here ;p

Us having some drinks before heading out.

Sky bar. Went there to meet up with my other friend who's there.

With my darling Tika.....i've known her for more than 10 years!!

Camwhore in the toilet again ;)

Us girls.

Headed over to Roots for another round.

Awww.......i miss them now !!!!!

Now i can't wait to meet up with the rest of them ~ Tiff, Ann, Rae, Alice.......
1 more month to their graduation recital. Woohooo i'm so excited!!!

Ps: time to drive down to kl for work again -_-

Monday, March 22, 2010



No monday blues because unlike most of the people I don't work on monday.

Hence the late night....Rain's quote ~ the night is still young.

Browsing through some online jap magazines.

Those models look great in all kinda outfit which really tempt me to go shop.

Crap cuz i'm poor and i really can't afford to go shopping again this month.

The radio's playing all those tunes which makes me feel so nostalgic.

Memories of the past flashed by.

I started to day dream or i should say night dream.

Wonder what's everyone doing right at the very moment.

......and i'm gonna try to stay awake to wait.......for the impossible to be possible

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I started to feel that there's no point of you being confident of yourself when people don't see it in you.

I woke up today. questioning myself "why not me?"

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Love Hate Relationship

I love chu but I hate chu as well.
I call you the City of fun, evil and life.
And that's Kay Elle....
Been driving down to KL every week now.
Sigh gone were the money....yea everything might be great but great things come with an expensive price.

Had an outing with my bff few weeks back.
Great accompaniment, great movie, great food ;)

Pavi ;)

I need more Cs in my life

Nandos for lunch and after that we went to catch the movie ~ Up In The Air

George Clooney's my dream guy.....however I don't quite like the ending of the movie which is sort of half hanging. Oh well.....there's spaces left for your own imagination of how would you make your own ending.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Walk With Me

Went jogging last week with PohYee around my taman.

Haven't been working out for ages.

Sigh....if ever i have the determination to jog everyday ;P


We were more like walking and taking pictures rather than jogging ;) but it was fun

Awesome weather
My ugly oily fringe ;P

Haha die die must take a jogging pic

Spotted these heart shape leaves. So nice!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Planning to go for an interview this saturday for a non-music related job (don't ask me what job)

Like what bro said 'no harm trying out'.

Not gonna regret even if i don't get the job cuz at least I did tried ;D

I hope I won't back out this time ;)


Sigh too lazy and un-inspired to blog these days.

I kinda hate my life now.

Keep telling myself it's time to have a change.

Spice up my life puhleasee....

A typical day out with my babe.

I'm still searching for the the goal of my life.

fml fml fml

Thursday, March 11, 2010


When i open my eyes,

I see the shadow of yours,

So near yet so far,

It's a dream,

I keep reminding myself,

It's never gonna be real.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Been watching some films at home these days.

Hear Me by my man Eddie Peng and Monga by Ethan Ruan both Taiwan films.

Thumbs up for both of the movie and i cried while watching these 2 movies....

I love movies with happy ending....and the ending was kind of a suprise too ;)

Monga is about the gangster life during the golden era in Taiwan. The movie's so famous is Taiwan, I thought that it was probably too overrated but i'm so wrong after watching it.

The plot was really interesting and it's so real. Definitely a must watch!

And i love the girl ( i don't know what's her name) who's one of the supporting actors in Monga.
When I look at her eyes, it tell stories.
And they uses one of the oldies by Air Supply ~ Making Love Out Of Nothing At All which surprisingly blended well in this film.
A new version of the song sang by

Going for a movie date tmr ;)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Taipei Zoo

Visited the Taipei Zoo (臺北市立動物園) which is also known as (木柵動物園) last 14th December.

Everyone was really anticipating to see the 2 iconic figures of Taipei Zoo~ Tuan Tuan, Yuan Yuan pandas (given as a gift frm China)...but not me cuz i've already seen it before years back when I went to China.

Not many pictures taken mainly because my Sony T3 cam suck...imma gonna change to Canon if i've got the money!

The Panda, pardon me i'm not sure this is Tuan Tuan or Yuan Yuan because everyone's (300 ppl) fighting a place to see this iconic figure!

Searching for food eh

Camels!! ohh...reminds me that i've sat on a camel to take picture long ago when I visited China.

Zip-bra...loving it's stripes

The Noctornal House

The Owl. Reminds me of what I love to say ~ The night is still young

Some ugly looking fish. We were bored because we had to follow our tour guide around instead of being given the freedom to walk around on ourselves at first.

Finally we got to split up and explore the zoo on our own!
Camwhoring at the train ~ Kaining, moi, Rouqing, Chen Hong, Lee Yu

Aikkss half of my face kena blocked again

Zen the b-boy doing some stupid moves.


It was mad fun that day!
We walked around in a group of like 15 of us doing crazy things, singing songs and stuff because we knew that nobody knows us there and we wouldn't have the guts to do it in M'sia.

Hahaha.....everyone's doing different pose.
It was drizziling that day but it never dampen our mood...and also it was a week day therefore the zoo was full of 300 our people (the kmt) and probably some local visitors.

Butt crack of Hippopotamus which looks like huge ass sausages!

It's King Kong!!! Definitely my favourite animal of the day. The king kong's in bad mood that day and it look damn ganas!

Monkey with a big tumor in its ass.
Why liddat wan?

I don't know what is this called -__-

Companion for the day. Mad awesome. Love them all

Picture with some other group's people.

Stopped by the coffee house to grab some food to eat.

We had fries with cheese, sour onion cream as topping!
Yumm!!! Freakin delicious!

Shitty decor.

Group pic!

Really enjoyed ourselves. It was more of the companion of that day which made it fun.