Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People without brains!

Just got back from Genting this afternoon.
Am getting the hang of playing d slot machines!
Oh gosh...please cure me!

Took a cab back to condo and guess what?!
I got super freakin effin pissed by the stupid condo management system.
I can't go in from the back outlet of the condo just because i rent a condo here but i'm not the owner!

WTF la....wonderin whether those people actually uses their brain to do stuff.
Visitors parking won't be allowed after 12am?? Hello....i'm not staying at a school hostel!
They're also treating us, resident so rudely, as if we are staying in a prison.
Oh and probably worst.

When you've shown them your resident card they still insist of having a good look at it just because they said that there's been people using fake copy of the card.
And who the hell will be so free to make a fake copy of the resident card?
Thinking of this really make me sugar blood up Up UP!!
Effin stupid Babis!
The foreign guards previously was 10 times better than them!
Can't wait to move my ass outta this place --ANGKASA CONDO!

Arghh....enough of all those nonsence.
Tomorrow's the day to present our outline for our paper.
Gosh i hope nothing goes wrong :)

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