Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tragic Day

The day began with the news of MJ's death.

Big sigh for it.....been looking forward to his concert tours and now he has left us.

Went over to my high school to look for the counsellor. Wanted to request the taiwan trip form from her. Kena from her cause i forgot to greet her.
Aii...i was pretty nervous that time since i don't really know her and there's some students inside the room all staring at me and so "i was like errr....errr....may i know more about the taiwan study trip..."

The thoughts of her remarks just haunts me badly since i've always been polite to people (nice ppl la)

And i almost died today.
Drove to work today and i lost my concentration cause i was busy switching the radio channel.
The owner of kancil car on the opposite road almost had a heart attack i bet.
I'm so sorry for that.

When i reached my workplace, my boss passed me another tragic news.
My violin student's quitting her lesson because she's shows signs on leukemia.
Gosh......i really really hope that she will recover her health.

I can't believe that i'm here blogging instead of studying or finishing my essay paper.

Aii....all these stuff really bug me alot. I can't help but to think too much and it just make me feel very negative.

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