Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Pouring Rain

Gosh and it finally rain in KL.

It really sucks to stay in a place without air-con since i've been sleeping in air-con room daily back at the hometown every weekend!

The hot weather really makes a person moody at times and the sky has been really hazy these days....blame the global warming that's going on!

Everyone go green phulesss.

Despite the bad weather here, am really enjoying this sem since there's less lecture classes, NO jury exam and no need to work my ass off for the crappie scholarship!

We've been hanging out so much lately which we've never really did in the first few years of uni life.
Ahh...how much we've missed out eh?!

I'm really looking forward to graduation and yet at the same time fear of the future obstacles that i'm gonna face soon after.

I'm foreseeing US now......anyone care to sponsor me?

Hand full of ugly veins! Over exercise on the piano eh?!
(haha i wish...i'm such a lazy bummer)

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