Thursday, June 04, 2009

Great outing with great friends

Ann, Joe, Yvonne and me went for another shopping trip today.

Wanted to watch Night At The Museum but too bad the tickets was sold out :(

I'm glad i didn't spent much today other than the nice meal and another bottle of nail polish ^_^

Hmm...what's next :P

Joe and Ann

High tea at Krispy Kreme...i love the environment there!
Joe's chocolate drink (which i think was actually dutch lady choco milk)

All of us.

Roomie brought along the tissue roll in her bag (because of her flu)!!! crazy larrr....

Rommie and i were cravin for sushi...Plan A was to go for Saisaki buffet but it was fully booked so we went Ichiban Boshi at Pavillion and the meal there was quite decent.

I insisted on takin the pic cuz i think that the background was way too cute.
Me love Paul Frank!

I'm the driver today. Here's my baby Mazda MX-5

Ps: am gonna be so broke this month :( really gotta save up for korea trip next month! Whee...

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