Friday, June 12, 2009

UCSI Got Talent

The news about it was featured in The Star yesterday.

A big suprise that there were actually some really good talented people who took part in this competition.

According to the newspaper, he was the hot favourite contestant the night and i totally agree on this. Gosh he's great! Loved his performance! I bet the audience did enjoy his performance too.

This one was quite good too. Just that i don't like the guitar playing or was it outta tune? Luckily the vocal dude was good enough. I kinda like his voice :)

Beatbox performance! I've never seen people doing that in M'sia. 4 mins of beatboxing is tad too long for me, probably he should make a twist in his performance.

Last but not least, a rap by this nigerian student. He definitely got the talent to rap, but repeating it too many times is sometimes boring....haha maybe he should add in beatbox eh?!

Such a sad scene to see that there's no music student taking part in this. They would definitely stand a better chance of winning huh?!

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