Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perhaps i should celebrate....

.....for the person who has left for good!

Had a great day indeed.

Cme was fun. There's this girl who had such a big reaction when she saw a

TINY insect on her beg, she was screaming in such high pitch half way

through while i was playing. I thought there was a mouse!

The class ended earlier and i went to meet up with some highschool friend.

I was only close to one of them but had a great time catching with them

despite some of them were from different classes during highschool time.

Oh Gosh....2 more new cases of H1N1 in Malaysia which make the total

number of cases in M'sia up to 9 cases. No one seems to be afraid

here......infact i think that most of us just don't give a damn on the things that

is happening around.

Like what the lecturer said, perhaps we will be touring + performing in korea

in a cage...imagine that...muahaha!!

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