Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Gosh....the housemate has been really really hardworking lately.

Everyday when u come back to your house after a tired day outside, you just wanna chill and have some quiet moment to yourself.

But the hardworking housemate's there practising Beethoven's pathetic sonata over and over and over again. Basically he's been playing the same set of pieces for like half a year.
Oh yeaa....and the scales as well.
Plus the violin practise after that ......

Pening la...listening to it :(
Pathetic Sonata sounds like hell to me now -_-"

Haha...i hope he won't read this.

I wish i can be as hardworking as him......i just don't seem to have the energy to practise few hours straight.

This week marked the starting of all the thesis paper and midterm.

Gotta say that i'm really lucky cuz i got the topic that i wanted to do for my thesis paper. Phewww!!

Btw.....something really random here. I saw the shooting star last week while i was at pasar malam! When i lookep up on the sky, i just happened to witness it and it was my first time seeing a shooting star.
Let's hope that the wish that i made will come true *+*

Ps: super full now after the fattening supper at mamak.

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