Monday, June 01, 2009

My 21st Birthday The Finale

Here's the last bunch of pictures taken during my birthday on May 14th which is so overdue :P

We made this impromptu decision to hit the club that night.

IT was a wednesday night and MOS was really quiet.

The dance floor was empty and there we were and some other indian girls.

We had the dance floor to ourselves and danced th
e whole night!!

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours was the last song being played that night and its now spinning in my mind.

Hmm it's gonna me my 21st bday song cause it reminds me so much of that night!

Got a gift from the Djs and it's their own recor
ding along with their email add...hmmm >_<

Not many pics taken cuz i didn't bring in my camera that night.

Home with messy hair

Joe the pretty babe

In da toilet

Jiun wasn't with us cause she was so drunk and her bf had to bring her home.

Billy, Joe and moi in JieHui's car.

I had the most awesome birthday thanks to a bunch a great friends and families.

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