Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hunger strikes again...

i feel like eating now :(

i can imagine the smell of mcd fries, kfc or even mamak's roti.....

man i really gotta stop thinking bout food now.

i will refrain myself from eating more than 3 meals daily for this week!!!!

you wouldn't wanna see a fat girl in the swimsuit would you? teeehee....

or maybe my 'mong zhong qing ren' will appear this week, who knows :P

Last sem's choir performance pic from kaewai's hp camera.

with kaewai :) she must be enjoying herself this sem cuz she's free from choir while i still have 1 more sem to bare with -_-"

Jiun (ex-roomate), moi, KaeWai and Theresa.

The Ladies.....who sing like an angel
*haha :P

Feeling moody/sien once i got back here eventhough there will only be 2 days of class this week.
And thanks to the sucky weather tonight which make it even worst.

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