Friday, June 26, 2009

To be done.. many things to be done, so little time left.

Really hate to do essay paper especially citation!

Haven't really started revising foy my psycho midterm next week.

And yet i went out with the hometown gang today -_-"

Went for karaoke and transformer.....gosh the cinema was packed with people!!

I'm sorry to say that transformer's really not my kinda movie, it's so boyish, robotic etc.

3 more weeks to Jeju trip and i've got some stuff to deal with.

Thinking bout it really makes me emo :(

Just found out bout the Taiwan study trip today.....

still hesitating whether to go or really guilty having the parents to pay for me.

Been spending a lot these days and i've still got so many things to get on my mind.

How lah......


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