Saturday, June 06, 2009

I thought i have to work today..

....informed the music school clerk last week that i will be teaching this week and having an off day on next saturday instead since the clerk told me that the music school will be open.

The road was really jammed up with cars heading back Kelantan or Terengganu since it's a public holiday, my mood wasn't that great cause i was feeling sleepy. When i reached there, the freakin music school's was CLOSED.

I was so pissed off at the moment and poor thing one of the student had just arrived. Had to show my muka tebal and apologize to her.

Oh could they treat me like that? Now i've got loads more replacement class to be done since next week i won't be around and then another week in july.

Went straight home and continue my beauty sleep.

For these few weekends, i've been very keen to go jogging.
Really need to burn those carbs since i can't cut down my food intake!!
I made new achievement today(whee!) cause i managed to climb 2 rounds up the hill (even my friend's mum can do that) :P
I hated the fact that i have such low stamina, i always ran outta stamina after 1 round up the hill and i can't even swim two laps in a role.

Imma gonna live a healthy life now and try to workout as much as i can.

I'm cravin for the frozen grapes now!!!! Saw this brilliant idea from the mag of putting your grapes inside the freezer and so that it will ended up tasting like ice-cream.
Freakin awesome delicious i would say :)

Ps: i looked like some china girl or ahlian in my passport pic, i feel like digging a hole and hide my face inside....malu-nyerrr

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